EVE IN EDEN 15 - discipline story

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"We`ve another young man about to come into his inheritance. Fleur is twenty-two, and nominally in Sir William`s charge, though Aunt Jane does the actual sentencing and execution, but Roger is seventeen, eighteen in three months, and will become responsible for her discipline from then on, as her nearest male relative. Of course, he may decide to leave it to Lady Jane, but I suspect she`ll have to bare and bend for him from time to time as well."
"That`s disgusting," Eve protested, her feminist hackles roused from their apparent slumber by the thought of that uncouth youth lashing the pretty hinds of the composed and beautiful young Fleur.
"Perhaps," Joyce said gently, "but look at it this way. Fleur has everything, money, intelligence, looks, and the awesome power of just being a woman. Such a dangerous combination needs to have checks; I`d almost say cries out for and is unhappy without them. And what about Roger? His rude nature is partly inspired by an equal awareness of the feminine power, especially in younger women. If he can get it out of his system, and realise what a responsibility he has, and there are plenty of older people, who will in various degrees of forcefulness advise him if he abuses his position too much, he might just turn out a man yet. He has the physique for it," she added with almost a giggle, and had the grace to blush. Eve could not help wondering if Joyce had already taken a hand at his transformation into manhood.
"Let`s join the girls by the pool," Joyce suggested, "plenty of time before dinner and you can get to meet the younger set."
"Lovely," Eve replied, "but what about these?"
She stroked her hands down the tight cavalry twill breeches that fitted like a second skin, "hardly beach wear."
"Of course not silly. We`ll go and change in my room. I`ve lots of nice tangas and things you can wear to show off your stripes."
Eve wasn`t sure she saw it quite that way but raised no complaint as they headed back into the house. Joyce`s well filled closets yielded a stunning collection of beach wear for Eve to select from. She was picking up a rather conservatively cut bikini with a deep bottom half that would have covered most of her rump when Joyce stopped her.
"Oh come on," she said, "Don`t let me down by wearing those frumpy old things. You`re my guest, and they will expect you to turn out real cool. Besides you`ve got a lovely set on your seat. Don`t deny them the chance to ogle a well-whipped visitor`s posterior. How about these?"
`These` were two postage stamps` worth of glistening fabric that might just about cover her nipples, if adjusted carefully, and a tanga type bottom, with a triangle of matching fabric, barely sufficient to conceal her lush labia which seemed to be almost permanently engorged these days she noticed, before disappearing into her arse crack for most of its length.
"Er, I`m not sure about the top," she said doubtfully, "my nipples are quite large and I doubt if those scraps will cover the circles round them."
"Well, it won`t matter much," Joyce reassured her. "You probably noticed everybody had got their tops off by the pool anyway. These are just for protection from the likes of the Galloping Major, if we meet him on the way down."
"Some protection," Eve muttered, but gave in to Joyce`s urgings. It was easier than arguing the toss about what was obviously considered quite unexceptional round these parts.
While they had been talking Joyce had stripped totally and was selecting her own swimwear.
"Come on," she urged, "get those hot things off and let`s see you."
Eve blushed at her directness but was soon as bare as her new friend. Joyce stopped, one foot through the leg hole of a minuscule bikini.
"Oh my! You`re delicious," she breathed, "and you`re right about your nips. Lovely. Can I chew a little?" and without giving Eve time to reply, her hot lips were on the rapidly engorging stubs, pearly teeth nipping gently at the sensitive points.
"Yum yum!" she sighed as she disengaged from a panting Eve, "and the rest is lovely too," she declared stroking a hand over Eve`s taut tiger-striped hinds, and letting it wander innocently round her hip to follow the crease of her delta into the thicket of tight curls, "I`ll have a better look later. Right now we ought to get down the the pool while the sun`s still up."
Eve relaxed the thighs she had instinctively clenched and drew in a rather ragged breath. The atmosphere on this island seemed to make her very easily aroused she thought, as she fastened the tanga, `good thing there`s adequate padding in the gusset, but I hope Joyce doesn`t inspect it before it goes in the wash. I`m oozing already.`

