THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 35 - punishment stories

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Brandy found herself securely bound to the structure. She was on her back at a sharp downward
angle. Her arms were pulled downward behind the shorter plank, rope secured her upper arms to
the beam, her wrists pulled down to the bottom, a pair of cast iron cuffs at the base securely held
her wrists pinned to the beam. She struggled to hold her head up. A heavy leather strap cinched
around her waist held her securely. She struggled to no avail as they worked on her legs, Brandy
unable to give further resistance. Long chains were secured to the walls on either side of her, at a
right angle from her body. Each of her ankles were secured in iron cuffs, Headmaster Michael
and Chancellor Meredith each worked a windlass that gradually pulled her legs up and outward
towards the wall. When they had finished, Brandy found her legs pulled up high, almost as high
as her head, pulled out obscenely wide, her toes pointed, her thighs ached from the wide stretch.
There was no support under her butt, the strap around her waist kept her from slipping, her
spread legs kept her butt from sinking down. Her sex, all the way from her clit to her tiny anus
was open and exposed.
Meredith began to undress slowly, not sure if she teased Brandy or Michael, both of their eyes
glued to her as she took her off suit, stood before them clad only in bra and panties, a pair of
stockings held up by a garter belt.

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Meredith bent down between Brandy`s legs, her face only inches from her pussy, inhaled the
scent of her fear and arousal.


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