THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 17 - punishment stories

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She gulped as the wood began to enclose her neck, the smell of the wood permeated her nose as
it moved closer. She felt her other wrist enclosed, and began to panic as Headmaster Michael
clamped the pillory stocks together, a loud clang as the iron lock was snapped shut. She panicked
and tried to jerk her hands free, the wood pillory doing its job, her wrists trapped tightly between
"Settle down now, Justine. You can`t get out; relax and get use to it. You`re going to be in for a
while. I`m going to tighten the band around your neck. Now don`t panic.

perform the unspeakable acts that were required of them, a tradeoff they or their parents made
for a chance at a life that would normally be beyond their grasp.
She looked through the window; Michael enjoyed himself with Justine, her expression not nearly
as excited as his. Her body stretched tall, her long legs taut, balanced precariously on her toes as
she slowly swung, Michael pleased at the way she was presented. Her face showed the strain as
she was literally being stretched by her neck.


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