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Instead, he pulled her left leg out and up and snapped the open cuff around one of the metal
brackets securing the rail to the wall.
His unexpected action left Melissa standing on one leg, the other stretched out wide to her side and
her black leather micro-skirt rucked up around her hips.
In disbelief, she stared first at her securely fastened ankle, then with growing anxiety down to the
joint of her parted thighs.
A triangle of bright red satin was clearly visible below the hem of her skirt and Melissa shuddered,
knowing that the men had an even clearer view of her flimsy panties than she did.
Even more frightening, she was quite unable to move the leg she was standing on or alter her
position without risking a dangerous fall.
Posed like a ballerina and bound to the rail, she couldn

He had forced her to respond and come even though she had not wanted to and her mind quailed to
the shame of knowing she had been unable to resist his brutal violation.
Des pulled out from her quivering belly and smiled at his colleague as Melissa sagged in her bonds,


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