EVE IN EDEN 19 - discipline story

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"But your husband wants it, and what a husband wants, he should get. You`ll wear hose and heels at all times until the next monthly meeting, in bed as well unless Harry objects, and somehow I don`t think that`s likely. Just don`t put a stiletto in his scrotum, or your next visit here won`t be as easy as tonight`s little tickle. Moreover, you`ll put a teaspoon of baked rice in each stocking, just to remind you why you`re wearing them."
Dolly groaned on hearing her fate, but nodded her head in acceptance and was dismissed to add her own blazing buttocks to the expanding row of well-marked bottoms lined up along the wall.
Another girl from a neighbouring estate was next, a little overweight and pudgy and accused of greed and failure to diet. Since parental admonitions had failed to curb her appetite and indolence, she had been sent to Ladyswood for expert diagnosis and treatment of her condition. Apart from the inevitable dose of stick, a stinging sixer for a soft young bottom, Lady Jane prescribed some treatment to be applied more directly to the seat of her problem than the seat of her pants. Released from the bars, the girl was made to lie on her back on a long padded bench, while Fleur and Pamela Harringer, still awaiting their own judgement, were deputed to hold her wrists and ankles. Stretched supine, her flabby stomach upwards, the girl received her six all over again, but this time with a wide leather strap, that had her howling and writhing as her pale white belly turned to fiery red. Released at last she half crouched over her aching bulge while Lady Jane added to her prescription a diet of bread and water for the next month, and ordered her to request her parents to have her fitted with a training corset. Once more Joyce enlightened her new friend`s ignorance.
"Beastly tight, but nothing like as bad as a cunt cutter or even the widow`s cincher. Solid steel boning from your tits to your thighs, back and front. Double laces that pull you in and keep you tight. That girl will find dieting easy once she`s knotted into those stays. The way they press on your chest and belly you don`t have room for more than a nibble at the best of times."
Fleur was next in for the `house`. Her Aunt looked up from her redundant scrutiny of the black ledger to observe that she had missed her weekly appointment at the health club a fortnight previously. Fleur agreed that she had, but pointed out that she had already received the statutory penalty on her next visit, and still wore the stripes.
"That may be so," Lady Jane observed, "but we have a rule here, as you very well know, that all punishments earned outside the house are reviewed and repeated, to make sure the lesson is driven well home, not to speak of the affront to the dignity of the house that such public misdemeanours cause. How many did you get?"
"Six, Ma`am," Fleur advised her, "They accepted that I had tried to attend, but that I couldn`t find transport."
"Because you had put your car in for service and forgotten to ask if you could borrow one of the others," her Aunt reminded her, "an excuse not acceptable here. You`ll get your six strokes again and, for the next week, you`ll run to the flagstaff and back every morning at dawn, buck naked, bare-arsed; barefooted too."
The mention of cuts had not caused any change in the girl`s expression. Clearly they were expected and a sixer was a routine occurrence in this household, not to speak of in the island as a whole, but the imposition of a morning run seemed to dismay the nubile young woman disproportionately.
"She doesn`t seem keen on early morning exercise," Eve remarked quietly to her neighbour.
Joyce gave a little hollow laugh.
"I should think not. Damn chilly in the dawn, in your birthday suit, and the flagstaff is over a mile away, up hill and along a main road where the early motorists will have fun watching her flash her cunt and bounce her boobs. But that`s not the half of it. It`s a half mile down the drive, and a half mile back. Any idea what those chippings feel like under bare feet?"
Eve winced at the thought. Young Fleur was going to be real sore when she came to breakfast.
Execution was swift and, to Fleur`s credit, well taken. The young lady was as Eve suspected, experienced in these matters and as nearly took it in her stride as one might hope, given she had to take six biting slices from an Aunt on peak form. When she took her place in the display line, the welts stood out clear and angry against the fading tracks of her earlier correction at the club.

