THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 12 - punishment stories

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It felt like his hot cock was branding her flesh; eyes opened wide, a shocked look on her face as
she was face to face with a real live penis. It was huge, not like the tiny penis she saw on the
little boys she babysat as a teenager. This had to be at least eight inches long. And, the head, a
dark red, a crown, with a single hole in the center like a giant eye, glistened with cum. A large
vein bulged on the side, dark blue and pulsating. The head had to be at least two inches across;
her mouth would barely be able to contain it. She had heard that a penis got bigger when ready to
cum. Would it tear her lips when it did that? He pulled on the cane again, this time faster, up and
down two quick times, the ridges painful again. She looked down at his hand.
Her attention drawn to the cane again, he quickly stuck a finger in her mouth, prying it open
before she had a chance to react, the head of his cock quickly forced between her lips. He
thought he would cum when he felt her hot breath on his cock, her wet lips allowing his cock to
slide along until the head was inside her mouth. Her tongue accidentally touched his cock and
then rushed back as if it had struck a hot iron.
"How does it feel to have a cock inside your mouth, Mary Bridget? You look so lovely, your big
blue eyes, your red lips wrapped so tightly around my cock.

She thought he would push it through her head to come out the other side, his forceful hand
drove her head farther and farther down the shaft of his pulsating cock. Mary Bridget choked as
it filled her throat, her breathing ragged, learning quickly that she could only breathe through her
nose. She felt the cane between her legs, up and back, the protruding ridges made her clit swell
up as it was abused, almost like a machine, a masturbating machine. She sucked in a deep breath
as his cock pulled from her throat; the sharp intake rang out in the room. It was short lived, his
hand pushed her head back down on his cock, her tongue lapped at it as it slid inside her mouth,
hoping to make him cum quickly, choking and gagging again, her stomach lurched from the
harsh face fucking he was giving her.
"I`m going to enjoy punishing you this year, Mary Bridget. I`m going to enjoy making your body
mine. Now make me cum and yourself at the same time, or I`ll take the cane to your pussy
instead of your ass.


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