Plaything 30

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Her wrists were crossed behind her and tied with black rubber-coated wire. Her
eyes were covered by a pair of black pantyhose, tied beneath her blond mane. In
and over her mouth was the "black band," which Audrey had gotten from work. It
was designed to keep troublesome patients from hurting or disturbing themselves
or others.
The prod separated the teeth and pushed the tongue down. The covering, padded
band kept screams muffled, quiet, and indecipherable. This thing was also
strapped tightly beneath Kirby`s hair.
Audrey had tied Kirby`s legs separately-- each ankle was lashed to each thighs
with just enough space between calf and shin (about four inches) to give her a
slight feeling of mobility. Still, she couldn`t kick, she couldn`t stand, and
she certainly couldn`t run. She also wasn`t aware of what was happening around her. She was certainly aware
of what was happening to her. Every few minutes Oswald would tire of
grave-digging, hop out of the hole, and go over to fuck her.
She would roll around and squeal with exhaustion, as he would grab her hip,
side, or arm, and pull her to him. He would roll her onto her back and force
himself between her legs. He would pull her up to sit on his hard-on. He would
roll her onto her front and pull up her haunches to go at her from the rear.
The dress afforded her no protection. Either he`d grab her tits through the
barely containing cloth, or her tits would slosh out from cover, right into his
hands. And no matter what position she was in, once her legs were opened, her
golden snatch was revealed.
He plunged into her again and again. She would gasp and moan and occasionally
let out a gagged scream. He came into her twice: once when she was on her back
(he put his hands under her back, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her onto his
ejaculating shaft as she contorted and shook her head) and once when she was on
her front (his hands dug under her belly, grabbed her breasts, and pulled, as
her face scraped across the dirt floor, her sandwiched fingers scratched at his
stomach, and her feet waved uselessly in the air).
Finally the hole was deep enough. As Oswald dumped Calvin`s body and filled the
makeshift grave in, Audrey untied Kirby`s legs and helped the tired, unsteady
girl to sit on the stairs. Then the wide woman crossed Kirby`s ankles, retied
them, and sat behind her. She slipped her hands into Kirby

then a short length was lashed between her knees-again cutting off most of her
mobility. If that wasn`t enough, there were also strands lashed between each
bent elbow and corresponding ankle, knotting her in a new-wave hogtie.
In her mouth was much of her cotton summer dress. Rope went between her teeth
and around her head to keep that in. Over that was more summer dress, tied
under, over, and in her hair-the same unruly mane that cascaded over her eyes
and face with every move. She saw Oswald and Audrey through that blond curtain.
"You`re a big, healthy girl, aren`t you?" the wide woman was saying. "With
enough rest, you`ll probably get at least some of your strength back."
Kirby tried to move. She froze when the ropes dug into her chest and cunt.
"You see?" said Audrey. "You see what you have to look forward to?"
"I suggest you just lay there on your side until you get some breath back," said
Oswald. "I know how much of that you have."
Kirby raised her head and tried imploring them. Even she couldn`t understand the
mush which emerged.
"There, there, child," said Audrey. "In time, you might start to get used to it.
In time, you may be able to rise above the sensations which blast your brain
every time you twitch. With enough time and concentration, you might even be
able to coordinate a way to sit up. On your knees. It isn`t impossible, you
Moving as little as possible, Kirby tried knocking her knees on the floor. She
made a fist and tried hitting the attic planking. She couldn`t hear and could
hardly feel the result.
"Even so," Audrey was saying. "Even if you`re able to learn to crawl slow,
painful, millimeter by millimeter crawling the neighbors won`t hear you.
Pedestrians won`t see you. Your friends think you`ve left town." The wide woman
looked at the lush blond girl purposefully. "And your stepfather is gone."
Kirby started to sob, her body shaking. She cried each time the ropes dug. Soon
she stilled, her head lowering to the padded floor.
"Bye, babe," said Oswald. He nudged her chest, and then her cunt, with his foot.
He walked down the attic stairs.
"Goodbye, my dear," said Audrey. She leaned down, seemingly to kiss Kirby on the
forehead. She even used a hand to move the girl`s hair aside. Then she suddenly
pressed a band of tape across Kirby`s eyes and the bridge of her nose.
Kirby shrieked and started undulating, the ropes be damned. Audrey quickly
retreated went down the
steps, and closed the attic door behind her.
"She seemed upset," said Oswald mildly. "What did you do, dance on her chest?"
"Not at all," said the woman, heading for the stairs to the first floor. "She
misses us already, that`s all."
"I can always come back," Oswald mused, following her. "It was okay to pick on a
girl more to my own size."
"Naturally," said his sister. "By then, our dear one will have chosen whether
she wants to attempt unlatching the window shades or getting down the attic
steps. She will have undoubtedly made progress in some direction. I`m sure she
would be absolutely delighted to see you again."
"Yeah," said Oswald as they headed for the back door. "Yeah."
"But first things first," she said. "There`s always Ms. June, Ms. July, Ms.
August, etc., etc., and so on."


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