EVE IN EDEN 21 - discipline story

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"An amusing evening," he pronounced, "but now we must come to reckon how far you have maintained the discipline of the house. We can disregard the girls sent in by our neighbours, they are hardly your responsibility, but Pamela and Bettina certainly qualify and the Major has been our house guest for so long that I think you must consider Dolly as under your wing as well. Together with Fleur that makes a tidy total, what! Good for a dozen do you think?"
"I think that`s fair," the bent bare beauty replied, her voice somewhat muffled from her head down position, "Do you wish me to pay any form of forfeit as well?"
"Hmm. Apart from the obvious," and here Sir William slid the tip of the rod between the spread white thighs to nudge the pouting labia, with their glistening beads of honeydew "I think twenty-four hours in a cunt cutter, a fifteen pounder, might not come amiss, but that can wait until I`ve taken my personal fee. Brace yourself, my love; I am about to begin."
The fine white buttock halves clenched involuntarily, then sheer strength of will forced them to relax to receive the burning kiss of the cane. The execution was slow, steady and very thorough. By its end the proud aristocrat was panting and writhing as hopelessly as any girl she had thrashed that night, her shoulders heaving from time to time when a strangled sob escaped beyond her control. Before the hot surges of rising anguish in her riven hinds had passed their peak even, Sir William`s trousers had hit the floor and his engorged and mighty member had thrust deep into the wet and willing slot the bending woman`s posture offered so conveniently.
Conscious of her needs, he thrust deep and rhythmically into her clenching tunnel, sometimes straight as a die, sometimes varying his stroke to slide along one wall or the other, to probe the roof of the slippery tube, or plough its floor. Holding back on his own rising lava flow he waited until he could feel the first spasms of her orgasm then let all go, his belly slapping against the raw welts on her splayed buttocks, ignored by both in their mutual ecstasy. As the flood of his seed pumped into her belly he collapsed onto her back, his arms around her, his hands cupping her dangling breasts with their turgid rock hard teats.
For several minutes they lay like this in the warm companionable after glow of sex, his softening penis still embedded deep and making little affectionate nudges with its last fading strength, pressures answered by equally friendly squeezes of the now satisfied female muscles. Slowly the shrinking member, but a shadow of its former glory, slipped from its cosy bed until, with an audible `shluck`, followed a second later by a humiliatingly flatulent `parp` from the pumped up sexual tract, it fell free to let a dribble of their combined ooze fall to the carpet between her feet, a complement to the sticky secretions already running down the insides of her thighs.
Sir William slapped his wife`s well-welted rump affectionately as he stood.
"Don`t forget the fifteen pounder," he admonished as he pulled up his pants and left the room.
Dawn came sudden and late in this latitude and Eve woke still restless and found her way down to a deserted breakfast room. As she waited for a maid to bring fresh coffee, she took in the ravishing view of park and curving drive, the hills beyond, crowned with the skeleton finger of a flagstaff on the crest of the right hand peak, the sea glinting in the first fingers of the sun in the U shaped hollow of the hills. as she watched a tiny figure appear from where the carriage drive disappeared in the trees. It was running, but with a ragged and interrupted gait. As it drew nearer Eve recognised Fleur, quite naked, her bare skin rosy with the effort of her run and the nip of the pre-dawn air. She moved purposefully but painfully along the stone chippings of the driveway, stumbling slightly at every second step, when some particularly sharp and vicious stone found a tender spot under her bare pink toes, causing her heavy naked breasts to bounce wildly on her chest. Eve could feel the girl`s relief as a physical thing, as she left the cruel chips at last and ran more comfortably on the smooth kindly flags that passed outside the breakfast room window. As Eve looked after the retreating figure she was able to admire Lady Jane`s handiwork; eight ruler straight livid welts, still hot and dark against her pale hide, placed true and parallel right under the nubile jut.
As she turned away from the tasty sight, Lady Jane joined her, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and greeted her warmly and hoped she had found the previous evening educational. As she talked, Lady Jane brought her orange juice over to join her at the table, and Eve was startled to see her make a characteristic `moue` of pain as she settled her denim covered rear on the straight wooden chair. Surely it couldn`t be? But she was beginning to learn about these things and that seemed the unmistakable act of a woman whose bottom had recently received whip, rod or strap, and was treating her wounds with the respect their tender state deserved. Suppressing the urge to comment, she took refuge in the subject of the previous night`s activities and, especially, the case of Mrs Trevelyan.
"Surely," she protested, "It`s not appropriate for a nineteen year old boy to insist his mother becomes pregnant. I mean forcing your own mother to have unprotected sex, that`s got to be going too far."

