Plaything 4

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She hard the lawyer`s voice: "Yes? What can I do for you, sir?" She heard the
door close. She heard everything but herself. Then the roar came back into her
brain. She felt her muscles stretch to their absolute limit. She felt her face
bulging. She thought her head would explode.
Then nothing.
Cyndi Rowland awoke a second time. She was floating. Her legs hung below her
like shapely sacks attached to her hips. She felt the night air course across
them. Her gown`s skirt had been torn completely off this time. This time she
seemed to be wearing a satin and lace minidress, the hem just below her sodden
She felt the wide belt of flesh, hair, and muscle across her waist. Oswald was
holding her in his arms, her back pressed against his front. She raised her head
and tried to scream again. But she could make no noise.
The stocking hood was off, but the rest of the gag remained in place. The gag
over her lips had been stretched under her chin and over her nose, and adhered
to her visage as if glued. She could still breathe, but just barely. The better
to subdue you with, my dear.
The other two, sandwiching, stockings were still holding the ball of silk in her
open, drooling mouth.
She tried to strike out at her stepbrother, but her arms were dead weight. Her
wrists were still crossed and bound behind her. She felt her breasts on the top
of his arm, through the satin. Her bodice had been torn by the ordeal, making
the V-neck even more severe. She tried to kick. Her legs hardly moved.
All Cyndi could do was look. She was back in her own room. The lights were still
out. The french doors were still open, bathing the area in shafts of blue
moonlight. Her stepsister was on Cyndi`s bed, rolling luxuriously, chortling.
"Perfect," she laughed. "Perfect. Done. All done. It`s ours. Everything.
Everything! The money, the house, the property, the business. All ours!" She
rolled up and stood on her knees on the mattress. "Look, brother dear, our
benefactor is awake." Oswald looked down, held Cyndi tighter, and took a step
closer to the bed.
"Thank you, dear," Audrey said, touching Cyndi`s face. "We convinced your dear
loving daddy that you need to live your own life, free of his influence. His
trusted lawyer is in there now, getting it all done up exactly right. Now, no
matter what happens, it`s ours. Even if your precious poppa lives for another
hundred years, we have the power of attorney. No matter whether he wants to
change the will back, he`s too old and too weak. Ellsworth will have it in
probate forever. We`re the lords of the manor now. We own it." She looked
carefully into Cyndi`s wide, wet eyes. "We own you."

Cyndi started to kick and twist again, like a fish on a hook. "Never gives up,
does she?" Audrey cornmented. "Bring her over here, brother dear. We must`
soothe her addled mind." Oswald dropped the young blond on the mattress in front
of his sister. Cyndi cried and contorted at the sudden move. Audrey leaned over
and gathered the squirming girl in her ample arms.
"There, there, stepsister dear. There, there. You mustn`t worry. We`ll take very

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clamped gaggged in corset
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rope tied in garter belt

good care of you. Very good care." One arm crushed Cyndi`s tits. The other hand
pulled Cyndi`s nightgown skirt up over one shapely, soft hip. "In fact, we`ll
give you all the loving you`ll ever need." With that, Audrey grabbed Cyndi`s
arms and fell back.
Cyndi squealed as Audrey lay under her, her arms snaking between the blond`s
bound ones. "Relax!" Audrey cried. "Let`s play!"
Oswald watched as the two rolled about on the bed. Audrey`s hands were
everywhere, pulling Cyndi`s hair, hitting her in the stomach, slapping her in
the face. They wrestled, with Cyndi at a great disadvantage. As she whirled
amidst the thick bedclothes, she couldn`t call out, strike back, or hardly even
Finally, the black-haired stepsister was under her again, holding Cyndi in a
full nelson. By then, some of the blond`s strength had returned and she started
to kick madly. Oswald simply stepped over, sat on the edge of the bed, and heId
her legs together at the knees and lower thighs.
Cyndi lay across the bed, her lower face covered with tightly wound stockings,
her hair free and curtaining her face in wet ringlets. Her chest heaved again,
the nightgown disturbed so her right nipple just peeked out from the neckline.
Her hem had ridden up to her hips, revealing the thick thatch of shimmering
yellow-gold hair between her shining, slippery legs.
"Well, well," said Harold Ellsworth from the doorway. "Done." He closed the door
and walked toward them. "He`s resting comfortably. He`s had a hard day." The
attorney stopped at the baseboard, surveying the scene for a second. "So have I,
for that matter," he drawled quietly.
Cvndi tried to pull away, but her relatives` grip was as strong as ever. The
lawyer and dark-haired stepsister`s eyes locked for a moment.
"Let her go, Oswald," Audrey said. "That`s hardly polite. The counselor has had
a hard day. He needs some place soft and warm to rest."
Just as Oswald let go, Audrey wrapped her legs around Cyndi, pushing her heels
between the blond`s clenched thighs. Cyndi reared, using all her strength, but
it was no good. She screamed, shrieked, and screeched into the night.
The hood was indeed gone, allowing her to cry louder, but the sound didn`t
penetrate the thick walls and solid door. Outside, they mingled with the chirps
of the birds and insects. Across the expansive lawn, beyond the stone and iron
fence, and into the streets the cars and trucks rumbled along. In the distance,
a train whistle blew.
Audrey had snaked her feet between Cyndi`s legs. As Ellsworth watched, she began
to separate them. Her own legs began to pull Cyndi`s legs apart in a perverted
version of leg wrestling. The lawyer watched as if it were the coming of the
The farther Audrey forced them open, the weaker Cyndi became. She was using
every last ounce of` effort, but she couldn`t get the wind or the proper angle.
Her arms were pinioned between their two bodies. Her hands were sunk into
Audrey`s thick torso. Audrey`s arms held her elbows and shoulders. She felt as
if her eyes were going to pop. Hi-r feet clawed the sheets.
When Ellsworth came around the baseboard, his pants were off. His cock was
Cyndi tried to faint again, but couldn`t force it. She had to watch in horror
and revulsion as he climbed onto the bed and across her.


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