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she found the strength to force the T-shirt out of her mouth with her tongue.
She babbled with her pried-open mouth, drool coursing down her chin and chest as
she wrenched on her bonds and shook her head wildly.
"Oh, shut up," said Audrey. She popped the handball back into Megan`s mouth and
released the key handles on the metal-jaw. The biond`s teeth snapped down onto
the rubber and Audrey quickly wrapped her head with tape. It didn`t completely
cover her mouth, but it did cover the ball, holding it tightly inside.
Megan started yelling ... something about broken Promises, exhaustion, and
"Don`t worry about it," said Audrey, moving toward the door as Oswald continued
to worship at his makeshift altar. "Until later. When it`s dark. When the spa is
Audrey came back after she had investigated the entire building. It had taken
awhile because she had stood outside the weight-room door a long time just to
make sure no one would be able to hear Oswald cutting open Megan`s tights. That
no one would hear the sounds she made as he slipped his hands behind her
haunches and sunk his meat into her fine, trimmed, fluffy blond vulva.
That no matter how she yanked on her bonds and how hard he rammed into her, no
one could hear the groaning of the metal or her ragged, muffled screams.
Oswald was still pounding into the writhing, sweat-drenched young girl when
Audrey got back.
Megan`s head was lolling back, her mouth wide open-plugged by the blue ball held
in by the white tape. Her blond hair was dripping-wet ringlets. Her breasts were
red and raw, flat and hard on her heaving chest. Her shapely legs were
quivering, jerking each time his entire length sank into her. Her arms were
still up-reaching for escape with each violation rather than trying to pull
Audrey wrapped a hand around the girl`s sweet, slutty, flushed face and looked
benignly down on her slowly rutting brother. "Almost finished?" she asked. "I
found a place."
He looked up from his effort. "Takes a bit the fourth time around," he grunted.
"Just a second." He reared back, plunging his penis all the way up into the
stunned girl another time- Audrey saw his hands turn to fists and the effort
fill his face. Then she practically felt him shoot off another load into the
seated, spread-eagied girl.
Megan`s head snapped up. She sat erect and started quivering in agitation. She
tried to pull away, jerk, and eject the semen, but Oswald stayed with her, his
cock completely Plugging her tight, wet cunt. She started to bleat when Audrey`s
hand nonchalantly slipped over her working lips. In the woman`s fingers was a
thick, drug-soaked cloth.
It tightened over Megan`s mouth and nose. The drug`s tentacles began to creep
into her head. She imagined her captors` Poison moving through her body like
veins; the gray drug trickling down from her nose, and the white cum flowing
upwards like pudding. There was blackness when they met.
"Don`t worry," she heard echoing in her head. "He didn`t lie. You got him off
three times-four-so we`ll let you out of this room..."
Megan Rogers awoke..... barely . . . in another room. Still bound, still gagged,
but in another room.
She didn`t know where she was. She hardly knew who she was- All she knew was
that she couldn`t see, couldn`t speak, could hardly move, and her ears were

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filled with an all-consuming hum.
Audrey and Oswald Rowland knew where she was. She was in the water engine room.
She was below the spa, in the room where they kept the engines which powered the
filters which kept their swimming pools and hot tubs clean.
It was a surprisingly small, cramped room, whose warm water pipes dripped all
the time-along with small spurts of accompanying steam.
Megan Rogers lay in the back, behind the engine, facing the one entry and exit
door. Only her face was just barely visible from the doorway, but that`s the way
Audrey had it planned. The rest of her body was squeezed near the wall, in front
of the thin, cool water pipes.
Megan`s ripped, midriff-exposing, half T-shirt was back on-but it was torn from
the neckline and already so soaked that what cleavage wasn`t exposed was clearly
discernible in the transparent I cotton. Her green exercise bottoms were back
on, high on her hips, but minus the fleshy, shiny leggings. As per the Rowland`s
M.O., those were in and around her mouth.
So she lay, her crotch barely covered, the thong in her ass crack, he firm
cheeks wet and exposed. She lay on her side, her legs together, her shoes off,
her ankles crossed, her arms behind her, her wrists crossed in the small of her
She couldn`t kick because they had tied her ankles and knees to the pipes in
front of her. She couldn`t hit or slam herself on anything because they had tied
her wrists and elbows to the pipes in back of her.
Part Of one legging was balled inside her mouth. The other part was tied between
her teeth. The other legging was tied over her mouth. And as the piece de
resistance, Megan Rogers` silver chest piece was over her head.
The chest section was across her face. The arm openings were Pulled back and
tied tightly together so the spandex molded to her visage the way it had
form-fitted her chest. It stretched to the middle of her neck effectively making
a silver spandex hood for her.
Oswald and Audrey stood on either side of the door.
"She won`t be able to hear, and no one will be able to hear her," explained
Audrey. "She won`t be able to see, and no one will be able to see her."
"Let me fuck her," Oswald said. "One last fuck ... for her. I`ll get her off.
Least I could do . . . after all she did for me."
"No," said his sister.
"She was good," Oswald said. "Slim. Tight. I could`ve done her some more.
"You `did` her four times," his sister reminded.
"Another would`ve taken all night."
"So?" he complained.
"So we would have missed our little Clarissa," said Audrey- "And that just
wouldn`t do."
"Clarissa," Oswald breathed, looking away from the water engine. "She looks
"Prime and ready," Audrey promised. "Come along, brother dear." She held open
the filter engine door and motioned for Oswald to proceed. He headed for the car
while Audrey took one last look at the wet, barely moving Ms. March.
Megan`s smooth, curving body was behind the silver-gray filtering engine. Her
round, strong, filled tits were painted by the ripped, soaked pink cloth. Her
mound of blond beaver was contained in the aerobic, high-hip, green G-string.
Her flesh gleamed with moisture.


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