Plaything 20

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Clarissa started to cry in terror and confusion. She didn`t know what was
happening or why. She screamed for help and begged explanations, but the gag
rendered it all distant and senseless.
Audrey had put in the prod first-- big, pliant, and wide so it would fill the
girl`s mouth-- and buckled it tightly behind her head, beneath her hair. Then
she had buckled the anchor section (lined with thin, muffling sponge) over that,
tightening the nose-holder so it wouldn`t slip off no matter how Clarissa shook
or bucked or rubbed.
"We`re going to go on a little trip ourselves, baby," the man whispered. "Just
you and me." He squeezed her tits again, pulling them wide, scratching at their
nipples. Clarissa choked and gurgled, her head going back, wrenching herself
from side to side.
"Okay," said Audrey, slipping back inside the broom closet. She had waited for
the flight to board before retrieving her duffel bag from the lav. They couldn`t
risk anyone finding it and alerting security to a possible bomb threat.
Clarissa looked at her wide-eyed as the big woman kneeled beside her. "The
flight is taxiing," Audrey informed them. "Time to get this show on the road
before the clean-up crew gets here."
And there was that drug-soaked pad again. Clarissa tried to struggle, but the
man held her head on either side of her face as the woman clamped the thing over
her nose. Her body twisted and wiggled, her tits bobbing, as her captors covered
her face. Her tiny cries grew even more dim, and finally subsided.
Outside the window, the jet aircraft took off into the night. Inside the
airport, the custodial cart creaked down the hall.
It was the sort you could see everyday, everywhere: on its wagon a metal holder
for brooms, mops, and litter pickers; in front a four-foot-tall, open, hanging
bag to be filled with garbage.
The cart was being pushed by a wide woman in overalls. A big man in overalls was
filling it. Inside the bag was little, semiconscious girl. She was propped up on the two
duffel bags, so she couldn`t bang the cart bottom. Her shoes were off and laying
beside her. Her ankles were bound side by side, as were her knees and thighs.
Then her upper thighs were bound to her ankles.
Then she was bent double, her legs bound to her torso. There was a rope going
around her neck, which looped her knees, to keep them tight against her. Her
hair was pulled down over her face, different braided strands of it carefully
tied around the neck/knee ropes.
The single glove was even tighter on her arms, and the hands-strap was even more
tightly attached to her tightened belt. Her T-shirt had been pulled back down,
and her jumpsuit buttoned all the way back up. She was a little ball inside the
garbage sack, paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins heaped on top of her.
"In here," said Audrey, opening another door to the side of the hall. "Until we
found a way to get her out of this place."
They wheeled her into a luggage storage area. It was a big room, dimly
illuminated by naked Yellow bulbs hanging from the ceiling. It was
compartmentalized by double-decker steel-mesh bins, filled with luggage and
crates bound for distant destinations.
"What do you mean `until we find a way to get her out of here`?" Oswald
complained once she closed the door behind them.
"What, can`t we get her out of here like this?"
"People`ll notice us taking a garbage container into the parking lot."

"At this time of night?"
" Of course!" she snapped.
"Especially at this time of night. The redcaps are on duty twenty-four hours, as
are the dispatchers. Simply because it is so dead, they`ll notice even the
smallest unusual thing. But not tomorrow... at the height of the morning rush. "
Oswald didn`t have to ask what they would do until then. Instead, he started
pulling waste paper from the bag. "Wait a minute," he stopped. "Is this Place
"The redeye was the last flight for hours. The breakfast shift won`t start until
four in the morning."

Oswald smiled, picking up the bag Audrey went to check out their options. When
she returned, her brother was hard at work. Clarissa was obviously awake by the
way she agonizingly stretched, arching her back.
She lay spread-eagle on top of a steamer trunk, her small, lush form perfectly
proportioned for it. Her jumpsuit was completely off and in a pile in the
corner. Her shoes were back on. Underneath her outfit she had worn the lace
shirt and a pair of those French pantyhose-the kind with the low slung, V-shaped
black panties attached to the silky stretch black stockings.
Oswald had positioned the trunk perfectly. Her legs were pulled wide, her ankles
looped with cord and attached to the rear of the enclosure by foot-long lengths
of rope. Her arms were above her head, pulled wide, and attached by the wrists
to the front comers of the steel-enforced enclosure.
The gag was still on. He had blindfolded her with a rag from the garbage bin. He
was slicing open her panty as she screamed and pulled on her bonds in vain.
"Look at that," he grunted to his sister. "Look at the way her tits stand up."
The flesh balls were indeed remaining high and strong rather than sliding to the
side or receding into the chest cavity.
"Yeah, she`s prime, all right," he continued, ripping open her panty, revealing
the thick, long, silky tuft of light brown cunt hair. Clarissa felt the cool air
across it and started twisting her wrists and ankles in the ropes.
Oswald pulled down his own coveralls and gripped his already hard, long shaft.
"Once more into the beaver, dear friends," he growled, and slid it in.
Clarissa rose an inch off the steamer trunk. She was pulling that hard on the
arm and leg bonds. She screamed so high the sound disappeared in the upper
She dropped back to the steamer trunk, the back of her head thunking on it.
"Aw jeez, that won`t do Audrey chided, going over to the duffel bags. Clarissa
had started struggling, sliding her body all over the trunk top."
"Man, she`s a handful," Oswald grunted as she screeched and coiled. "She`s just
getting the message and she doesn`t like it."
"Nail her," said his sister. "Hold her down." The wide woman got more rope and
Oswald`s knife from the duffel bags.
Oswald pushed his cock all the way inside the girl and grabbed her hips, holding
her loins on him. He pinioned her lower half that way.
Clarissa`s head came up, screaming, and then Audrey pinched the captive`s nose
with the drugcloth.
She only held it long enough for one breath, then wrapped a double length of
cord under Clarissa`s chin, pulling her dizzied head back.


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