Plaything 16

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They had retied her wrists behind her back. They had wrapped and tied her
T-shirt o ver her mouth, keeping the handball inside. Then they had put on a
little show for her. Still crouched with her shins strapped to her thighs, Megan
had watched Audrey place the strange pair of thin metal lips over her brother`s
They were like a silver steel mouth, attached at the curved sides, with little
key handles at either corner. When Audrey clicked them around, the lips/mouth
would open wider. She opened it just wide enough to fit over and under Oswald`s
thick prick. Then she came at Megan with them.
The blond heard herself whimpering. It wasn`t so much the third get-off which
upset her, but the appendage she knew they were going to put in her already
aching jaw. They used the thing for tonsillectomies. Her fertile imagination had
already seen the problems inherent in this new, particular masturbation. She
cringed as the burly brother and sister kneeled on either side of her.
They sandwiched her, grabbing her head. Oswald pulled down the T-shirt, tore off
the limp tape, and dug into her mouth with one hand while gripping her jaw
roughly in the other. He popped out the handball, then plunged his right hand
into her hair. He yanked back with that while pulling down her lower jaw.
Megan howled in pain, her bound wrists sliding up her naked back, as Audrey went
at her teeth like a sadistic dentist. She clicked the metal lips between Megan`s
flesh ones. The blond immediately discovered there was a track in them where her
upper and lower molars fit. Then Audrey snapped the lips apart, opening Megan`s
mouth and keeping it open.
Audrey turned the key handles which were on either side of the steel mouth. The
metal lips spread even farther apart. She kept turning-Megan`s head going back
farther and farther, her eyes getting wider and wider-until the lips were open
as far as they had been for Oswald`s cock.
Megan tried to fall to the side. She tried to hop away. But Oswald and Audrey
held her firmly. It was even worse than the handball had been. The cock`s
circumference was even bigger than the previous mouthful. Her jaw was distended
almost as far as it could go, its muscles stretched as tight as violin`s
strings. Although Megan could open her mouth a trifle wider, she couldn`t pull
it open wide enough to get her teeth out of the steel inner-mouth`s tracks.
Oswald stood up, grabbing her by the ears and hair. Audrey grabbed her bound
wrists and pulled them up. It felt as if they had tied her around a tree trunk,
but the truth was that Audrey had forced herself between Megan`s arms, making
the blond backward-embrace the wide girl`s waist. Audrey then embraced the girl
Megan`s vision was filled with Oswald`s loins. Then she saw the cock crown
disappear below her nose. She felt its weight on her tongue.
"You know the routine," Audrey whispered in her ear, her hands finding Megan`s
breasts. She lightly filled her hands with the ends of Megan`s tits. "Suck him
Megan started to grunt and wiggle. Her outrage and meaning was clear. "How?"
"Don`t act dumb, cocksucker," Oswald warned, his cock going deeper into her
mouth like a log rushing into a tunnel. He pulled her head forward onto him.
"Don`t be dense, dear," Audrey seconded, squeezing her tits. "Take the whole
thing into your mouth.

Let it go down your throat. Disengage your gag reflex. You can do it. I`m sure
you`ve done it before.,,
Oswald pushed her face against his crotch. His entire length was inside her
mouth. Then he pulled his hips back while pushing her head by the hair and ears-
He repeated the action. He repeated it again. And again. And again.
Audrey kept her hand-holds on Megan`s chest, helping her along. "You can`t bit
down on it," she explained. "You can`t eject it, so it`s best to get the job
done as quickly and practically as possible."
Megan complained around the member in her mouth, her eyes seeking her evil,
molesting conscience.
"You know," said Audrey. "Use your tongue. Use the top of your mouth. Wet him.
Suck him. Drain him dry."
Megan tried. She sandwiched the noxious thing between her tongue and the top of
her mouth. She let the saliva flow. Her cheeks went in and out with difficulty.
Oswald felt it and began to get excited again.
One of Audrey`s hands left Megan`s tits and rose to her cheek. She let her
fingers run along the entering and exiting shaft. Then she massaged the ooze
into Megan`s breast.
"That`s nice, isn`t it?" she chided. "That`s what it`s all about, right? This is
what your mouth is for. This is what your tits are for. This is what you are
for. Agree?"
Megan tried to block out the words. She tried to block out the sensations. She
tried to block out everything. She tried to concentrate on the task. If she
could do this, she could get out of this room. She could do this.
She made a frankfurter bun out of her tongue. She scraped the top of his cock
along the top of her mouth. She forced her lips down, over the edges of the
metal pry-lips, to caress his prick as it emerged. She "aahed" all the way in;
she "oohed" on his way out. She breathed deeply and raggedly as he pulled her
head forward and back.
Finally he intertwined his fingers in the hair at the back of her head and
hugged her to his crotch. She surged in Audrey`s grip, her fingers clawing the
air behind Audrey`s back.
Oswald came into her mouth. She coughed and hacked, thick white liquid bubbling
out the corners of her pried-open mouth. She felt the stuff oozing down her
throat like warm white worms. She tried to pull her head back, but Oswald
wouldn`t let her. She tried to force her body away, but Audrey pressed herself
against the blond with all her considerable weight.
The Rowlands held the little half-naked blond girl by the head and tits until
her convulsions subsided.
The Rowlands were as good as their word. They did let Megan out of that room.
But not before Oswald tied her to the weights. He had stuffed her T-shirt into
her mouth. He had dragged her over to a machine. With Audrey`s help, he had
taped Megan to it with thin, white athlete`s sport tape.
It was one of those all-in-one machines. Oswald had sat Megan down on the leg
exerciser. It consisted of a seat and two channels in which the legs were
placed. They stretched the legs wide. The iron-pumper was then supposed to pull
down, lifting the weights behind.
Oswald set all the weights to their maximum. To close her legs or pull her arms
down would require Megan to lift five hundred pounds.
As Oswald kneeled before her, grabbing her tits as if they were his own cock,


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