The poolside encounter was a further step in Eve`s educational process. Though all these girls were here to attend the monthly disciplinary session, none seemed terribly anxious. True there was an intermittent exchange of banter about their forthcoming ordeals, in the course of which there were some bitten lips and quivering backsides, but nothing of the traumatic or cowed behaviour, while the appearance of the newcomers was the occasion for a comparison of stripes, a process made all the easier by the fact that none of them wore more than a titular cunt covering which left their buttocks quite bare. Eve was interested to note that several wore fading spoor from past inflictions, some just possibly the marks of the last Friday dinner, but none so vivid and fresh as those she and Joyce displayed
The gluteal inspections were mutual. Eve was conscious of hot and interested gazes fixed on those well warmed cheeks, as she was welcomed into the bevy of nubile sinners, including Joyce`s sister, Bettina, and Fleur, the twenty-two year old sister of the spotty Roger they had met in the library.
"Have you come to be disciplined too?" one asked nonchalantly
"Eh no. Not today," Eve replied. "Perhaps another time."
What on earth had possessed her to say that she thought in confusion, a blush spreading hotly on her neck. She was saved from further folly by Joyce`s timely intervention.
"Eve`s a guest. She`s a visitor to the island, staying with the Borensons."
"Mmm, been doing a little more than sightseeing, I see," contributed another condemned near-naked nymph. She looked pointedly at Eve`s rainbow hued hinds.
"Now then Bett," Joyce admonished her, "try to remember our island courtesy. You`re in enough trouble tonight already, without adding rudeness to guests to your tally."
"Oh come on, Joy. You wouldn`t shop your own sister, would you?" Bettina protested.
"Just you try me," Joyce threatened, but her eyes were laughing rather than menacing and the whole group soon relaxed into their usual good humour.

Chapter 4: Dinner At Ladyswood...
The sun sank quickly and early in the near-tropical latitude, the sudden cool around the pool sending the bare skinned belles in doors to dress for the fabled Friday dinner. Joyce had promised to pick something suitable from her own extensive wardrobe for Eve to wear and the visitor soon knocked on her door and entered to find her new friend, nude as a slug from her shower, contemplating the long lines of dresses in a walk-in closet that looked as long as a railroad car.
"Now what shall we put you in?" Joyce mused. "Something elegant, but not too dull. A little gold on black might suit you very well. How about this one. Not disgustingly low in front, but the men will be assured your boobs are your own, and the bias-cut crepe will show off your lovely bottom just right."
"I thought that pinafores were the dress of the day," Eve said, "I passed at least three women wearing them as I came down the corridor. Shouldn`t we all be wearing them?"
Joyce laughed.
"Not unless you`re desperate to have those tiger stripes added to," she said. "That`s the delinquent`s uniform. Anyone you saw wearing one is due for execution at Aunt Jane`s knowing hand tonight."
"But one of them was Mrs Harringer!"
"So? You don`t think she escapes having her meaty mounds roasted just because she`s Sir William`s sister do you? Actually I believe she may have quite a tight time tonight. There`s a rumour going round that she has been getting above herself and that neither her husband or Uncle William are too pleased. I suspect Aunty Pam may not be sitting comfortably for a while"
"Anyway," she continued, "No pinafore for you, darling, unless you`re about to confess some terrible sins, and you haven`t been here long enough to have committed any that I know of. Now get that robe off, and let`s have a look at you."
The request in London would have had her protesting indignantly; here in Eden it seemed totally natural and she slipped off the bathrobe she`d donned on leaving the shower to stand quietly under the younger girl`s inspection.
"Lovely," Joyce exclaimed in frank admiration of the slim nude before her, "but get those knickers off. You can`t wear them with crepe, they`d show a panty line for sure."
Eve slipped off the offending underwear without protest, then donned the garter belt and stockings that Joyce laid out for her.
"You won`t need a bra either," she was assured," Quite apart from the fact that you`ve got nice firm tits, the dress has a boned bodice which will hold you nicely, and leave a generous cleavage on view."
Joyce finished off the outfit with a pair of high heeled pumps, a touch higher than Eve was used to. By the time they`d helped each other with their make-up and hair the gong sounded for dinner.
"Come along," Joyce urged. "This is one meal just everyone is on time for. The men can`t wait to gloat over us, knowing most are going to get hot arses, that they can take advantage of later, and the women - well you can guess why they are not anxious to be late."
As Joyce had predicted, the entire house party arrived at once in the dining room. As the men ran their eyes unashamedly over the newcomer`s delightful figure, only partly covered by the minimal clothing Joyce had chosen for her, Eve was suddenly conscious of how little protected her from their hot gazes. In particular she was very aware of her lack of panties, brought home to her each time she moved by the cool air circulating around her exposed sex, a sensation enhanced by the sudden rush of moist arousal that flooded her loins at their attention. She was glad when their host and hostess arrived and all were seated, although she then faced the new threat that her gushing sex, unguarded by panty gusset, might result in an embarrassing wet patch on the seat of her dress. Ah well, time enough to worry about that when the time came to get up from table, for the moment she was protected below the waist by polished mahogany, even if the eyes still continued to feast on her well displayed cleavage. Somehow it didn`t seem to be so difficult to bear out here. In fact her embarrassment had been replaced by pride in her womanhood and her power to attract the attention of these males, who were by no stretch of the imagination, starved of female attractions to gaze upon.


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