Plaything 27

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Calvin dove across the couch, his fingers grabbing at her hips.
She shrieked as he pulled her back, across his lap, getting a good grip on her
exposed breast. She stilled, lying heavily on his legs, as he squeezed and
bounced the sagging nippled ball. He played with her all during the halftime
"All right," he said sternly. "Halftime`s over. Time to take your place." With
that, `he forced her to the floor at his feet. Then he put his feet on her-using
her as a foot rest for the rest of the game.
Afterwards, the wide woman took her to the bathroom. Kirby moaned in anger and
"Now, none of that, child," said Audrey. "You haven`t been very nice to the men
folk out there. Simple rule, dear. If you want to leave the place, you have to
know your place."
Audrey waited for her to get over her tenseness. She had plenty of time to
spare. Oswald was relaxing, getting his strength and wit back up after a
grueling few days. He appreciated not having to go on the attack again
immediately. Audrey needed all his power if they were going to pull off what
they planned here.
When Audrey brought Kirby back to the living room, Calvin was already standing
and stretching. "Well, that`s that, then," he said. "Early to bed, early to
rise." He took a good long look at his stepdaughter. "You get a good, long rest
tonight, hear? I`ll be sleeping on it. Tomorrow we get to decide what to do with
you." The man looked at the brother/sister team. "Well?"
"Don`t worry," said Oswald from the easy chair.
"We`ll tuck her in real tight."
"No...... Calvin started, but couldn`t even bring himself to say it in front of
the girl. "No . . . you know. Right?"
Oswald stayed silent. "Right," said Audrey. "Trust us. You`ll be the first. We
"Good," said Calvin. "I`m going to bed."
Oswald waited until the man was up the stairs before he surged out of his seat
and gripped Kirby tightly by the arm and left tit. He squeezed and twisted both.
Audrey put her hand over Kirby`s balled mouth so Calvin couldn`t hear even the
small sounds of terror and pain she made.
"Yeah," Oswald seethed in her ear. "No you know`-but everything else. Let`s get
you ready for bed, sweetheart!"
Kirby screamed around the ball and under Audrey`s hand. She struggled as Oswald
dragged her deeper into the house. He tugged tier to the basement door and
practically carried her down the cellar steps.
It was an old-fashioned place, with a dirty cement floor, coarse cement walls,
and a wooden ceiling lined with pipes. There was a freezer, a furnace, and a
work bench.
Oswald got her behind the furnace and started pulling up her leather skirt.
Kirby started to shake, but Audrey got her hand around the girl`s throat,
forcing her upright-and squeezing her neck to keep her relatively still.
Oswald forced his hand between her legs and got his fingers into her cunt. His
other had grabbed her flouncing tit.
"Now there are two ways this can go," he growled. "I can make you hot or I can
make you hurt. Your choice." His fingers started moving.
Kirby made a rattling moan, her head going back to his shoulder, tears squeezing

out from the comer of her tightly shut eyes.
"Got to get you ready for bed, dear," said Audrey, keeping one hand on her
throat and the other over her mouth.
"Come on, honey," grunted Oswald. "Do your part. I`m giving you a hand job. You
give me one. Show me how it`s done. I`ll do to you exactly what you do to me."
Oswald took a moment to get his prick out and drop it in her bound hands. Then
his hands returned to her privates.
Kirby gave out a gargling groan, her fingers holding his heavy shaft.
"Go on, bitch," Oswald warned. "Or I`ll do exactly what I want to you!" He
squeezed both her tits hard for emphasis.
Kirby shrieked and straightened, his hands starting to move. Then they all fell
into a sticky but steady rhythm.
Oswald was as good as his word. If she carefully and completely caressed his
cock, he would carefully and completely caress her chest and cunt. If she
concentrated on getting him off, he would concentrate on getting her off. Audrey
kept her grip on the sweaty neck and working lips as the girl whimpered and
"What`s going on down there?" they heard from the head of the stairs. It was
Calvin`s voice.
Kirby shook in their grip, unsure whether to struggle and shout louder, or
become completely quiet. Which of her captors was the frying pan, and which was
the fire?
The brother and sister made the choice for her. Audrey pressed the girl`s neck
tighter, and pushed her hand over Kirby`s mouth harder. Oswald dug his fingers
into her tender tit and jammed his fingers into her pussy up to his knuckles. He
pushed his cock deeper into her hands. They squeezed her between them, tears
rolling out of her glistening blue eyes.
"Just getting her ready for bed!" Oswald barke
"In the cellar?" Calvin yelled back, although he didn`t start down the steps.
Oswald ground Kirby`s breast, trying to get a better grip. Her hands spasmed on
his cock. He growled into her ear, pressing his pelvis on her ass. The message
was clear: take it.
Her fingers slowly wrapped around his shaft again.
"Didn`t you say there was some great clothes down here?" Audrey shouted.
"That`s upstairs!" Calvin retorted. "In the attic! Get her up here. You`re not
doing anything to her, are you?"
"Not a thing," said Oswald as he quickly moved his hand around inside her, his
thumb rubbing her clit. Kirby gasped, her eyes opening wide. Audrey took her
hand off the girl`s mouth and hurriedly rubbed Kirby`s covered tit with it. "Are
we, dear?"
Oswald asked the stunned, assaulted blond still writhing in their grip.
"Get up here!" Calvin repeated as Oswald continued to rapidly caress and
stimulate Kirby`s clitoris, holding onto her floppy, filled tit for leverage.


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