Plaything 26

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Kirby`s head snapped face front. It moved forward on her neck, the tendons
sticking out. Her visage grew flushed. Her mouth opened wider to make sound
around the ball.
And Oswald Rowland suddenly put his hands on the small of her back and her solar
plexus. He pushed.
All the air was forced out of Kirby`s lungs. She stood there, stunned, unable to
breathe, unable to make a sound.
"Yeah," said Bobby downstairs. "Well, I guess I better be going then."
Kirby`s eyes were entirely open. Her eyebrows were arced up, pining for each
other. She had a look of desperation and pain on her face. Her shoulders
hunched. She grunted. She drew herself up as the air flowed back into her lungs.
She started to scream.
Oswald pressed her solar plexus again.
"I guess so," said Calvin downstairs.
Kirby doubled over, knock-kneed, her head over the stairs. Sweat popped out all
her facial pores, and her skin mottled. Her tits flounced against her sliced
neckline, and the skirt was tight around her legs as she tried to widen her
Oswald heard her shudder. She started straightening like a worm trying to break
through the earth`s surface.
She choked when he pressed her stomach again.
"Nothing for me here, right?" said Bobby.
"I guess not," said Calvin. Calvin heard the thud right after he closed and locked the door after Bobby. He
ran to the stairwell to find Kirby stretched out at the top of the stairs, her
hair bunched across her face, her torso shaking.
"What did you do to her?" Calvin demanded.
"Kept her breathless-ah," said Audrey, coming up behind Oswald.
Calvin dragged Kirby up the wall by her arms, pushing her hair back, revealing
the big red ball still in her mouth. She cringed when she saw him, tears of
frustration beginning to well out of her eyes.
"There, there, darling," he drawled, mopping her brow. His duplicity and the
knowledge of her presence had gotten him all excited. "I`m just doing what you
want. You`re starting a new life. Right now."
With that, he tugged down both sides of her dress top. Her tits flopped free. He
put his knee between her legs. He grabbed one side of her hair and pulled to his
left. He pressed himself against her. He started sucking, licking, and biting
her neck.
Kirby looked over her stepfather`s shoulder at the big man and wide woman who
stared at her with apathy, and started crying in terror.
All the shades were drawn. All the curtains were closed. All the wooden shudders
were locked. They let her move around the house . . . such as she could.
The slit dress was gone. The shoes were still on, and her panties were still at
her knees, but the dress had been cut off. She had stood there, shivering and
crying in her walk-in closet, as the brother and sister redressed her.
Now the red leather miniskirt was covering her haunches and the black satin
scoop-neck top was on her torso. The left side of the blouse was hanging down
(the strap on her forearm), exposing her left tit.
Her wrists were still tied side by side. Her elbows were cinched behind her. The
red ball gag was still in her mouth.
They hadn`t fucked her yet. Calvin had mauled and slobbered, but had stopped

just short of actually raping her. Instead, he had suddenly broken off his
attentions and let the others take her back into the bedroom. Then the day had
degenerated into a horrid satire of her previous life.
They had secured the house, making sure no prying eyes could witness her strange
degradation. Then they left her alone. They left her standing there, her wrists
and knees cinched, her mouth pried open.
Downstairs, she heard the television go on. She hard Calvin go to the fridge for
a beer.
Kirby blinked in wonderment. She minced over to her bed and carefully sat down.
She tried to rationally think about what was happening. But every time fear
gripped her, making her quiver and cry.
She tried moving her hands up-tried getting the blouse`s strap up so her left
tit would be covered. She couldn`t do it, no matter how far she twisted and
contorted. She felt goose bumps across her arms and chest. She felt herself
But no one came in. Oswald was right outside the door, just out of her sight,
but no one came in.
Kirby looked at the shuddered window, wondering what it would take to break the
glass pane beyond. Then she wondered whether anyone would even notice one lone
window breaking. She wondered if anyone would be alarmed. She decided no one
would. By the time she could have made any neighbor aware of her predicament,
one of her captors would have collected her and hidden her away.
Cinderella, she thought.
It took her many minutes to get down the stairs. She had to step very carefully
so she wouldn`t fall head first. And with each step, she tested the strength of
her knees` panty prison. The damn thing, the protection of herself, was
surprisingly tough. She couldn`t snap it. She could barely start the white lace
panel ripping.
She stood at the bottom, disoriented by the scene confronting her. Calvin sat on
one side of the sofa, watching TV. The big man was in the easy chair. The wide
woman was in the rocking chair. They looked at her as if it were just another
"Come here," said Calvin, motioning absently.
Kirby stood still, acutely aware of how the red leather hugged her thighs, and
how her breasts moved in and out of the black satin with every breath.
"I said come here," Calvin repeated. "Come here, girl, before I come get you."
Kirby considered trying to bolt for the door, her panties be damned. But what
would she do once she got there? How could she unlock it in time? How could she
run from them this way?
She started taking careful, mincing steps toward the couch.
"Sit down," said Calvin.
She did as she was told-- on the far side of the sofa. She sat with her knees
tightly together. If she
couldn`t rip the panties apart, maybe she could in make them slip to her ankles.
She concentrated, ignoring the sports show. The others drank beer and watched
the tube.
"Get over here," said Calvin.
Kirby looked at him, mewed, and cringed away.
"It`s halftime," her stepfather said. "Get over here!"
Kirby started to sidle around, started to turn away toward the front door.


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