The original half dozen delinquents had been reduced to just one, the rest now lined up in hot arsed display along the wall. Lady Jane had reserved her sister-in-law`s case for last, to give it the attention she thought its seriousness deserved, for Pamela Harringer had protested at her new sister-in-law being given charge of female discipline, which, before her arrival, Pamela had dispensed herself. It was a hardy perennial and she had recently renewed her complaint, arguing that she, at least, should be exempt. Sir William and her husband had been unreceptive and had jointly committed her to Lady Jane`s justice with a recommendation that, since she was so fond of all things `horsey`, a riding crop might be the best implement to mete it out., and a public chastisement might `encourage les autres`. Lady Jane called on her sister-in-law to stand forth. Reluctance showing in every movement Pamela complied.
"Mrs Harringer has been adjudged not only to have mutinied against legitimate, that is to say male, authority, but in so doing, to have brought this house into disrepute. For each offence she is sentenced to a dozen strokes across her bared buttocks and, by special recommendation of those males most qualified to know her physical capacities, these to be delivered with the same crop she is so fond of exercising on her mounts.
"The affront to the house," Lady Jane continued, as the Junoesque figure of her sister-in-law quivered in shame and mortification before her, "may be regarded as an internal matter, to be settled here and now, and you will bare your bottom at once for your first dozen at my hand. The question of mutiny is a different matter altogether and I propose that you join the others in displaying your stripes, until the men rejoin us, when you will take your second dozen in public. Moreover, since you are having difficulty with accepting their disposal of you, I shall also recommend that the dozen should be dispensed by one of the men, to be chosen by them as the most suitable for your case."
Smiling cat-like at the obvious dismay on the older woman`s beetroot hued face, she went on.
"Taking all considerations into account, my own suggestion, for what it is worth, would be that your pride would be best served by putting the crop into young Roger`s hand. My only reservation is that he may not have the skill and experience to wield it to its maximum effect, when my choice would fall on the Major. Either way you may look forward to a hot time underneath."
Mrs Harringer still showed a spark of mutiny, despite her dire fate, and snorted in defiance at her sister-in-laws remarks.
"Still stiff necked, Pam? We must see what we can do about that. Ah I have it. A soda enema. That should take some of the stuffing out of you."
Where threats of crop and welts by the dozen had failed to move the proud maturity, this last broke down her defences.
"You can`t do that Jane," she cried, "It`s too much."
"You`ll address me as Ma`am when I`m exercising my official duties," Lady Jane said sternly, but her joy at her victory belied her strict expression, "anymore protests from you and you`ll be given your flushing in front of the men. As it is you`ll have to hold it until they join us, or take another. Now be quiet, and put that big rump of yours over the bars."
Pamela pursed her lips tightly and reached to pin up her dress. The buttock she displayed would not have disgraced one of her own mares. Eve felt a resurgence of her earlier strange responses to bare female flesh, about to be thrashed. Moving with dignity the woman advanced to the bars and draped herself over them. The movement spread the broad haunches even wider, great slabs of saddle-exercised meat, though far from obese. The thighs were still firm enough for a thick black mat of wiry hair to protrude, not quite concealing the fatty lips of a notable vulva. Before this display of formidable female portions Eve had entertained some lingering doubts about the severity of the punishment prescribed. A crop seemed a trifle harsh for mere girl flesh, but this was prime mutton, not lamb, generous in its proportions and fully adequate to sustain even a riding whip, such as Lady Jane now produced.
"Recognise it, Pam?" she taunted waving it before the bent woman`s eyes, "Percy picked it out specially as your favourite. Let`s see if you`re still as fond of it after you`ve had a taste."
Allowance made for the amplitude, the sheer mass, of the great buttock it was a severe and searching ordeal for the gasping grunting woman, as the crop bit deep, again and again, into her slabby cheeks. Eve gazed fascinated as she watched the ridges rise where each stroke had fallen, awesome purple welts with, on the sorry right flank where the tip bit deepest, inky blobs that threatened to burst, so tight and plum dark were they with trapped blood. Pamela was tough and sustained by pride and hatred of her sister-in-law`s hold on her but even these defences could not hold out for ever. After the ninth stroke had whunked its way into her hot and swollen cheeks, she howled in simple agony, and her sobs continued until the next stroke sent her whining and mewling again. She kept up the musical accompaniment through the remaining strokes of her private punishment.


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