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Perhaps Marcellus was already offering her to one of his new cronies, or some man of influence in the state. She shuddered suddenly, as if some ghost had run its fingers down her spine, or she could already feel the rod across her shoulders, a stranger`s prick rudely bursting her virgin veil.

Later Lavinia pressed herself winningly against her husband in their matrimonial bed, letting him have the full benefit of a lush body concealed only by a diaphanous gown of Eastern silk. She rubbed her breasts against his bare chest, placed an inviting hand on his rapidly hardening member, and took up again the argument she had been pursuing for the last hour or more.
"Gaius, darling, I think you`re being very mean to me. All I`m asking is a little holiday, just a trip to the Shrine of Sappho up in the hills, where I can commune with nature, and find my own soul."
"Where you can cavort with those pretty young maids of yours and have them lap out your slit," her husband replied, dispassionately. "You can do that just as well at home, and nobody would mind. It`s dangerous up in the hills; Barbarians, and all that sort of thing."
"Oh pooh! There haven`t been any reports of Barbarians for months. I`m not afraid of them." She dropped into a wheedling tone, caressing his cheek with her hand. "Darling, I`ve got to do service again this year. Surely you could let me have a little fun before i have to go back to the gang, all shorn and sealed again. I`d be ever so grateful when I got back. Or even just now," she threw in quickly to take advantage of his rising lust, "just feel how wet I am. I`d be so happy I`d be like that for you every night."
"Oh, all right, you can go, but remember, we may not have seen much sign of the barbarians yet, but winter`s not been over long, and they might come through the passes at any time. You`ll have to take care up there, not go too far from the forts. I can`t send much of an escort, either, there are no soldiers to spare, and anyone I do send will have orders to run the moment there`s a threat. He`s not to risk good men for women who want to risk their arses in the wilderness. Talking of arses, just turn that lovely crupper this way so that I can get into you from behind."
A bargain was a bargain, and Lavinia complied, ready herself to have her itch scratched, roused as it was by the thought of Dorcia`s lovely young body cavorting with hers by Sappho`s lake.

Up in the hills, it was cool after the rising heat and dust of the plain, and the little lakes and pools between the pines made perfect bathing places for naked females, with little lawns of soft grass for them to lie on at their Sapphic celebrations. The Centurion in charge of the escort had proved a bit of a trial to start with, quoting the Governor`s orders to stay near to the forts, and not to stray where they couldn`t see an enemy approaching from a distance, but Lavinia had soon over-ruled him, putting on her best Patrician manner and reminding him she was the Governor`s wife.
Today they had gone a little further still, to a small lake, that, legend said, was the home of a water nymph, who had been turned into a silver fish to escape a lustful God. Lavinia had gone down to the pool, with only her favourite lover, telling the other girls, and the escort, to stay well away, and not disturb them. They had swum, and drunk wine and made beautiful love on the soft bank, Lavinia holding the girl`s head fiercely between her thighs as she bucked and cried out, and bucked again, in shattering ecstasies. The girl had a magic tongue, and Lavinia was exhausted by the time she had had a fourth orgasm in less than forty minutes.
"I will sleep now, Dorcia," she told the girl. "Go back to the others, my dear, and come back with scented oil and massage me in an hour."
When the girl had gone, the warmth of the sun, the effects of her sexual exertions, the good red wine, all these lowered her gently through drowsiness into sleep, her naked form curled on its side on the couch of sweet grass.
She was woken by a booted foot pressed into her belly, turning her over onto her back. She lay stupefied by slumber for a moment, her arms and legs thrown wide, exposing all her nudity. Her eyes slowly opened. Standing against the backdrop of pine branches was a tall bearded figure in the outlandish costume of the Barbarians.

"I thought they had all got away," he remarked to his companion, "but it seems there`s one left. A fine tasty woman by the look of her. Nothing like mature meat I always say."
She tried to curl into a defensive ball to cover her nakedness, but strong fingers wound into her hair and dragged her to her feet. Soon a leather thong secured her hands behind her, and she found herself prodded with the butt of a javelin and made to walk before the two men up a path leading from the lake.
Where the trees ended, the Barbarian camp lay on gently sloping ground, a score of large yurts, surrounding an especially ornamented one, obviously the tent of a Chief. As they approached, men came swarming out of the yurts, or paused in their work in the horse lines. They all watched with interest as the naked woman was driven before her captors. Fully conscious now, her pride had reasserted itself, and she walked with head held high, ignoring her nudity, showing by her bearing her high status.
The watchers seemed only slightly impressed, favouring her with lustful leers and lewd comments, and what they would like to do with her, but at least they deemed her a sufficiently valuable prize to reserve her for the Chief and not rape her on the spot, as was their custom, passing a captive from man to man until all had had their fill.
The Chief sat on a folding stool of tooled leather on an ebony frame, outside the principle yurt.
"Greetings Khaka, that`s a fine mare you`ve got there. Where did you find her?"
"Sleeping down by the lake, Highness. There were some other fillies near by, and some men in charge, but they fled before we could get near. Back in the fort by now I would think, telling them that Talla the Alan has come to rape them all."
The big man laughed. Lavinia looked at him with new interest, and not a little respect. The Alans were the fiercest fighters in the Caucasus, sweeping all before them, but they had left Pityus alone more or less, apparently feeling that it was too small, and too well defended, to warrant the expense of capture, when there were much easier prizes on the plains of the Ukraine. What was he doing here? She felt his eyes on her, and shuddered despite herself.
The fierce dark eyes eyes ranged avidly over her naked body. They saw a mature female, no girl, very much a woman, more than thirty years old, tall, statuesque, her proud bearing making her height even more pronounced, thrusting out large firm breasts that were held up prominently by the fine muscles her periodic service in mill and quarry had built, crowned by thick fat nipples set in dark discs of flesh adorned with a circlet of small pip-like protrusions like lesser stones set around a more important jewel.
She had returned from each stint in the state`s service with a belly flattened by toil, and slatted with iron-hard muscle. Twelve months restrained indulgence had been followed by a session in the mills as rigorous as it was short, which had eradicated any incipient deterioration in her physical condition, and the three months that had passed since had left no sag, merely given the rather masculine hardness a softer feminine gloss. The dense thatch below, parted slightly, still damp from her amorous play of the morning, showed thick full lips to her vulva. The shapely wide spaced thighs framed rather than concealed the treasure within. Behind, her rump was round and high, set above legs that tapered gracefully down to shapely knees, and on to trim ankles and well-formed feet; not the delicate extremities of a doll, but firm and lissom, used to going bare on mountain track or treadmill.
Fine features, a glossy mane of dark hair down to her shoulder blades, and a proud look completed the picture. Talla was intrigued.
"Who are you, woman?" he asked, "and what are you doing here, so far from the safety of your forts?"
She drew herself up to her most regal, her bearing impressive, despite her nakedness and the pinioning of her arms.
"I am Lavinia, wife to Gaius Maximus, Governor of Pityus. Return me at once and he will reward you. Abuse me and he will hunt you down and make you pay dearly."


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