THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 43 - punishment stories

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She lowered herself into the chair, the cold metal of the stirrups struck fear in her heart as she
felt how strong they were, realizing how she would no longer be able to close her legs to his
probing fingers once she was secured in them. Her legs rested on the cold iron basin, as she
waited for the orders she knew would come, but hoped to prolong the inevitable command.
Doctor Lenox lowered the stirrups, pushed them all the way to the front, to start off slowly, to
slowly force her body to reveal all of her intimate charms to his eyes and fingers.

basin under her ass, the steam rose to caress her spread pussy. He pushed the washcloth in the
hot water, lathered it up with soap
She jumped when the hot washcloth touched her sex, the delicate material felt good, the hot
water relaxed her. No, don`t let him do this to me. She felt him rub her mound, the soap made the
washcloth glide over her skin. He seemed to grip her sex with the washcloth, embracing her
mound in the hot cloth. She arched her hips up in response, angry at her own body`s reaction.
Doctor Lenox picked up the shaving cream and lathered her mound, his fingers luxuriated in the
feel of her vulva. When he had her lathered, he picked up the straight razor.


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