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She could only hope that Melissa had accepted her fate, too and was making the best of a situation
she could not change; extracting what pleasure she could from the circumstances.
For, sometimes, there was a great deal of pleasure to be had, for her Master was not always cruel
and demanding and Maxine had reached heights of sexual ecstasy she had never imagined could
exist as he trained her to submit, her body spiralling out of control to passions which grew ever
more fierce under his skilled tutelage.
Time after time, Maxine had begged openly to be taken, pleading for Siteki to enter her and make
her his, but he had always refused, even though his erection bulged hugely and he clearly wanted to
have her.
At first, she could not understand, but as her training progressed, she realised that she was not to be
allowed the satisfaction she craved until he decided she was ready and sufficiently desperate to
submit unconditionally to his Mastery.
That, too, was part of her training and the knowledge that he was strong enough to control not only
her passions, but his own as well, was an enormous thrill to Maxine, for it showed her just how
completely she was owned and in his power.
A free woman could give herself to her partner, expecting and sharing the pleasures of her body...
but Maxine, a lowly slave, could not.
Her body belonged to her Master and it was he, not she, who would decide when and even if, she
would be permitted to serve him!
It was a shocking and intensely exciting realisation and Maxine tried even harder to break down

Siteki chuckled as he stared down at her,


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