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The advice was good and Maxine was grateful,

Trained to provide just such a service, Maxine had come to enjoy giving pleasure in this way and
was secretly proud of her ability and as his shaft grew steadily larger, she became aroused by her
own success and the deliciously submissive nature of her actions.
As soon as she could, she opened her lips wide and took him into the wet heat of her mouth, her
head rising and falling as her lips slid up and down the full length of his stiff maleness and her
tongue licked at his flesh as she worked busily to please him.
Shimatsu gave a sigh of contentment as he looked down at the blonde head between his legs, then
clicked his fingers. Soo Lin hurried forward and as he pointed, she went to her knees directly
behind Maxine, nodding her understanding of what her Master required.
Maxine heard the signal, but had no idea what it indicated and was taken completely by surprise as
cool fingers spread her thighs wider and a wet tongue lapped at her exposed sex.
For an instant she was outraged and froze, but then her Master gave a casual tug at her nipple ring
and the warning killed any thought of resistance almost before it had begun.
The threat of immediate punishment and the knowledge that she was to be forced to serve him
while the brunette served her, brought a hot glow of shame to Maxine


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