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Her taut nipples rubbed through her training bra and vest against the horses hard top.

‘Its more than you deserve. He started to thrust in and out.

‘I know, sir.

‘After youve come, well start the circuit training again.

Arlene whimpered.

‘Im going to take off your bra and vest set so youre totally naked. Then Ill handcuff your hands above your head.

Christ, he knew how to fuck! Every thrillable cell in her body seemed to have rushed to her crotch and was liquefying, yearning.

‘Handcuffed! she moaned, clit twitching and projecting.

‘And Ill make you do twenty or thirty squats. He sighed. ‘Of course, if your knees give out youll have to go across my lap again and Ill take my palm to your arse—I wont have any slacking.

‘No, sir!

Arlene whimpered as his pleasure pole hit a most sensitive place.

‘Then Ill have you doing The Step, Cartwright added. ‘Same rules apply, you naked with your little red arse like a beacon. Me standing behind ready to spur you on.

‘Spurs Arlene gasped. Her clit was rubbing against the horse. Her contours were full of him, close to coming.

‘Just a figure of speech, my dear. Ill be standing behind you with my riding whip.

‘Your whip

‘Mmm. Ive heard its particularly impressive on the press-ups. Imagine how quickly youll lower your little bum down to escape that leathery lash!

Arlene groaned loudly and pushed her quim back as best she could. Cartwright ground into her, probing, pushing, pleasing.

‘Uh ... ah, she gasped. ‘Ah ... aaah.

‘Your quim will be dripping, but your hands will be cuffed to stop you touching yourself as you do the jumping jacks, her trainer added, and the wild bliss flowed through her orifice and took her over the edge.

‘Your bums cooling down again, Cartwright muttered. She could feel his balls banging against her thigh tops. ‘Itll sting all the more when I pick up that bat again.

‘But I thought—

‘Dont think. Just obey. Learn. He squeezed her bared cheeks in both hands as he thrust into her, and his breathing increased.

‘Want me to keep to a tight schedule, sir Arlene gasped, tensing in her internal muscles to pleasure his prick further.

‘Thats ... the coach started. But she never found out exactly what that was. For he let out a half-strangled grunt, a sound between ecstasy and anger, and pushed forwards rapturously, his head against her back.

Six weeks later, Arlene was back on form.

‘Did it! she gasped, breaking through the ribbon. Looked up with relief as they wrapped her in a warming blanket, looked down with pride as the Jumping Juice Queen sash was slipped on from shoulder to waist.

‘... series of six different ads. Programme to encourage kids to train. In her ears there were offers, offers, offers. She looked for her coach, saw him slipping away into the refreshments tent.

Ten minutes later she shook off her entourage and walked in.

Thought youd be there to congratulate me!

‘No need—I knew youd do it.

She looked down at his broad belt. ‘I knew I had to pass— or else! Oliver Cartwright smiled an enigmatic smile.

‘Oh, he may be in use yet. Weve got the Super Snacks Swimathon coming up. He sighed. ‘Ive seen you in the water, and though youre fast, your technique is sad.” His thumb stroked his buckle over and over. ‘I wonder how long it will take for you to learn some style

The Punishment Chamber
‘You will speak only when spoken to, Rachel instructed.

Chernon tugged at his tied ankles and wrists. ‘Christ, what do you think this is—The Story of O But despite his attempts at levity he recognised the fear in his voice, a fear which intensified as Rachel dealt him a stinging slap across the face.

‘Speak only when spoken to, she reiterated, ‘or Ill have to take it out on your arse.

Shocked into silence, Chernon stared at the quilt underneath his naked flesh. In truth he was still dazed at the way events had turned, deposing him from his position of fly-by-night lover to prisoner, even slave.

‘I hear youre leaving town tomorrow, Rachel had said to him on the phone earlier that day. ‘How about having a good fuck tonight for old times sake Excited by the crudity of her suggestion, by memories of how good she had been in the sack, hed agreed, responding with his balls and not his brains.

‘Lets play some games, she had said after hed arrived at her cottage and partaken of several drinks. ‘Ive become quite experimental recently—even bought a four-poster bed for the basement. Shed been in a good mood, hed noted appreciatively, different from the somewhat remote brunette hed dated in the past.

Happily he had followed her to the previously unused basement room with its thick white carpet, impressed at the mirrored decor and king-size bed. There they had made love, and hed tied her up for a while, then shed done the same thing to him. Which was where the fun stopped and the seriousness began.

