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The woman gave a shocked cry, as she was whipped out of the working bay, the plug dragged rudely from her anus. She must have forgotten its presence after all this time, and it had come as a shock to have been reminded so abruptly.
As the one trolley rumbled away, with its sweat and semen stained burden, Petronia`s was pushed into the opening of the recess. There was an instant`s pause, as the ivory cylinder was wiped and oiled, and then she felt it touching her own unwilling anus. The hand that held it rubbed across her flank as it was withdrawn and raised to signal that the plug was in position, and her two handlers thrust the trolley on which she was mounted hard into the recess.
In her turn she gave a gasp of protest as the ivory prong was forced deep into her, then felt her bottom cheeks slap solidly against the inner surface of the image, the metal still glowing with the body heat of the last occupant. As her buttocks slammed home she could feel the heavy jewel-encrusted lap cloth resting on them, but not for long. Barely was she in position, than the cloth was raised and she could feel the air on her buttocks and the fat vulva exposed between the widely parted thighs.
An instant later, and something hard yet soft, smooth yet textured, probed her split purse behind, parting the plump labia, seeking out the opening of her vagina. She flinched as it missed its mark, and touched the inflamed and seared site of her lost clitoris, then it lifted and found the proper entrance. It thrust in without ceremony, driving another gasp from her.
The silver coil to suppress her fertility had been put into her without too much finesse, once the narrow entrance to her womb had been located. It had been a straight firm drive that had left her sore. The tissues, reacting to the abrasion and the presence of a foreign body in their usually tranquil zone, had become inflamed and swollen. This heavy prick, rooting deep inside her, aggravated their distress and communicated it to her as a sharp twinge each time the massive rod drove home.
She clenched her teeth on her discomfort and tried not to display too much of what she was suffering to her new sisters, who had gathered to see how well she would take her first session as a fully inducted priestess of Ishtar. A good impression now would set the tone for her future here, and she was determined that she would not let herself, or her family, down.
The rutting speeded, then culminated in a series of violent thuds of the man`s belly against her backside, accompanied with the feel of his thick creamy jets spurting against her womb. Then he was done. He withdrew from her aching vagina, letting the beaded loin cloth fall onto her buttocks. She could feel the wet trickle of his juices down the inside of one thigh.
The respite lasted less than a minute and then the air was cool on her thighs and vulva again, before being shut off by another hot and heavy male presence. Another fleshy shaft sought out her opening, and rammed home. Once more she suffered the rhythmical battering of her sore tube until he too discharged his thick load inside her and withdrew. Prick after prick sought out her entrance, speared its way inside, and roughly ploughed her aching furrow until the climax came and it made way for yet another in an unending row.
Nominally each Priestess of the twelve should do a two hour stint in the Goddess`s belly, but the custom was for them to work in teams of four, covering a total of eight hours in short sessions of only fifteen or twenty minutes each. But for a new initiate on her first session, she must endure the full two hour stint in one unbroken ordeal, made worse by the soreness of her recent branding, and the inflammation of her newly installed womb protector. It was a hideous experience, and Petronia was in a state of collapse when she was finally drawn from the impaling peg in her rectum, and allowed to rise from the frame on which she had suffered for so long. She could scarcely stand, and had to be helped away, but she had come through.
Come through that night - but it would be repeated the next evening, and the next, in ever repeating succession, only broken by a few days rest when her menses came. It was the beginning of a life of hardship that would last, if not for the rest of her days, at least until she turned forty. Oh Gods! she thought, more than thirteen years to come, before I can escape a daily pounding by these thrusting pricks. Will I even have a vagina left by then, or will it have turned to leather, or worn so large my anus and vulva will be one!

While Petronia was being readied for the Goddess`s service, Lavinia was recovering from her wounds, and awaiting anxiously for clear proof of whether she had conceived or not at the Barbarian`s monstrous pike and its copious floodings of her defenceless womb.
She had been due a week after her return, but there was no show of blood or other symptoms and she waited in trembling apprehension for some sign. Gaius was kept in touch with the situation by the women of the family who tended her in her isolation, for none but one or two of the most close female relatives was allowed any contact with her while the point was undecided.
At five weeks she still had not bled, and was beginning to panic. A week later Gaius consulted his women folk and sent her a dire message, that fuelled her terror into near panic.
"Tomorrow you will be whipped until you miscarry, the flogging to be repeated every day for three days," he had told her. "If you are not cleared by this, you will be sent to the Syrian Quarter to be relieved of your burden."
The next day she was taken to a small deserted court at the rear of the Governor`s palace, and hung, naked, by her wrists, from a beam used to train a vine for shade. Heavy weights were tied to her feet to stretch her belly, and a Nubian slave was ordered to beat her with a horrendous black whip, made from the hide of some great thick-skinned African animal. Each blow shocked her through and through. At the thirty third stroke she lost consciousness, and awoke later in her bed, a mass of pain.
An elderly aunt took pity on her, defying orders and giving her a draught of poppy juice, and she slept. When she woke, in the early hours of the morning, another ache had been added to those left by the whip. Her belly cramped and dragged and she became conscious of a wetness of the sheet on which she lay. Blood from between her thighs, not from her back. She had never thought she would have given thanks for the aches and pains of menstruation, but she did on this occasion at least.
It was another fortnight before she had recovered from this second ordeal, but Gaius visited her daily, expressing his happiness to be able to take her back. He showed his satisfaction by sending many gifts to her room. When she could at last return to his bed, he displayed a height of passion she had not seen since their first years of marriage, and which she returned as uninhibitedly.
Two months after her return from her disastrous escapade, Lavinia returned to her salon, and her circle of friends.
Claudia was not among them. While Lavinia was away, the period of grace allowed all immigrants had expired. Marcellus had come to her room one day and reminded her of her duty, and her obligation not to sully the family honour by trying to evade service.
"But Marcellus, you can`t do this to me. I`m your sister."
"Exactly! I`m your bother and you owe me obedience."
"But to be treated like a slave. To work naked under the sun, puling barges, whipped by overseers while I struggle to shift rock in the quarry. You can`t do that to a noblewoman."
"It`s done every day here, in the name of the State, and the State requires it for its survival. You know what`s happening in Rome where they`ve gone soft. Besides, back in the golden age of the Republic, women knew their duty, were subservient to men and laboured for the common good. As to treating a noblewoman that way, you know very well that it`s done every day. Livia is related to the Emperor, that is if he still exists, and she`s served on the gangs at least half a dozen times now, and still holds her head up high."
"But we - where we come from -"
He was not to be moved.


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