Bound Beauties 18

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Pamela knew she was on her back. She could feel the floor beneath her. Her
eyelids fluttered more. She should have been able to see, but there was only
darkness. And the smell: all encompassing, stifling, yet somehow familiar.
Pamela`s eyes snapped open in shock. It couldn`t be, it couldn`t be!
It was. She was tired on her back; her in her mouth was a prod gag, but the
didn`t just go between her teeth. It went out was well, forward, in a
disgusting, long, thick, erect, flesh-colored rubber dildo. A dildo that was
jammed inside of Claudia Wentworth.
Pamela Sturges was tied to Claudia Wentworth. Claudia Wentworth was tied to
Pamela Sturges.
Pamela Sturges started in horror, shifting. Then she felt it. Something was
inside her as well. Both girls had prod-gag dildos in their mouths. And both
were plugged into each other.
It was Paula Nussbaum`s living sculpture masterpiece. Pamela was on her back,
her head and shoulders off the floor. Claudia was on her knees, hunched over
her, her brunette head between the blond`s legs.
A rope was around Claudia`s left thigh. It went around Pamela`s head, and then
to Claudia`s other thigh, just below the brunette`s ass cheeks. It held
head up, the gag-dildo in place. Pamela couldn`t move her head far enough to
pull the horrid thing out.
Pamela`s arms were forward, across Claudia`s sides, her wrists were each tied
and then tied again over Claudia`s shoulders and under the brunette`s arms,
knapsack straps.
Pamela`s thighs were likewise cinched, holding Claudia`s head in place. Then
blond`s ankles were knotted, holding the brunette`s head in a nutcracker-like
Now, Claudia herself. Her hands were behind her, her wrists crossed and tied at
the base of her spine. Her ankles were tied behind Pamela`s head. Her knees
on either side of Pamela`s body. Her head was down, occupied by the double
Both women were naked.
Both screeched. Both squirmed, and both paid for it. With every move of their
heads, they raped each other, and with every move of their bodies came every
move of their heads. They cried out and tried to stop moving. But with every
move one made, the other moved to compensate. Then the jangling started inside
their skulls.
"Now, now," said Paula, kneeling down beside them, putting her hand on
back. `Take it easy, take it easy. You don`t want to fuck yourself over, do
you?" She chuckled at her feeble witticism.
Pamela stared up at Claudia`s crotch. Claudia stared down at Pamela`s crotch.
Both stared in horror, both wanting to do something about the humiliation-to

somehow save each other. But they couldn`t speak, couldn`t prepare the other
any movement.
Claudia pulled back with her head, like a frightened, roped pony. Pamela
and groaned in response, trying to shake her head. Claudia caught her breath at
that. Claudia began to cry in frustration. Pamela`s weakened neck muscles began
to vibrate.
"Easy there," Paula suggested to the quaking duo. "Don`t want to lose your
balance and fall over, do you? Something might get torn." And with that, the
woman pushed against Claudia`s side.
Both women shrieked, their bound limbs flailing to keep upright. Then they
stilled, shivering, making desperate little noises, trying to pull their mouths
off the prods.
"I`m so glad you came to me with your complaint, Miss Wentworth," the manager
said pleasantly, stroking her back. Claudia`s breasts shook on Pamela`s thighs.
"We here at the Hotel Loisir do everything we can to see to your . . .
She let her fingers fall to tickle the brunette`s ribs. Claudia jerked. Pamela
groaned again as the dildo inside her shifted sharply.
Please, Claudia begged, choking. Please don`t.
"Why, if it wasn`t just pure coincidence that I was here all night, you might
have talked to someone else, and then we would have never found your little
Yes, indeed, the Procurer had gone back to the railway house to get some sleep,
and Paula knew that three was a crowd. Besides, it was best she stay and make
sure their little Miss Sturges didn`t get into any mischief. Which, of course,
she did.
"But how all`s well that ends well," Paula chattered on. "Everyone`s tucked in
nice and tight, and there`s no reason to bother anyone else with your little
complaint. The knocking has stopped. See? Oh, sorry. Hear?"
They all listened for a moment, Pamela trying to stay perfectly still, and
Claudia trying to figure out what had happened. "Idle hands are the devil`s
playthings," Paula paraphrased, then raised her right arm. In it she held a
mixture of honey, iced cola, and cold milk. With no further warning, she dipped
the glass in it.
The smooth, thick, cold, white mixture drooled down along Claudia`s rear. She
jerked up at its touch, making Pamela`s head jerk back. The mixture collected
along her ass dimples, then slowly started to drool down her crack. Drops of it
began to hit Pamela`s face.
Claudia tried not to scream. She tried not to react as the stuff seemed to seek
out every nook and cranny of her body. Goose pimples grew. She shuddered.
"Can`t leave your little mischief-maker out of the fun," Paula said, moving the
cup over Claudia`s body. She began to drip the stuff onto Pamela`s inner
The blond couldn`t help moving her legs.
"Isn`t that nice?" Paula asked, starting to pour the stuff liberally over both
girls. Claudia, who was getting the brunt of it, tried to keep her teeth from
chattering. She was unsuccessful.
Paula covered her fingers with the goo and reached down to smear the stuff on
Pamela`s tits. "You ever see cola dry?" she asked. "You ever see caked milk?


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