As Chernon mulled over the past two hours a score of questions ran through his head. Realising this, Rachel gave him permission to speak. ‘How long do you intend to keep me here he asked quietly.

Rachel shrugged. Till it no longer suits my purpose. Till your bottoms been heated enough.

‘I see. Chernon ran a tongue over lips suddenly dry. ‘But why

‘To teach you a lesson, to show that you cant pick women up and discard them on a whim.

Chernon cleared his throat. ‘Yet when we were together you were often dismissive.

‘Only because I knew of your other women. Rachel smiled mirthlessly as Chernon flinched—hed thought hed been so discreet!

‘Enough talk! So saying, she rolled him over on to his stomach, walked to the cupboard and extracted a table-tennis bat that looked made for severe spankings. Noting his approaching fate in the mirror, Chernon cowered helplessly on the bed.

Carefully Rachel weighed the bat in her right hand then sat on his back, facing his small firm buttocks. ‘Lets see how red this turns a bum. She slapped down and he jerked up, but her weight kept him captive in place. ‘Does it hurt most here or here or here She spanked his inner and outer thighs and helpless cheeks till he moaned for mercy. When at last she stopped, his reflection showed two writhing buttocks covered in angry scarlet prints.

‘That really hurt, he whispered confusedly.

‘It was meant to. Smiling, she rolled him over to lie on his newly tormented flesh.

Dont speak without being told. Be obsequious when making an enquiry. Ask for permission to urinate. Moments after the first chastisement ended, Rachel gave him his instructions as her slave. Numbly, Chernon stared around the underground room. ‘Youll never get away with this! he blurted. ‘My landlady will find my suitcases still in my room. Shell know something is wrong.

Rachel shook her head. ‘Ive been planning this for a long time, my dear. The landlady wont be at all surprised if she sees me collect them. After all, Im one of your many obliging girlfriends! She paused. ‘And Ive already phoned your hotel down south to cancel your reservation. To Chernons dismay she picked up the table-tennis bat.

‘Meanwhile you spoke without permission so Ill have to heat that bad bottom all over again!

The next morning before breakfast Chernon obeyed Rachel to the letter, saying the correct words, asking for permission to use the basement commode, then kneeling to kiss and lick her feet with fervour. ‘Good boy, she said slowly, looking at him with chilling narrowed eyes. ‘Now were ready to move on to the next stage. Chernon swallowed hard and she indicated that he could speak.

The next stage, Mistress

‘Mmm. I teach you not to ejaculate without permission.

Chernons heart sank: hed always been easily aroused and she knew it! She was obviously looking for excuses to chastise him some more. ‘Well start immediately, Rachel determined, producing the ropes and fastening him to the bed on his back. ‘You dont come unless I tell you to—is that understood

‘Yes. Yes, Mistress. A mere whisper now.

With silky suggestiveness Rachel began to finger Chernons puckering arsehole and flick her tongue against his fast-growing shaft. Face taut with effort he tried desperately to concentrate on politics, war, anything, but her sure knowing touch broke through his reserve, took him beyond the limits of his endurance. All too soon he cried out and spurted over her arm.

‘You filthy little boy! You disgusting untrained little wretch! Meticulously Rachel wiped his semen from her suit, staring at him contemptuously. ‘Looks like Ill have to correct you again, she murmured. Teach the bad little boy to do what hes told. She lit a cigarette and deliberately blew the smoke into his face, her eyes daring him to turn his head away.

The telephone, ringing as it seldom did through the house, startled them both. ‘Im going to answer that, then Im off to work, she said, looking at her watch. ‘Whilst Im gone you may urinate where you lie and when I return at lunchtime you may use the commode. She paused. ‘I think that well play with your cock again when I come back, see if youve learnt a little control. If not ... She jerked her head in the direction of a leather tawse displayed on the wall.

Wearily, Chernon endeavoured to change position, wincing at the pain of the ropes as they chafed against his bound ankles and wrists. Shed been in such a hurry to answer the phone, he realised, shed forgotten to give him food and water. Oh, well, hed best try to sleep till she returned.

With effort he turned slowly on to his side. And then he saw the lighter. It was lying to the left of his head on the duvet, sparkling, beckoning. His passport to a life beyond fear if he could only reach.

