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"Are you enjoying yourself, Justine? I hope so, because we are going to leave you like that for a
while. But I want to play with your tits first.

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Justine was bound on the bed for the night, her arms pulled up to the metal headboard, and
handcuffs held her wrists to the metal bar. Her legs, bent at the knees, pulled back and tied
parallel to the bed, her crotch still ached. She suffered during the night, unable to sleep, the pain
in her body too powerful. The only relief she felt was when Headmaster Michael returned to her
bed, stripped off his clothes and took her as she was bound. He forced himself into her pussy,
pumped his hips back and forth, his cock driven deep into her body as she bounced on the bed.
But he was not satisfied with just that, while she suffered beneath him, he stuffed his hard cock
up her asshole, her screams brought such delight to him. It burned, hurt as her stomach cramped
from the fullness of the hard flesh stuffed into her asshole.
Michael pumped her tight asshole, feeling her sphincter fight his cruel intrusion into her rectal
passage. He buried himself deep in her colon, reveled in her spasms as she was forced to accept
the unnatural act of sodomy on her young body. He pumped in and out as she shook her head
back and forth in pain; his hands ran over her breasts as they bounced from the terrible pounding
her asshole took, enjoying the sounds he tore from her lips. He finally came, filled her colon with
his hot cum, dumping what he was sure felt like a gallon of cum, sloshing around in her belly.
The next day she suffered again under his torment, but this time she came. He forced her to cum
three times, twice bound and spread before the mirror, the Board eagerly watched her
debasement as she succumbed to his skills in keeping her sexually aroused, alternating between
the pain and the pleasure. She was forced to take his cock in her pussy and also up her asshole
again, fought the sodomy with the same vigor as the night before. The third time he lay next to
her, her hands stroked his cock as he gently masturbated her. Her head was close to his cock.


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