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Many brides, subjected to the sperm of a stranger in the temple and a bridegroom in the marriage bed, might expect that seed to root and swell in their belly, before they experienced a period as a married woman. Claudia was glad when her monthly flow appeared, a week or so after she had been deflowered, and even more so when her next went missing, and the one after as well.
She was carrying Aurelius`s child for certain, and quickly enough to flatter his virility, something she had never had cause to doubt from the first time he had thrust his manhood into her and, more particularly, from the moment when he revealed his capacity for tenderness on the morning after their bridal night.
His ardour and tenderness had continued unabated from the first morning, and seemed only enhanced by her pregnancy. She blossomed under his care and, surprisingly, that of Selena.
That young woman seemed to have undergone a catharsis on the night she had flogged Claudia half to death, treating her now with love and kindness, seeking always to look to her comfort and needs as she grew heavier and subject to the many minor, and not so minor, discomforts of carrying a child. It was not conscience or fear of retribution, Claudia was sure, but genuine friendship between women. It added immeasurably to her happiness to have a woman friend of her own age in the household.
She made a good recovery from childbirth, helped by sound advice from the midwife Selena had found for her and the exotic dancing that the old woman had instructed her in, as the surest way to restore the female anatomy to prime condition for service in bed or at board. She learned routines to contract her stretched vagina until Aurelius could enjoy its tight clenching on his manhood to the full, and exercises that flattened her distended belly back to girlish slimness. The law forbade her trying to regain her apple breasts, but graceful arm movements took out the sagging in her milk heavy dugs, and she wore a band beneath them, to take the weight of the milk she was obliged to keep flowing for the state`s sake.
It had came as a shock to Claudia to realise how the time had passed. While she had been carrying the child, her two years had expired and she was due to enter the state`s service again, a duty that could not be postponed. Even pregnant women were not excused.
She would hand over her daughter to a wet nurse, but she herself must stay in milk for the benefit of wounded or sick soldiery, and the manufacture of emergency rations for the isolated, but all-important, border forts.
She had only just become receptive to a prick again in her carefully exercised vagina. But, for the honour of the state, in whose care she would be placed for the next six months, she must open her thighs like everyone else and feel the hot iron in her flesh.
She had to stand while the woman in front of her on the chain writhed and screamed. Then the needle with its silver wire pierced her vulva again and again as it sewed up her entrance and the seal was crimped in place, the seal that again declared her inviolable on pain of crushed testicles or total castration for the man who forced her. She bore the ceremony in silence, hardened now by previous experience and the duties of a married woman, especially one who had been given in manes at her marriage, with all that that brought with it in terms of the tempering flame of suffering. Then she must listen to the honourable groans of the woman who followed her.
The gang to which she was assigned was very mixed. It consisted of the young girl who had screamed in pain and terror as her vulva was seared, two Roman women of the City, hardened by previous visits to the iron and the needle, and a handsome older woman, her features and dark complexion suggesting Damascus or Alexandria as her birthplace, or at least the home of her not so distant ancestors.

"I present to you the Lady Claudia," Marcellus announced formally.
"Has she been tested and prepared?" Aurelius replied, equally formally. "Is she healthy and virtuous?"
"She is healthy and virtuous," Marcellus declared, unclasping the cloak and taking it from her. "She carries the certificate of the Goddess herself."
Aurelius continued the litany.
"What price do you ask for her?"
"A silver penny, though she is worth her weight in gold."
"Here is your penny," handing it over.
"Here is your woman," and Marcellus passed the lead to Aurelius who pulled on it lightly, indicating that Claudia should leave her brother`s side and come to stand by him.
The men applauded, and came to congratulate Aurelius on his purchase, the women clustered round the naked bride, and kissed her. She was a married woman!
Refreshments were brought, and all the guests served. It was sometime before good manners allowed the groom to take his bride away, and she spent the hours naked and bound, a piece of newly purchased property, awaiting her new owner`s first use while her friends chattered round her. At last Aurelius took her off to bed, still with stern formality, though her departure was marked by shrill cries from the women, ribald remarks from the men.
She had been taught what to do. She knelt and made her submission, bowing her head and acknowledging him as her master. He untied the cord, releasing her wrists.
"Show me your proofs," he ordered, and she took out the sodden napkin from between her thighs and spread it on the bed for his inspection. He nodded, to show he found the blood and semen stained cloth sufficient evidence, then brusquely commanded her onto her back on the bed. She had hoped for some care, or at least, preparation, but he took her roughly, as she was, stink and all. It was the quick and brutal coupling of a man establishing his mastery of his woman. When he was done he sent her to wash and, gratefully, she cleansed her sore crotch of all the foulnesses she had accumulated there these last twenty-our hours, then felt clean again for the first time since Selena had started work on her the evening before.
When she returned she knelt again, as a new bride must do before her master, but he called her into the bed.
"We have done our duty by the old Roman law," he said, "and you are truly my wife in manes, in my hands. Now let us see if we cannot become friends as well."
He took her in his arms, and kissed her almost tenderly and, exhausted and weary from the pain, the humiliation, the suffering of the last twenty-four hours, she felt a sudden weakness overwhelm her at this unexpected tenderness, and fell asleep, safely held against his chest.
She woke in the night to find he had turned to her and his stiff erection was pressing into her from the rear. She steeled herself for more violation of her sore vagina, but he was only adjusting himself along her back, his hardened prick safely lodged in her cleft. She found it disturbing, but strangely comforting, and went back to sleep, his arms cradling her from behind.
In the morning he was a different man, soft and tender with her, coaxing her very gently with kisses she found welcome after the impersonal ravishings she had endured. There came soft touches of his tongue on her stiffening nipples, the careful exploration of her tender vulva, his finger tips stroking softly on the rapidly responding bud of her clitoris. He did not rush her, letting her melt and come to him, awakening her womanhood slowly but surely. She was amazed to felt desire welling in her. Could this be the same stern Roman General who had all but raped her bruised and bleeding body the night before?
Her passion blossomed under his hands and tongue. She thrust herself against him, murmuring words of submission and want.
Only then did he enter her, pausing as she gasped at the renewed soreness in her vagina, then pressing in gently as she accepted the renewed pain and urged him to continue. He began with long slow strokes that increased in depth and force as her response rose. Soon she was crying out, but with need, not pain. Small throaty screams rose in intensity until her body bucked and she shrieked her release. Afterwards she lay still in his arms as they talked of their life together, and each ones needs and duties.
When he left her to go about his military duties, she slept again. When Marcellus came to call near evening, she was dressed and installed on a couch, listening to a slave girl playing her dulcimer.
Marcellus approached her warily.
"How are you Sister?" he asked, cautiously.
"Wounded, bleeding and sore," she replied with feeling. "But content. Oh Marcellus, I have so much to thank you for!"


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