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Claudia had listened appalled to this recital.
"How long does this go on?" she asked.
Lavinia took up the story.
"Basically you work eight hours on and eight hours off. That way the mill never stops, and the women work their way around the clock too. There are six women to every team, and one or two spares for genuine illness or injury. In each of your eight hours you walk the mill for two stints of twenty-five minutes, with five minutes off to drink from the buckets provided, or relieve yourself in the other buckets. Then it`s back on the boards again for another twenty-five minutes. The wheel doesn`t turn terribly fast, but it is inexorable. You just have to go on climbing those endless stairs for minute after minute while your legs turn to lead, your thighs are on fire, your back aches, the sweat runs down between your breasts, down your face, stinging your eyes, adding to the soreness in your crotch, accentuating your rank odour and, all the time, that terrible hook is rubbing away between your cheeks. The Gods help you if you start to fall back, for it will start to batter your guts inside your belly. You keep going, I can tell you, even at the end of your last stint, eight hours on, when your legs don`t seem capable of carrying you an inch further. Mostly we just collapsed in the straw where we were, after we came off. We were too sore and exhausted to move, and the next shift just stepped over us."
Claudia found herself shuddering with the rest of the women at this account, but had one more question for them.
"His Excellency mentioned figging?" she said tentatively.
Lavinia grunted in disgust.
"That was his own special present to me. It`s my own fault really, i suppose, i did get very lippy when he sentenced me. I should have known better, but my tongue always gets me into trouble. Figging is a little extra refinement. I had to take a root of peeled horse radish up my bum, and up my cunt, before I got on the wheel. It was bad both ends, but the hook was twice as bad with that stuff burning in my bottom, and every movement squeezed out a drop more oil, and set it all of again. It was a very thoughtful gesture on my dear husband`s part, to order it for me, and I remembered him every moment it was in me. No, I mustn`t be bitter," she collected herself, "I did ask for it, and I only got what i deserved."
"It`s to be hoped that I don`t fall foul of any of your laws here, and find myself sent to the mills," Claudia said with feeling. Her belly had crawled at the description of the hook and its employment.
"Don`t worry," Lavinia reassured her. "As a visitor you are exempt for your first six months. After that you have to choose whether you wish to stay, in which case you must submit to the rules like every woman here," and she swept her hand to indicate the dozen wives of generals and senators present.

While his sister was learning about the dire penalties by which discipline was enforced among women, high and low, in the isolated city state, Marcellus was consulting the Governor on matters properly best discussed between men. In fact, how to satisfy those bodily desires that plague fit and healthy young men who do not maintain a marital bed of their own. As he explained to His Excellency, he felt inhibited this early in his residence among them to embark on a relationship with the wife or daughter of one of the men whose acquaintance he had begun to acquire, nor was he qualified to make use of army privileges, being only unofficially attached to the force at presence.
"Nothing simpler, my dear boy," the Governor declared. "Actually you need have no fears about tumbling another man`s wife, providing she was in the position of having unofficial licence from her husband to widen her horizons, to say nothing of her thighs. You may have Lavinia at any time for that matter, but I fancy she will be a little sore at present and, anyway perhaps she shouldn`t be given such a sweet reward just yet. After all, she has only just completed her sentence, and should have a chance to demonstrate good behaviour before regaining her privileges, especially of regular shafting. Anyway, we`ll come back to that later. What you need right now is a visit to the Temple of Ishtar."

Marcellus looked a little taken aback, but tried to remain polite in front of his patron.
"It is my body that needs comfort, Governor," he reminded his host, "not my soul. I doubt I will find what I seek in any temple."
"I think you will find it in Ishtar`s," the Governor assured him, with a knowing look. "Any man, of high or low degree, free or slave, Roman or Barbarian, suitably sober and clean, may, for a small fee, couple with the Goddess, lifting her loin cloth and standing between her knees, her vulva at the level of a standing man`s prick."
"The Goddess has a sheath soft and warm enough to give pleasure to a man?"
"Indeed yes, though it is a curious vulva, of veritable flesh and blood, but inverted, being that of a woman, bent over behind the image, her buttocks forming its belly."
"And this prodigy of a cunt is always available?"
"Yes, for the priestesses must keep the Goddess fit for action day and night, working in small groups that cover a period of hours, rotating frequently if there are many men waiting, staying in place for twenty minutes at a time in quiet periods."
"They are experienced whores, then?" Marcellus suggested.
"Not whores, either priestesses of the Goddess, or women sent to do her service. Who knows, you might even find yourself a virgin vessel for your lust."
"Virgin! How may that be?"
"All girls are sent on their wedding eves to lose their virginities in honour of the Goddess, and wives after seven years of marriage. The girls come away with a piece of linen bearing blood and semen, and the temple seal. Of course the men have no way of knowing who they have serviced, priestess or lay, nor do they know, until they thrust home, if they have drawn the more rare virgin sheath. It is the luck of the draw and one may speculate whether that warm and welcoming tunnel, into which one has spent one`s seed, might not belong to the shy young wife of your neighbour, or the bold spouse of your commanding officer."
"And the permanent temple servants? Do they have husbands or lovers?"
"Strangely, though the priestesses are given to any man that asks within the temple, they must remain entirely chaste outside this service and are subject to horrendous punishments if detected in affairs with either men or women, ranging from being whipped to the blood for minor infringements, to being buried alive, if detected in the act of sex."
"How many are needed, then, to keep the Goddess ever wet and willing?" the younger man enquired.
"Normally there are twelve Priestesses in the College, meaning each must offer her parts for two hours each day, though not necessarily in one stint, and sometimes more or less, as monthly flows take women out of service, or brides and seven year wives provide reinforcements. There are legends of stupendous feats of endurance, as when a solitary priestess kept the Goddess potent for a day, from dawn to dawn, when fever had laid her sisters low, or the bride-to-be, who spent twelve hours pressed against the vulval opening through the malice of a relative, consecrated as a priestess, who falsified the rota to leave the girl to face either disgrace at leaving her post without relief, or a hundred raping penises in her sore, split, aching vagina, virgin until that moment."
Warmed by this talk of sacred vaginas in waiting, Marcellus betook himself immediately to the great marble-faced edifice in the city centre, dedicated to the Babylonian Goddess of lust and procreation. For no more than he might have paid for a cup of wine, he was shown into a small ante-chamber, a mere cell with another door at the far end from that by which he had entered. The walls were covered with striking murals, done with great skill, and showing the Goddess engaged in intercourse in every possible position, and some he thought might well be impossible. They were obviously designed to raise the lust and stiffen the members of the men who waited here.


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