Plaything 22

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Seeing what she was planning, Oswald held onto Clarissa`s hips tighter, his
movements becoming more pronounced. Clarissa leaned forward, trying to get the
momentum to rock off him. Audrey grabbed her hair and pulled her all the way
back-- the farthest she could go without falling. Tragically, it was Oswald`s
big prick which kept her body upright.
Then, still holding onto Clarissa`s hair, keeping her head all the way back,
Audrey stepped over her, mounting her face as if it were a saddle.
Audrey clamped her thighs on either side of Clarissa`s head, the captive`s chin
sticking out of her cunt in front, the majority of her tousled brown hair
hanging from Audrey`s ass.
The two kept the girl there, her upper body like a backwards question mark. They
moved their hips in rhythm, making Clarissa into a five foot-one sex whip.
Audrey would start the wave by moving her hips. The movement would shake
Clarissa`s chest, ripple her stomach, and snap at her hips, where Oswald would
catch the movement with his cock, sending it back up again.
The two kept the girl clamped in place, her teeth clenched, her lips trying to
avoid Audrey`s coarse snatch, her fingers clawing, the short rope between her
ankle and thigh snapping taut and loosening, snapping taut and loosening....
It took a long time for Oswald to come again. When he did, Clarissa`s face
smashed into Audrey`s crotch. Her fingers clawed frantically, the rope between
her thighs and ankles stretched, she cried out involuntarily, then everything
went slack.
After he did, Clarissa did not make a move or sound. They did not need to drug
her again. She remained pliant and still, her eyes closed, as they regagged her
and retied her as she had been in the garbage sack. They put her back in the
bag, then broke into the trunk.
By seven in the morning, the sun was up and the airport was hopping. Thousands
of travelers were arriving and departing in hundreds of vehicles. No one noticed
a pile of goods stuck behind a crate in the baggage storage area. Hardly anyone
took undue notice of a steamer trunk sitting on the sidewalk, near the curb. If
anything, the redcaps were pleased to see the beat-up, windowless, blue van
drive up, and the two people in overalls haul the trunk into the back.
The one closest noticed the extra thick mattress in the van and the way the
floor was heightened by heavy-duty shock absorbers, but it made no difference to
There was no one to see them drive into the long-term parking area. They just
got a ticket from a machine. They would meet a human when they drove out.
The blue van did not drive out. Oswald parked it far in the back, but away from
the fences where security most often patrolled. The two of them got out of their
seats and got to work.
Oswald unpacked the girl while Audrey toiled over the clothes. It took each of
them almost an hour. The man had to be very careful undoing all the tight knots,
especially the ones in Clarissa`s hair. He took off all the bonds, except the
ones on her wrists and ankles. Then he carefully rolled down her pantyhose until
it bunched at her feet. Then he tied her knees, undid her ankles, pulled the
pantyhose off, and retied her ankles.
Finally, he cut her black lace T-shirt completely off. Clarissa Hayes lay
naked-bound, gagged, and blindfolded-at their feet.
Audrey did a masterful job with the girl`s jumpsuit. She cut the legs off, then
slit the remaining pelvic cover up the sides, all the way to the waist. She cut

off the arms and hollowed out most of the sides. With her brother`s help, she
carefully got Clarissa back into it. The girl`s eyelids flickered when they
removed the gag and replaced it with another one. Her eyes snapped open when
they pulled her arms back and crossed her elbows.
The tiny, built brunette screamed as they each tugged an arm, pushed her onto
her back, and bound her wrists. Clarissa was lying face up. She was wearing what
was left of her jumpsuit, her legs and most of her torso completely exposed.
The three top buttons were undone, and the shoulders pulled down so the neckline
squeezed into her cleavage. Most of her breast`s sides and undercarriage were
sticking out of the jumpsuit`s new side openings. The short-shortened, slit-leg
openings were digging into her pantyless crack.
Her legs were spread-eagled, the shoes back on, each ankle affixed tightly to an
opposite comer of the van`s rear wall. Her arms were behind her back, the elbows
crossed and bound, her forearms out the opposite sides of her body, her right
wrist lashed to the van`s left wall, and her left wrist lashed to the van`s
right wall. There was another rope binding her elbows to her waist, which ran
beneath her absurdly tight belt. Her head rested on a thick pillow.
Clarissa heaved, sobbing into her new facial fixture. Audrey had made a pad of
her panties and slid them into one stocking, which she had tied in Clarissa`s
mouth. Then she had secured it there with the other stocking, holding it tightly
between the girl`s abused lips. Over it all was the lace T-shirt, wrapped around
her head like a hood-looking like a cross between a mask and a veil.
Clarissa`s unblindfolded eyes widened when she saw her predicament and the two
people standing above her. She started begging pathetically.
"No, no," chided Audrey, holding"up the two-piece prod gag. "Can`t leave this
here. Might be traceable. Your own clothes won`t be."
"There, there, babe," Oswald said, prodding her hip with his toe. "Can`t have
you rocking the boat, can we? That would be a dead giveaway to all those
returning vacationers looking for their cars."
"No, dear," said the woman. "The windows are closed, the doors are locked, the
vehicle is insulated.
And you can`t kick, can`t hit, and can hardly sit up."
"Try pounding your head all you want," Oswald invited. "Between the mattress and
the pillow, this thing won`t move a bit."
"By the way," his sister informed the prone girl, "I pinned the pillow to the
mattress. It won`t be moving either."
Clarissa twisted and shook and arched as far as she could, babbling
hysterically. Audrey tsked. Oswald kneeled, lifted the girl`s jumpsuit front,
and kissed her lightly on both nipples before the duo went out the front doors,
locking and closing the partitions on Ms- April`s agitated noises.
"I could come back," Oswald said as they walked toward their other car. "During
the busiest times. Or late at night. I could come back and let her have it tight
in the middle of the action." Planes went overhead. An occasional car or bus
went by.
"Certainly," said Audrey. "But Kirby first."
"Kirby...... Oswald said, thinking. "Incredible."
"Exactly," said Audrey. "A fucking doppelganger just for you."
"Fucking is right," Oswald retorted, coming to the car.
Audrey smiled, waiting for him to unlock the doors. He was amazing. He had gone
almost forty-eight hours without sleep, and had fucked at least a half dozen times. Still, he was sharp as a tack, filled with seed, and raring to go.
As he got in and reached across to her door, Audrey looked across the parking
lot to a nondescript blue van, with no windows on the back or side. It just sat
there, one vehicle among thousands.
Did it move? Was that a shake? Did Audrey see a nearly imperceptible vibration
in its axles?
No. It was probably just her imagination.
The Rowlands made their slow, careful, complicated way from the airport parking


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