Carefully, his heart beating fast, Chernon stretched his head along the bed, grabbed the silvery rectangle in his teeth and transferred it to his hands which were bound together in front of him. Several attempts later he succeeded in igniting it and positioning it against the ropes. And suddenly his hands were free and he went on to untie his ankles and unbuckle the loose leather thong that secured him by his waist to the bed.

Shakily, Chernon stood up and flexed and stretched each liberated limb and muscle. His first thought was to find his clothes and immediately flee the house. But as he searched for his shirt and jeans he had time to reconsider. Time to plot his revenge. Chernon ate, bathed and dressed, then spent the rest of the morning making an inventory of the Punishment Chamber and its various devices. No longer did he wish to search for work down south—there was a major task he had to take care of here!

That lunchtime he was waiting for Rachel behind the door of the Punishment Chamber and the second she entered he grabbed her round the waist. ‘I hope youre going to be a good girl for your master! Moments later he stripped her almost naked and bound her securely over the punishment stool hed found.

‘Excuse me one moment. I just have to make a phone call. Calmly, Chernon walked to the telephone and dialled the temping agency Rachel worked for. ‘Im phoning on behalf of Rachel Lewis, he said smoothly. ‘Shes flying out to Australia this afternoon due to family illness and may not be back for some time.

‘I understand, sir, the clerk said indifferently.

Savouring the sensation, Chernon walked back to where Rachel lay.

‘You wont get away with this, she said faintly, struggling a little against the ropes that bound her extremities.

‘Dont speak without permission, Chernon murmured, pulling down her pants to unveil her as yet lily-white rear. ‘And its Master to you, he added, stroking the taut waiting hemispheres with cruel deliberation before picking up the martinet.

He watched as she shuddered, spoke: ‘Master, please. Ill do anything!

Teasing her with the leather thongs, he slid a cushion under her belly to raise her arse still further, then calculatingly struck the first blow.

‘Cut! the director enveloped the room with his relieved cry. Thats it, kiddoes! Its in the bag! He treated the actors to his most rewarding smile.

Shakily, Chernon put down the martinet and untied Rachel. Then, with equal unsteadiness, he lit a cigarette.

‘Jesus, Don, I dont know where you get your scripts from, but that one gives me the creeps! Turning to search for an ashtray, he missed the look that passed between Rachel and Don. ‘God knows how much of itll get past the censors, he continued, aware of how querulous he sounded. He dragged deeply on his cigarette and the rush of nicotine to his brain made him suddenly calm. ‘Well, Im for home, folks. Anyone going my way He looked in the cameramans direction first.

‘Sorry, Chernon—youre on your own tonight, the man said. ‘Im stopping off for a few, Chernon thought longingly of the pub. Hed like a skinful himself after a production like this, only he was meeting Gilly and he never performed so well after a few. And Gilly was worth staying dry for: she was wet, wet, wet.

‘Coming back to my place, then Rachel teased, pulling on the pants that Chernon had pulled from her during the final punishment scene. Again he felt that uneasiness, that fear.

‘Not tonight, love. I really need to get my flat in order.

‘You can do that later—Id run you home for about ten p.m.

‘No, really. He felt a rising irritation. God, just because hed been screwing the silly bitch for a few weeks didnt mean she owned his every hour!

‘Well, Ill drive you home anyway, Rachel said, with a smile.

The drive home was all shadowy trees and nocturnal sounds, surrealistically invading. Once Rachel touched his arm and he jumped so violently that he hit his head against the roof of the car, and when her keys jangled against her belt his heart leapt like a frog.

‘Any work lined up after this he asked, trying to inject a note of calm into the conversation. ‘Or do you think youll be resting for a while

‘Oh, I never rest. Again that slight sinister inference. Moments later they reached the vicinity of his flat.

‘Sure you dont want to come round for even a couple of hours Rachel pressed. Hastily, Chernon exited the car. He had never felt so glad to be free of someone. ‘Hope the next role you land is a bit more mainstream, he added as she wound the window down.

‘Oh, I liked my role in The Punishment Chamber Rachel said. She switched on the radio and added. That DJ always reminds me of the one in the film Play Misty For Me. Id have liked a part in that too! He could hear her laughing as he started to hurry towards his flat.

Driving home, Rachel continued to laugh. So what if things hadnt gone to plan It was of no consequence. That was one of the nice things about being the scriptwriter: when things went wrong you simply changed the script.

Reaching her house she went straight to the telephone and dialled. ‘Gilly, theres been a slight change of plan about Chernon—hes coming direct to your flat tonight.

