Plaything 33

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Megan was spread-eagied one foot in the air. Her wrists were tied to a high pipe
and her ankles were tied to a low one. She was naked. Her torn T-shirt was
ripped completely off, and her high-cut green thong had been pulled off as well.
Her blond beaver shone in the dimly lit basement, as did her mane and green
eyes. She burbled and moaned from beneath the leggings gag which remained in her
mouth. She pulled and twisted, trying to get free. Her entire body was covered
with a bright sheen of moisture.
The repairman put an arm around her slim, muscular waist, and filled his other
hand with the big squeeze-ball of her tit. Then both hands lowered to her
perfect ass cheeks. "At least a few hours," he murmured, then reached for his
Clarissa Hayes was in between consciousness and catatonia when she was found.
Her arms were dead as far as she was concerned. Crossed behind her at the
elbows, they had ached for hours, then tingled, and finally disappeared-as if
they were planes out of range of her mind`s radar. The only thing which kept her
from feeling completely disarmed was the steady throb of stretched muscles at
her shoulders.
All the limbs were to her now were uncomfortable lumps beneath her back. Her
legs were another story. Her ankles burned from where she had pulled against the
ropes. Her thighs were heavy with warm blood collected inside them. And her
crotch throbbed with the pressure of the tightened jumpsuit pressing into her
She moaned into her panty and stocking gag for the millionth time. Her eyes were
closed beneath the tight black lade veil and she simmered in delirium. So she
didn`t react when she heard the first click. It came from outiide the driver`s
room. She had long ago give up hope that anyone would notice the van, let alone
discover her. But then the clicks continued. Her eyes only popped open when the
inside door lock popped up.

Clarissa was stunned. Not just that someone was getting into the vehicle, but
that she was almost unable to do anything about it. She almost screamed, she
almost yanked on her bonds, and she almost sat up, but just raising her head off
the pillow made her brain juices swirl madly, rendering her faint. Her head
drooped down silently as the driver`s door opened and a wiry figure slid in.
The thief immediately closed the door and bent under the dashboard. He pressed a
long, wrench-like tool over the ignition and twisted a few times. He yanked that
off, expertly found the ignition wires, and stripped them. He touched their raw
ends and the engine started grumbling.
"How long has this thing been cold?" he muttered, touching the wires to each
other again. This time the engine caught and roared to life. The thief settled
into the driver`s seat, looked over his shoulder by force of habit, put the car
in reverse, then tromped on the brake.
Clarissa`s reactive groan did it. He had already fixed the image of what he had
seen over his shoulder in his mind. Ropes tied around the rear wall hooks.
Attached to those ropes were nice black high-heel shoes. And coming from those
shoes were nice soft white flesh. Rising above those shoes were shapely,
beautiful legs which were short and long at the same time.
Then he had braked. The car had jerked. Then she had groaned instinctively.
The thief put on the hand brake. The thief turned completely around in the
driver`s seat and looked down. Clarissa was chewing on her gag, her eyes closed.
The thief turned forward, both hands on the wheel. He thought about it. Was he
in big trouble? He looked back again. Even below the black lace mask, he could
see she had a beautiful face. A great bod: amazing tits bulging in the tightened
neckline (her left breast had popped free during her struggles), a tiny waist
cinched by a wide belt and ropes, and a wet, yearning cunt (it was moving
slightly up and down even in her dream state).

Naw, he wasn`t in nearly as much trouble as she was. If she had just been lying
there, he might have run out and maybe even put in an anonymous call to the
authorities. But she wasn`t just lying there. She was bound and gagged there.
She was held in captivity there. She was a prisoner there.
The thief took off the hand brake and carefully backed out. He moved the van
slowly to the break in the fence he had made behind some bushes on the far side
of the parking lot. Then driving the vehicle across a small section of grass, he
pulled out onto an access road and directed the van toward the city.
Clarissa woke up when the ropes around her elbows were cut. Her arms were pulled
out from behind her back and placed at her sides. The black lace veil was pulled
off. She blinked up at an entirely new ceiling. It was fairly high, wooden, and
covered in metal slats, springs, and hanging metal parts. She tried to talk, but
all she could do was moan.
"I`m going to take the gag off, babe," she heard. "Let`s see how far gone you
As the stocking and panties were pulled from behind her teeth she became aware
of the clattering and whirring sounds all around her. She tried to talk, but now
all she could do was gasp and sigh.
"Yeah," she heard. "You are pretty far gone, all right." Her arm was lifted and
dropped. It fell back to her side, useless. "Come on, can`t you make any
Her mouth worked, opening and closing, but she couldn`t make words. She just
managed to lick her lips. Then she felt a hand on her lower face. She felt more
liquid being drooled down her throat. She felt petroleum jelly being painted on
her lips. Her back started to arch.
"Come on, babe," the thief said, sitting beside the prone girl. He had driven
the van into his auto mechanics garage, in between floors of a parking building.
He had undone the girl and carried her up to his tiny office overlooking the
work floor. He had laid her down on a mattress in the corner. He had brought out
a first aid kit and satchel.
Clarissa was now completely free: unbound and ungagged.
"Can`t you do anything?" she heard.
She tried, and failed.
"Exhausted, huh?" he asked. "All your limbs asleep? You`re going to need some
time to recuperate, aren`t you?" He looked over her small, lush form. "I mean,
you wouldn`t be able to do anything even if I did this, would you?" He started
to unbutton the rest of her jumpsuit.
Clarissa tried to struggle, but all she could do was quiver. She tried to
shriek, but all she could do was mew.
He pulled the top wide, letting her breasts free. "You couldn`t do nothing, even
if I did this!" He grabbed her tits in both hands, ground and twisted.
She almost sat up, almost screamed, but her body failed her and all that came
out of her open mouth
was a wheeze.
"Come on, babe," the thief repeated, pulling her up and yanking the jumpsuit
back. "Let me help you." He pulled the jumpsuit off her top, let her fall back
to the mattress with a thunk, then started sliding it off her hips.


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