EVE IN EDEN 35 - discipline story

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The visit to Lavinia`s had been a great success, but she was happy to be back with Daphne again after over a month tasting the delights of Southside. Her first breakfast back, she demanded news of the district, which she had begun to feel was almost `home`.
"What`s been going on, while I`ve been away?" she demanded, "and what have you been up to? No good I`ll be bound. Good thing I`m back to see you don`t get into trouble," she joked.
"Too late," Daphne replied with a rueful grimace, "the damage is already done."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, as you know, Friday afternoon`s my weekly work-out at the health club. I was feeling so good driving myself back the other night, I let it go to my head. Now it`ll go to my seat. Collected a ticket for speeding; sixty in a fifty zone."
"Oh, Dee! How beastly for you," suddenly Eve was all concern for her friend, thoughts of feminist outrage lost. "And I suppose, being Eden, it means another dose of stick."
"You suppose right. Under the Discipline of Females Act, 1898, and in accordance with the Road Traffic (Female Offenders) Act 1970, I am required and obliged to redeem the said ticket in person, which means ON my person of course, within seventy-two hours, on pain of a doubling of the penalty prescribed, and that is something I do NOT intend to incur."
Tact fought a losing battle with curiosity in Eve`s brain. As usual with this kind of female struggle, tact didn`t stand a chance .
"What do you think you`ll get?"
Daphne pulled a sour face.
"Not less than six, that`s for sure, but the officer of the day is entitled to use his own judgement; what the conditions were like, any previous offences, whether his mistress was less than fully cooperative in bed that lunchtime; all that sort of thing. I`ve known women get a dozen for ten miles over the limit before now. God I hope it doesn`t come to that. Besides, Gordon`s almost sure to add his own punishment on top."
"Oh, Darling, you have been in the wars since I came to stay. I`m beginning to feel I`m a bit of a jinx."
"Of course you`re not. It`s none of it your fault and you`re such a comfort afterwards. It`s so helpful to have a woman friend when one finally gets back."
"Oh you won`t have to wait till you get back," Eve said firmly, "I`m coming with you all the way."
"They won`t let you do that. You get beaten in private. You`d have to stay in the waiting room for hours."
"What does that matter. I don`t mind waiting all day, if I can help you when you come out."
Daphne looked a little uncomfortable.
"Well the seating in the waiting room is a little, shall we say uncomfortable," Daphne started, but Eve cut her short.
"Look, we may disagree on some of the finer points of female discipline but we`re still best friends and I`m coming with you so I won`t hear another word about it."
Daphne shook her head doubtfully but let her have her way.

