THE HOLLISTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 59 - punishment stories

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Kari was bound by the two men. She was on a wide, leather bench, face down, her legs spread
wide, on her knees. They had tied her behind the knees first, the ropes pulled to the bench
beneath, Kari groaned as they pulled until it felt like she would split up the middle. But they
were still not satisfied, her ankles similarly bound, this time farther down under the bench, her
legs now pulled back and spread wide.
They bound her wrists. They had pulled them underneath her, through her legs and tied them to
her ankles, her head forced down on the bench, her ass arched as if she invited them to fuck her,
her pussy, and especially her asshole, open and exposed. The only thing she could do was shake
her ass.
"First, her tits,

Hands stroked her ass cheeks as she shuddered in pain, slid down her spread cheeks before
moved to her pussy. The obscene spread of her legs, the arch of her ass left her spread wide
open, hands took advantage of the opportunity to run over her pussy from behind.


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