She listened to Gillys surprised low whistle: ‘You mean he wouldnt come home with you first I didnt think hed have been able to resist the prospect of screwing two women in the same evening.

‘Oh, he resisted! I think the similarity between the part he plays in this film and the philanderer he is in real life is getting to him. He was jumpy as hell when I drove him home!

‘Serves him right. She paused. ‘So what do we do now

Rachel grinned. ‘Well, the cameraman knows of the change of arrangements so hell be bringing the film props round to you at any moment. Hell set them up as close to the way they were on the set, then leave. After that its down to you—just follow your copy of the script and put that bat into action on those two-timing little buttocks! Itll be enough to give the bastard the shock of his life!

Happily, Chernon prepared for an evening in Gillys arms. Lengthy shower. Short underpants. A wide smile. An intermediate application of Pour Homme applied to his pulse spots. Then a bottle of wine and a scarlet-foiled chocolate heart. In truth, Rachel had given him the heart some weeks before, but Gilly wouldnt know that. The two actresses had never met.

Chernon smiled, thinking of how salty Rachels pubis was compared to Gillys more neutral taste. Rachel was the more fiery of the two, the more inventive and demanding. But for the last few days hed found himself preferring Gillys more girlish small-nippled charms.

His groin tingled as he completed the ten-minute walk to Gillys house, imagining just how he would fondle these same nipples before taking her roughly against the wall, his cock grinding up against her cervix. Wine, chocolates ... he wondered what delights were in store for his flesh. Would she concentrate on his prick, balls or buttocks He was still wondering when she opened the door.

The Deal
Laura blushed as the boutique owner searched her bag.

‘Sir—I didnt mean to steal them!

‘Going to bring them back, were you

He deposited the unpaid-for leather belt and velvet choker on the counter top.

‘Id pay if I could, but Im between jobs, Laura added, trying to keep the mortified tears from spilling over.

‘Oh, youll pay.

He reached for the phone.

‘No—dont call the police!

‘But you have to be punished.

‘You can punish me yourself! she blurted, her self-serving streak working overtime, not realising the implications of what she said. Maybe hed ask her to work unpaid hours in the shop amongst these wonderful leather skirts and calfskin jackets. Maybe hed ask her to clean his car for him or ...

‘If thats what you prefer, said the man, staring at her dispassionately. ‘Youd better follow me into the back.

Laura walked through to a flat which held a double bed and a dining table. After a moment the boutique owner joined her there. ‘Ive just locked the door so that no one comes in and sees you taking your thrashing.

‘You mean ... She looked at his large hands imagining them coming down on her tender backside. It was a powerful image.

‘Thats right, Im going to punish you for your transgressions—though Ill deliver you into police custody if you prefer, the shop owner said.

Their eyes met, his determined, hers fiery. Should she tell him where to get off Flee Hand herself in Yet that meant a police record, a court case, her name in the papers. Everyone would know she was nothing but a common thief!

Laura licked her lips. ‘How ... how do you want me

‘Over my knee.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and she inhaled hard and lowered herself across his lap. This couldnt be happening! She whimpered with anxiety and desire as she felt him push her gypsy skirt up, and peel her underskirt away.

‘Little thiefs dont get to keep their pants on, do they, my foolish beauty

‘No, sir, she whispered, and felt him edge her pretty pink knickers down.

‘So thats what a shoplifters bum looks like. She felt the strength in his hands as he fondled her rear, imagined him staring down at her small smooth bottom. Felt him shift position slightly, then the first spank lashed down.

‘Uh! She grunted half in surprise, half in pain. Repeated the sound as he warmed her other cheek.

‘Thou shalt not steal, he said grimly, and toasted both helpless globes again.

Her face was glowing with shame, her bottom was glowing with heat. To her chagrin, she found her sex was glowing with excitement. Anticipation filled every cell in her body when the boutique owner deposited her on the double bed. Uncertainly she smoothed her skirt down. Was he going to enter her She wanted him inside her. Wanted him to ride her hard.

‘Now that youre nicely warmed up your real punishment can begin.

Laura sat up and licked her lips. ‘I thought ...

‘My dear, weve hardly started. You plunder my stock, you try to deny the charges. Now Ive had to shut up shop early and am losing valuable customer time.

Put like that it sounded really heinous. Laura hung her head. ‘Ive never stolen before. I swear it! Only my sisters birthday is next week and I wanted to get her something really special.

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