There was nothing to distinguish the Traffic Department`s Corrective wing from any other office building occupied by officialdom. A rather bleak little outer office, with a female clerk at a paper littered desk. There were two or three other women there already, none of them looking particularly cheerful. One by one, as their papers were checked, they disappeared through the door on the left, marked WAITING ROOM. The bored clerk looked at Daphne`s ticket with no visible interest, compared it with some documents in her file, date- and time- stamped it and handed it back. She looked up at Eve and said," Ticket please."
"Oh, I`m just here to keep Mrs Borenson company," she said, hastily.
The clerk looked doubtful.
"Well I don`t know..."
"It`s not against regulations is it?" Eve demanded.
"Oh no," the girl replied, "it`s just that.... Well the seats you know. Not many people care for them."
"Oh bother the seats," Eve exclaimed. "A sore arse is nothing to help a friend who`s going to be a lot sorer soon."
"Well, if you`re sure..."
"I`m sure," Eve declared firmly, cutting off any further protest, and turned into the waiting room door.
It was a bare forbidding chamber. Though the high windows let in a minimum of light, and the single bare bulb did little to improve things, she was still sufficiently aware of what she was looking at to stop short in the doorway, causing Daphne to bump into her back.
"My God!" she exclaimed, "I see what you meant when you said the seating was likely to be a little uncomfortable. Next time I`ll listen to you."
What had caused her astonishment was not the lines of solid polished wood benches that filled three walls of the chamber, but the neatly spaced wooden pegs that jutted from them, spaced about twenty inches apart, just the right distance for a row of women sitting waiting their turn to be processed. Each peg was the size and shape of a fair size male penis, dark polished wood with that rich glossy patina that only comes from much use in contact with human tissue. If she had had any doubts as to their mode of employment, they were put out of her mind at once by the sight of three or four other women, who had entered the room before them, seated bolt upright on their pegs, their skirts spread around them on the bench, a glimpse of lowered knickers visible on their thighs. Their screwed up faces only served to confirm their condition. If any further explanation was needed it came in the form of the woman who had preceded them at the desk.
She had been only a few paces ahead on them entering the room, and Eve was just in time to see her lift her skirt in back, hook her fingers into her panties and draw them down to her knees, then turn her back on the bench and, very gingerly, lower her rump towards it. As the phallus nosed its way between her plump arse-cheeks, she sucked in her breath and used both hands to drag the fat cheeks apart, feeling for the knob with her anus. She paused, as if trying to gather her courage, when she had it lodged, then let out her breath in a smothered whoop and let all her weight fall on the rod, which immediately penetrated her to the hilt, and her slabby buttocks met the bench with an audible slap.
"There`s someone who`s been here before," Daphne remarked grimly. "Best thing to do, under the circumstances. Make sure you aim right and then let it all drop. Get it over with. It`s damned uncomfortable either way you do it but that way at least it`s over quick."
"OK then," Eve agreed, "we drop our pants and then wham! Straight up and no messing."
"You`re forgetting something," Daphne cautioned. "You`ll be dry as a bone down there. If you could get it in your cunt you`d probably make it but you can`t use your twat. The angle`s all wrong for one thing, and it`s against regulations for another and you`d earn yourself extras or, in the case of visitors like you, a quick dose of cane you didn`t come prepared for. As it is, your arse is different, and you could tear it. No, first thing it`s down on your knees and suck that pole as if it was your favourite prick. Once you`ve slobbered enough to get it good and slippery, you can lower your knicks and sit down hard on it. Just make sure it`s centred properly first," she warned."
They`d chosen pegs side by side, and, once the initial shock was over, could feel their thighs touching in companionable intimacy. Eve didn`t care for the hard spike up her rectum, it was neither comfortable nor dignified, but she was glad to take it, for the opportunity it gave to support her friend.
While they waited, a door next to the one by which they had entered swung open, and a woman stood there, her face grim and twisted, her hands holding her buttocks, She seemed to be having a seizure of some kind, for her body was arched rigid, and her mouth gaped in a soundless scream. Then she relaxed and stumbled to the exit, moaning to herself, apparently blind to everything else around her. As she disappeared Eve leant closer to Daphne`s ear and whispered, "do you think she`s alright?"
"She`ll live," Daphne replied laconically. "Gets you like that afterwards. You think it`s all over, and it hits you when you`re not looking."
Eve could sense the rising fear for her own fate, and dropped the subject.
As the stricken woman disappeared, a man`s head appeared in the doorway through which she had just emerged.
"Next!" he called, brusquely. The woman at the end of the line gulped and drew herself up off her peg, which left her stretched anus with an audible plop. As she hauled up her knickers, and walked towards the door, her abused sphincter let out a distinct and humiliating squelch of fetid air.
There were two more women in front of Daphne. When they had all been called, each summons heralded by a stricken female exiting, her dues paid, and still feeling them intensely, Daphne fell silent, lost in her own thoughts. With her own call, she pushed herself up from the unfeeling wood deep in her belly and, emitting a shaming fart of her own, walked stiffly and reluctantly to the fateful door. Eve mouthed, "good luck", as she crossed the floor.
Afterwards Eve was lost in thought, scarcely noticing as new recruits entered the chamber to impale themselves on their spikes, and wait for their own turn. Daphne seemed to have been away a long time, when she looked up and saw her friend standing speechless in the doorway, her face twisted with pain, her hands clasping her rump. Without thinking she sprang to her feet to go to her. Too late she remembered. She shrieked in surprise and pain as the rod ripped from her anus, almost turning it inside out. With the passing of time the sparse lubricant she had spat onto it had been squeezed out by the relentless pressure of her sphincter and the delicate lining of her rectal tube was all but welded to it. Her precipitous rise almost tore the tissue and she found herself facing her friend, their expressions matching each other in their almost comical distortions, their hands clasped to their hinds in identical poses, the one to squeeze the agony out of a mass of livid welts, the other to contain the burn of abraded flesh in her anus.


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