Plaything 15

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She pushed and squeezed, Covering his shaft completely with her pressed-together
tits. Then she rubbed back and forth, back and forth . . . slowly, carefully,
agonizingly. She glanced longingly over at her T-shirt and spandex top which lay
in a small pile on the mats.
Oswald raised the tiny plastic container of baby oil he found in Megan`s locker.
With a squeeze, he let fall a small stream. Megan felt it on the top of her left
breast like liquid warmth. She let it course through her fingers, grateful for
the help, and spread it across her expanse and his.
She closed her eyes, her head lolling back, and began to moan.
She pushed her breasts together, then pulled them up and back, up and back. She
knew he had already come once. She would have to tend to the stimulation with
extravagance to make him hard the second time. She rubbed his cock with her
entire front, feeling the ropes at her legs and elbows stretch each time. She
placed her face against his stomach. She moaned and rubbed her cheek on him.
"That is better," he agreed. "Maybe you will get out of here."
Megan`s arm and shoulder muscles began to spasm and cramp from the strain. She
forced control on them. What were all the exercise classes for if not to control
her muscles? More perspiration mingled with the baby oil spread throughout her
chest and all over her tits. It made her skin darker and slicker. It made the
stimulation more luxurious.
Megan concentrated, altering the speed of her manipulations. Five fast and then
four slow. Five fast and then four slow. Then two more very slow, and a pause
before going back to jerking her own tits quickly across his long, fat penis.
She looked up at him with smokey, half-closed eyes. He looked down at her,
smiling. "Come on, hon," he said. "I`m not going to help you." She looked down,
staring at the closed eye of his cock crown instead.
It went on that way for minutes. Soon she was heaving in the effort to keep her
tits massaging him. Her shoulders ached and the ropes were digging into her
thighs. She was drooling and sweating so much that her lipstick dissolved and
she could finally work her lips beneath the tape. She started to push the ball
from behind her teeth. It Popped in and out of her mouth cavity like a
He was holding her by the hair at the back of her head. "Come on, slut case," he
grunted. "Just a little bit more."
She began to mash herself against him, rubbing up and down, just to give her
hands a few seconds rest.
"That won`t do it, bitch," he warned, jerking her back with his hips.
"Here," they heard. "Let me help."
Then Audrey was there, having slipped into the room using the key she had stolen
from the absent lifeguard`s cage. She kneeled behind the wide-eyed Megan with
Oswald`s knife. The cord between the girl`s elbows snapped in two. Then the
blade was at the blond`s throat, held lightly under her chin.
"Go to work," Audrey advised.
Megan started tit-fucking Oswald in earnest.
Her arms and hands were free, but she was still gagged, and her legs were still
tied. She used the better leverage to practically batter the man`s cock with her
tits. She completely submerged it, her head back, the blade at her neck ` the
woman whispering advice.
"That`s it ... nice and hard ` Really roll that thing. He`s a big boy ... he can

take it. That`s it ... use those fucking things. What else are they good for?
You`re not going to have children, are you? A nice little slut like you wouldn`t
waste yourself on children, would you? So what else are they good for, huh? Come
on, squirt your milk on him, honey. Really get those things going. Rip them
right off, darling child. . . .
Oswald nodded, and suddenly Audrey dropped the knife, grabbed Megan`s right
wrist, and twisted it all the way up her back. Oswald grabbed the blond`s hair
and came straight into her face.
Megan reared back, but froze as the pain of her twisted arm lanced into her
brain. By the time she got her free hand up, it was too late. Cum dripped from
her hair, her brow, her nose, and her chin. She couldn`t believe he had this
much the second time up` She blinked in amazement as Oswald kneeled. Audrey was
holding her right wrist up her back and filled her other hand with Megan`s left
tit. Oswald plucked Megan`s left wrist from the air, pulled it wide, and filled
his other hand with her right tit. Audrey squeezed. Oswald pressed and twisted.
Megan cringed and groaned.

"Look at that!" Oswald marveled. "Her eyes are getting wet."
"You`re not going to cry, are You?" Audrey chastised. "A big girl like you?"
Megan tried to wrench herself out of their grip, howling. They just laughed,
holding on to her harder. She began to quake, without tears. She started cursing
anew, trying to get the ball out once and for all.
Oswald let go of her wrist and put his hand over her taped Mouth. Megan grabbed
his big wrist with her hand.
She yanked, but it didn`t budge. Their other hands were still crushing her warm,
slippery tits.
"What now, brother dear?" Audrey wondered.
"I said she had to get me off three ways. There only a few options left." He
slapped his sister`s hand. She let go of the blond`s left breast. Oswald moved
his hand there. Audrey replaced his hand over Megan`s mouth.
"She`s got a really big mouth,,, the woman marveled.
"Not really," said he.
"A big mouth," Audrey repeated. "A big, big mouth. I think you should fill it,
brother dear."
"Oh no," Oswald disagreed, nipping at Megan`s nipple. "She might bite. She might
"I don`t think so," Audrey countered, holding the girl in place by the twisted
wrist and mouth. "I think her mouth would be a perfect fit. I think her mouth
would be so wide, she couldn`t bite. And I think her mouth would be so full, she
couldn`t scream."
"You think so?" said Oswald, hugging Megan to him. He looked at her wide green
eyes, brimming with tears of frustration and dripping with cum. He 1 looked at
her bulging cheeks over Audrey`s gripping hand. He looked at her smooth arms,
twisted back and gripping forward, with their little purple-painted nails. He
looked at her Chest-her tits slightly conical, her areolas darkened, her nipples
shaking from abuse.
"What the heck," he decided. "It`s worth a try."
Audrey Rowland was an anesthesiologist at the hospital, so she knew all about
sleep drugs-that much had already been made apparent. But being a qualified nurse would also make her privy to all the health establishment`s
equipment-including the one she placed in Megan Rogers` mouth..


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