EVE IN EDEN 17 - discipline story

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Bettina for one seemed to find it so. She let out a short strangled "yow!" and her buttocks leapt as much as her posture would allow. As the inevitable and educationally efficient after-agony flooded through her hinds, and the thick welt made its first appearance, she groaned at the realisation of Lady Jane`s fine cut. She was obviously on form tonight, a point not lost on the remaining defaulters who variously tensed, paled or bit their lips as the mood took them.
Still, their pain was yet to come; Bettina`s was immediate and incisive. With due delay to let her savour the full bite of the first, Lady Jane measured the target with an unerring eye and took a half step forward to unleash the next. It fell a finger`s breadth below the first and seemed to occasion Bettina as much trouble in containing it as the first. She gasped and squirmed for a second before she could regain her composure and set herself for the next in the required stoic manner.
As the count slowly rose, too slowly for the writhing girl in the frame, Eve found herself fascinated by the way her haunches seemed to turn in on themselves, as if trying to squeeze out the pain, then open like a blossoming flower, as if she might spit it out like a pip from an olive, the ripe split fruit of her vulva winking in the diamond gap at the top of the thighs. The sight of the plump plum recalled her suddenly to her own and she realised to her shame and shock that she was reacting to this scene with wet arousal.
Bettina had reached six by now, six dark bars packed tightly in beneath her widest part, reaching down to the division of thigh and buttock, the portion of her anatomy on which she would have to put her weight to sit. Eve thought this punishment, was intended to be felt and learnt from long after the stick ceased to fall. At seven Bettina`s gasps changed to a shrill yelp of agony. She seemed about to rise, her fingers fluttering on the bottom rail, her feet stamping as much as their confined position would allow, her hips twisted tightly to the right as if to try and escape the extra bite to her flank, where the tip of the rod achieved its highest penetration, leaving purple blotches. For a moment it appeared she might lose her battle with her rebellious body, which had had enough of the cruel cane, but she rallied and straightened, though her panting breath was almost a sob.
Lady Jane was impervious to her distress. With careful concentration she set herself a trifle further back from the weeping buttock and pranced forward a full stride to deliver the coup de grace, sending the whippy rod into the mass of bruised flesh that had resulted from the seven previous measured strokes. It parted the air with an appreciably higher note, that sent shivers down Eve`s spine, and probably all the other female backbones save, perhaps Lady Jane herself, then impacted with an awesome `sluck` into the flinching buttocks held helpless by the rigidity of the frame over which they were bent. Bettina `s body shook with the blow, her buttocks clenched and unclenched like a pair of grotesque lips gulping air, the fatty pout of the vulva beneath mouthing its own protest. She gave out a long groaning howl of pain, then her body shook with a deep sob, as she clung to the frame, for support now, not restraint, as the remaining delinquents stood in shocked silence. Bettina was no stranger to the rod, and a strong healthy girl besides, and her reaction confirmed that Lady Jane was indeed on form tonight and their own prospects correspondingly dismal.
"OK, you may rise," Lady Jane pronounced, "I trust you felt those adequately."

Bettina straightened slowly, her fingers now seemingly reluctant to leave the bar she had had so much difficulty in holding onto during her chastisement.
"Intensely, Ma`am," she acknowledged, as she rocked her hips from side to side, her hands fisted in front of her. One did not rub ones welts in public in this house, Eve understood.
"Now for your forfeit."
Lady Jane was holding out a matter of steel links and buckled leather. Bettina looked at it without enthusiasm but took it from her, and fastened a band tightly around her hips, until it sank into her waist snugly. She parted her legs with a groan and reached for the chain that dangled down the divide of her hot and throbbing buttocks. With the unfeeling links lodged in her weeping slit, she threaded the strap that hung on her belly through the curiously shaped buckle and drew up on it, sucking in her breath as the cruel metal bit into her tender female parts.
"Tighter than that, girl," Lady Jane commanded, "I want to see it in deep. Up another notch. The ten pound flag isn`t showing yet."
Bettina groaned and pulled up again, almost yanking the chain into herself. Something flashed in the centre of the buckle and the centre disc turned red.
"Good," her Ladyship commented. "Now I hope I may expect you to put your disgusting underwear out of sight in future, and get yourself to breakfast before noon."
"Yes, Ma`am," the red-faced young woman replied emphatically, as she wiped a tear from one eye and waddled painfully across the room to stand face to the wall where the remaining offenders could contemplate her ravaged buttocks as they awaited their own turn to be called to judgement.
One of the naked nymphs from the pool was called next, a lovely girl of nineteen, whose reckless driving had left the family Mercedes scored from hood to trunk, with an ugly scratch along one side that would need a near complete respray. She had been confined to barracks for the next month, with a weekly dose of stick to improve her driving. She had already swallowed two such prescriptions, which were writ in her pert pale mounds, six angry looking stripes from the previous week, six fainter, but distinguishable tracks from the week before. Undoubtedly someone wielded a searching rod in her home, but now it was the first Friday of the month and it was thought that the trip over to Ladyswood, and anticipation of Jane`s expert correction, would do the young tearaway`s body and soul a power of good, and Lady Jane did not disappoint her. The half-dozen cuts that the young person received had her whining and panting as she bent over the bar, then hopping from foot to foot as she tried to control herself on her way to join Bettina and display the thick throbbing results of Lady Jane`s imposition to the remaining accused. It seemed to do little to cheer them but, once again, Eve felt a surge of inner warmth as she contemplated the rich soft feminine flesh, so blatantly marked by suffering.
The widow, the subject of such filial devotion, was next to come to judgement.
The pangs a son can cause his mother are many and various but, Eve thought, few as various as those her offspring was about to deal out to the still elegant and desirable widow Trevelyan.
Called out by Jane and made to confess her reason for being present to all the females, young and mature, in the room, her humiliation was intense. Her son might be young, but in Eden young men learnt quickly from their elders the finer points of the management of women, be they sisters, wives or mothers.
A hot flush of embarrassment flooding her neck and cheeks, she murmured in a low voice that her son had sent her to be punished for going against his instructions.
"Speak up woman," Lady Jane admonished. "Let everyone hear what you`ve been up to. What did you refuse him?"
Looking even more humiliated, Mary announced in a firm voice, "He wants me to allow Peter Manners to sleep with me."
"Very interesting," Lady Jane observed, "and does he have any particular reason for that?"
Despite her confusion the widow managed a spark of indignation.
"As everybody knows," she said, "Peter and he are good friends and he says he owes it to their friendship."
"Is that all? I think there is more."
Mrs Trevelyan hesitated before answering.
"He has had his eye on Helen Manners for some time. She`s much older than him, nearly my age, but she`s a very attractive woman still and I believe they have a bargain, that he will have Helen when I agree to sleep with Peter."
"Don`t you fancy him then?"


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