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Do I look like a spider, my little dirty slut? I bet I do, because this is the only way you can see me, caught helpless and naked in my web. Oh, you look really lovely, heavy tits, a nice and very usable mouth, now with a ring gag in it, and a deep hairless pussy, a perfect target to explore. Prepare to suffer and shake with pleasure, bitch!

She is tied to a bar for her workout and a ring gag is placed in her mouth.

This stud does not take no for an answer. The girl felt his figure exuding threat and power but in fact nothing bad happened. She just got attached to the rack, ring-gagged and fucked the nastiest way possible. She was slammed and slapped until her entire body was sore but her submissive mind was begging for more, so she urged her sweet tormentor to keep going. (10)

Her expression is priceless as she is gagged with a leather gag which is buckled securely behind her tossing head by the grinning Anneliese! The captive grunts into the ring gag when she is hauled to her unsteady, bound feet! The blonde captor stands on a table as she ties Alice's wrists to a ceiling hook, pulling the wailing girl into a taut strappado! Alice sobs in shame when she realizes how humiliating her punishment is!

While tied to the bed, she is ring gagged. Her panty is removed, then her bra is pulled down to expose her breasts and nipples.

Metal ring gag.

She was just tied-up on the Sofa, in part two she needed to be gagged. I chose a metal ring-gag which holds her mouth invitingly open. Her dress is also pulled aside to allow her breasts to drop out for viewing pleasure.

Sexy 6 in. leather calf boots, a ring gag parting my lips giving access to the inside of my wet, drooling mouth, heavily weighted pussy clamps, and my poor elbows are tightly held together by the ropes.

It's so delightful to pour some wax right down the girl's genitals. The entire body is twitching and groaning. She's trying to scream, but that's what the gag is for - to shut her throat up with it. And for her to perceive the master calmly and with tremble, we should stuff a ring gag into her mouth and pour some wax down the throat.

Welcome to my dungeon, you two hotties! How does it feel, to be fixed with your naked asses pressed against each other, arms raised and mouths ring gagged? Now you will enjoy an indescribable unity of bodies! First goes this cellophane wrap, and then some serious rope. Oh, you got free hands - why not touch each other?

She must hate this position. It deprives her of all movement, no ground beneath her feet, and it also must hurt. Not thinking about this much, I spit on her pussy and my balls clash against her butt as I enter this tight tunnel. This is lovely! It feels like fucking this slut in space. Of course, this space is nasty, I say to myself as I ring gag her and attach clamps to her nipples.


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