"Well, you heard some of the background last night; how John has always resented having no brother or sister. Then there`s the fact that Mary is leading a rather rackety life, besides not giving up her career, which John would rather like at this stage. Then there`s Peter Manners," Lady Jane went on, "he`d very much like a mistress and a baby, and John would get to sleep with Helen Manners, so one way and another it would be very handy all round."
"Not for Mary Manners," Eve put in indignantly.
"Oh I don`t know. Surely you realise it`s very good for a woman to surrender herself completely, and what could be more complete than that; to have an inexorable seed take over your body and run its course regardless? You`ve been going through a bad time yourself I understand," Lady Jane observed thoughtfully. "Perhaps the inability to surrender yourself might be part of your problem, as well as offering a way out of it."
"I really don`t think so," Eve replied hurriedly," I`m just not made that way."
"Really? Well we shall see. It`s amazing what women find in themselves on this island. Their true natures have a chance to blossom here."
The arrival of more early risers cut short the conversation, much to Eve`s relief, for Lady Jane`s observations had produced a most uncomfortable feeling. Dolly Nicholls came in on her husband`s arm as he offered her a considerate support for her high-heeled, stocking clad walk. It was clear not only that she was obeying her instructions from the first moment, but that baked rice had been procured already. Each mincing step was obviously painful, even at this early stage. Bitter rice indeed; a few hours of this granule plagued pedestrianism and she`d feel as if she was walking on nails. Eve could only hope her feet would become hardened rapidly. Her obvious discomfort though, could not totally disguise her other feelings. She had that look that Eve was beginning to recognise; the well-serviced look of a whipped woman whose husband had done his duty by her, to soothe her stripes.
The younger element seemed quite recovered from their ordeals of the night before. Well not quite ALL their ordeals. Puffy smudges under eyes, and that included Joyce, who had not been on the receiving end this time around, suggested that the buttock creaming sessions had indeed progressed to certain girlish practices designed to relieve frayed nerves and stressed limbs. Well she could scarcely blame them for that. She would have liked some friendly tongue or fingers herself in the night, rather than her solitary frotting, but their need was obviously greater than hers and she did not grudge them their little indulgences.
Mrs Trevelyan looked thoughtful, but unworried. Perhaps Lady Jane was right, and she only wanted to have the responsibility for her fate taken from her to accept it without resentment, or even welcome it.
Even Pamela Harringer, who had taken the severest beating, not to mention her ice cold belly cramping enema and the humiliation of being thrashed in public by a boy of seventeen, seemed almost serene. It was clear that she had benefited from her husband`s admiration for her rosy rear cheeks, and she bore all the marks of a woman who had been well serviced by a vigorous mate. As the now docile wife and sister placed those meaty buns on her chair, she too could not quite suppress the same comical twist of the lips that had betrayed each of her sisters in tribulation as they had sat at the table. Eve wondered how she would react during her morning ride, and found herself making excuses to herself for wishing to be present when the lady returned.
At Joyce`s urging, Eve stayed on. After the first evening, and breakfast the next morning when duty insisted that all those disciplined the night before must attend on time and be on their best behaviour, the only reference to the condign corrections was that written in the barely clad bikini bottoms that continued to lie around the pool, play tennis on Sir William`s carefully tended courts or, for those whose normal life-style included frequent horse-riding, the somewhat vocal mounting and exercising of their favourite mares.
A less public but equally valid recognition took place in honeyed bedrooms, where nubile nymphs assuaged each other`s bruises with soft touches of cooling creams and hot licks of eager tongues in healthy juice laden vulvas, where teeth nibbled gently on swollen clitoral buds to bring that easing of soreness that led to innocent slumber, all guilt for past crimes paid for in full in pained buttock flesh.
Eve enjoyed her stay and it was by mutual consent extended to a week, a time in which she consolidated her friendship with Joyce and became more intimately acquainted with many of the other girls.
During the week a docile Mary Trevelyan returned to her son, presumably to open her bed and her womb to her progeny-seeking lover, thus earning John the delights that a well preserved and sexually talented older woman can bring to an enthusiastic but untried youth.
The plump dieter went to taste bread and water for a month, and the impetuous motorist to count the days until the next six stinging cuts would be laid across her tenderised young rear. Once Bettina had been permitted to remove the cruel chain that cut so savagely into her crotch, bruising delicate clit, tender perineum and shrinking anus alike in its horrid traverse of her pudenda, she had resumed her normal graceful gait and sought solace in the arms of various willing male helpers, though Eve rather fancied she`d exercise a little more discretion in that direction for a while, and make sure the sludgy evidence in her underwear was not conspicuously displayed. Aunt Jane might prove even less gentle on a return visit.


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