Bound Beauties 22

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He watched as the tears began falling out of the corner of her eyes, he watched
as her neck and shoulder muscles got stiffer and stiffer, her head pushing
deeper and deeper into the mattress, her breath coming in shorter and shorter
gasps, her nostrils flaring.
"That`s it!" he said, suddenly surging up, slapping Paula on the shoulder with
the back of his hand. She looked up in surprise, then made way as he almost
jumped on her.
"Go," he instructed tightly. "Her face." He grabbed Claudia`s hips and dragged
her ass to the edge of the bed. Quickly pulling down his pants, he removed his
giant erection and placed the crown at the girl`s vaginal lips.
Claudia began to sit up in shock, but Paula was there to push her down. She
straddled the girl`s face, her knees on either side of Claudia`s head, her hand
using the dildo from the brunette`s mouth like a stick shift as she yanked up
the skirt of her own dress. She wore no underpants.
Paula put the prod inside her as the Procurer put himself inside Claudia.
The girl could contort only once before Masters wrapped his arms around her
thighs and pulled her feet off the floor, thrusting. Wentworth was pinned to
soft bed-nailed to it-her face in Paula Nussbaum`s muff.
Her fingers twisted under her, her feet kicked in Masters` grasp, but soon all
she could do was lie, breathless, grunting, as they assaulted her.
She couldn`t move her head, she couldn`t move her torso, and she couldn`t move
her thighs as the woman heaved herself up and down and the man surged back and
The lock clicked on the door of room 2-A, and there was a little knock. "Maid,"
they heard as the door opened.
Paula stiffened, closing her legs, deafening Claudia. But all the Procurer did
was keep thrusting, even harder, and bark, "Not now!"
The fat black maid froze in the doorway, hand on the knob, staring at the mass
of white forms
on the bed.
Claudia started to scream. Paula grabbed her own breasts, threw her head back
mock urgency, and groaned as loudly as she could in pseudo-ecstasy, drowning
the sound. She jerked her hips sharply, pushing the double dildo deeper into
herself and into Claudia`s mouth, cutting off the cry.
"Sorry," the maid mumbled and hastily closed
the door.
The Procurer laughed and kept thrusting.
Claudia choked.
"T. P. ..." Paula started, looking over her
Bound Beauties
shoulder as she put all her weight down on the bucking girl`s head.
"What did she see?" Masters grunted, not even slowing. "Just me giving her a
moon. Two legs, maybe. Maybe your head. Maybe she even saw something prone on
the bed. But look." He let go of Claudia`s right leg and pointed at her torso.
"No hands. And no gag. I can`t even see it with your big ass in the way." He
laughed again, grabbing Claudia`s kicking right leg and continuing to rut away.
Paula chuckled, turning face front, riding the girl`s gag like a cowboy on a
bucking machine. She reached down to wipe the sweat from Claudia`s brow with

hand and reached back to grab a tit with the other.
"Who`s gonna know?" she whispered viciously to the heaving girl. "Who`s gonna
know? Even if she does tell someone, who`s gonna know you were doing it `cause
you liked it? But even if someone gets suspicious, it`ll be too late. You`ll be
long gone. Long gone. ..." Paula thrust herself down on the dildo again. "But
first you`ve gotta come . .. !"
The maid stood on the other side of the door, catching her breath, wondering
just what the hell that was. All she had seen was a mass of flesh and a man
humping away like a maddened rodent. Oh well, this wasn`t the first time she
innocently entered a room during the throes of passion. Just another day in her
long history of hotel work.
She took her cleaning cart and moved down to the next room. Then, stopping, she
looked back curiously. Finally she took something from her cart and strode
purposefully back to room 2-A.
She raised her right fist and then plopped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the
knob. She returned to her work in the next room, smiling.
Inside 2-A, the Procurer came inside Claudia Wentworth. Then Paula dragged her,
by her hair, to the other edge of the bed so the woman could get her feet on
floor. Still holding her by her hair, she dropped and pulled Claudia`s head up
and down until she came in the brunette`s face.
AFTER THAT, IT WAS EASY TO DRESS HER. IT WAS easy to re-gag her with a big ball
gag which strapped tightly behind her head, under her hair. It was easy to
her hands behind her.
Paula threw up Claudia`s skirt to hobble her with ropes about her thighs, but
the Procurer stopped her.
"There will be no need for that," he assured her.
They took her through the passageway, one at each arm, until they reached the
manager`s office. Coming through the secret panel in the closet first, Paula
could see exactly why a hobble wouldn`t be necessary . . . and why they would
able to walk her right out.
Outside her office window, all she could see was wall-to-wall people. They were
carrying booze; they were singing, shouting, and dancing; and most importantly,
they were wearing masks.
Paula closed the shade to her window and signaled Masters the coast was clear.
In came the man, pulling the girl with the thick, long, brown hair, who was
wearing the white dress which tightly covered her torso and cupped her deep,
breasts, after him.
Paula looked the captive over hungrily. She loved the way the dress laced over
Claudia`s chest. Claudia made a little sound in the back of her throat and
pulled away. Masters jerked her back, her chest jiggling. Claudia looked around
quickly, hoping to find assistance or a way out. The big red ball strapped in
her mouth pushed her chin against her neck. "You see?" said the Procurer. "I
see," said his assistant. She went over to the file drawers behind her desk,
opened the last one, and started pulling out Halloween masks. There were all
kinds: the clear plastic ones which could be strapped to one`s face, ceramic Japanese models with exotic Noh Theater faces painted on them, colorful Chinese
papier-mache masks displaying characters from the Peking Opera, and finally,
what they were looking for: thin rubber masks which pulled over the head like


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