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When Claudia returned to her friends in their regular gatherings, talk frequently turned to the two cousins from Isis`s temple. They were not often to be seen these days, having apparently business of their elsewhere. It was remarked that they had been markedly subdued when they returned from their tour of duty at the same time as Claudia, and she described their folly in their preaching and the salutary punishment they had suffered in response.
Opinion seemed divided on whether they had deserved such severity. The older women, and those of noble birth, like Claudia, were convinced that duty and obedience meant that they deserved their flogging. Some, the younger and more impressionable, thought it was not right to treat women so - men should show more consideration, to respect them and treat them as equals. It seemed the cousins preaching had not entirely failed to take root, but Lavinia and her closest fiends merely raised eyebrows at such comments.
It was some months later, and Livia was entertaining Claudia in her boudoir, lying on silken cushions, sipping wine and nibbling on dates and sweetmeats and discussing the judgement of an adultress.
"But I thought you said it was to be purely a family affair." Claudia protested.
"Well so it is," Livia replied, "but, as a first cousin of the wronged husband, I may attend and speak for the women`s point of view, and there is nothing to forbid me taking a personal guest with me, provided she is discreet, and does not attempt to speak herself. I`m sure you`ll find it very instructive."
"But I`ve seen what happens to adulteresses," her friend insisted, then blushed in confusion. "I was there when you had your hour in the arena, if you remember."
"I certainly do remember," Livia answered with a shudder. "But this won`t be the same. My branch of the family follow the modern fashion in these matters, though, to tell the truth, I was unlucky, since it mainly goes unnoticed hereabouts. I should have been a bit more discreet, I admit. Anyway, this lot keep to the older ways, and I don`t know who`s the better off, though I suspect this poor bitch won`t get over her appointment with Nemesis quite as soon as I did."
"Well, if you`re really sure I would not be intruding?"
"Of course not. We all regard you as practically one of the family now. Actually Aurelius is some kind of distant cousin too, which gives you status. We Patrician women must stick together like sisters in these difficult times. There`s too much subversion of the old order going on for safety at the moment," she added darkly. "A return to older values will do no harm, and the more that know about it the better."
Clotilda, unfortunate or foolishly reckless depending one`s point of view, had seen fit to disobey her husband`s express prohibition on sleeping with a certain young man about town. It was not as if he begrudged her her pleasures with whatever handsome male her own not inconsiderable charms might attract, it was the nature of this particular man that offended him. He had made it clear she could romp between her silken sheets with half the male population of Pityus, provided she maintained the bare minimum of discretion, but Pallio was forbidden her. Her husband had good grounds, which he expressed to her clearly and forcibly. The man was a cheat, had dodged military service and, anyway, came from very suspect stock.
Of course, female nature being what it is, and always will be, only this one man, who had been forbidden her, would suffice to satisfy her, although half a dozen others had already proved to her warm and wetly willing vagina that they could perform as well as he. Inevitably she had over-stepped the mark, making a public spectacle of herself in a supposedly private suite in a wineshop. The location only adding fuel to the husband`s fury, and his low opinion of the young rake. With too much wine taken, and caution thrown to the winds, they had launched themselves at one another, stripping off their clothes the moment they had entered the room set aside for them.
Unfortunately, in their drunken frenzy, they had not only torn down their own clothing but the hangings at the window onto the street as well, and a modest crowd had instantly formed to cheer their immodest efforts. Carried away with wine and lust, Clotilda had waved not only her bare arms at the spectators, but her bare arse as well, crowing and howling as Pallio ploughed her well trodden furrow with his not inconsiderable pole. The watch arrived to investigate the uproar, but waited for her shrieking culmination to her shafting before arresting her, still naked and with the proof of her guilt trickling out of her swollen vagina and over her reddened thighs.

Still in this shameful state, she had been hauled before the Governor`s court. He had exercised his discretion to hand her over to a family meeting to decide her fate, and it was to this meeting that Claudia was invited as observer and student.
To one side of the room they found the girl`s mother-in-law, and half a dozen other females, and on the other the principal males of the family. Between them, dressed only in a thin white shift, knelt the errant wife. She seemed to have recognised the seriousness of her situation, no doubt the sister-in-law, or the stern mother-in-law had taken it upon themselves to explain in terrifying detail what sorts of fate might be possible for her. She bent her head, clasping her hands to her breasts and trying to look as contrite as possible, no doubt praying her submissive behaviour might act on the family to spare her the worst.
The proceedings were not prolonged. The husband gave a short account of the woman`s dereliction of her duty to him and, in particular, defiance of his express orders regarding the unsavoury young man. He concluded by saying he felt an example should be made of her. There was too much of this sort of thing about. His elder brother observed that exposure might bring public disgrace on the family, but their mother cut in to insist that it were more damaging in the long run for them to be known as a family that could not control its own women than to have one of them exposed in the market place.
The woman seemed shaken out of her submissive pose by the threat and turned to her husband, crying and pleading, begging that she should not be exposed. Her previous composure shattered, she wept and wrung her hands.
"What is exposure?" Claudia whispered in her friend`s ear. "It must be very severe if she would have preferred what you went through."
"It is," Livia replied laconically. "It`s not used often, and she`s right to fear it, as you`ll see soon."
It was obvious that there had been some collusion beforehand, for preparations had been made, and the sentence commenced at once.
The woman was stripped and fastened on straining toes against a marble pillar. Without pity, the husband lashed a merciless length of black leather across the white back, drawing a fierce red line across its ivory surface. The woman screamed and the lash fell again... and again, stroke after stroke in a slow remorseless progression, each wringing a bubbling scream from her tortured throat. Alternate strokes fell from either side. When she was released she fell to the ground, heaving with her sobs.
It was but the prelude to her real punishment, though, which awaited her outside. Her naked body was dragged half fainting from the hall, and deposited on a small hand cart. She was placed on her back and her wrists fastened to the front of the cart with leather thongs. A broad belt was fastened through the slatted deck of the barrow, and secured tightly round her waist, until she could not roll about on the deck nor raise her hips.
Her shoulders were already held down by the securing of her wrists and only her legs were free. But not for long. Her knees were bent and drawn up onto her chest, where each bent limb was bound with leather, so that the joint could not be straightened again, then more thongs were used to pull her knees wide apart, so that she acquired the pose of a crouching frog, albeit a frog lying on its back, its vulva frightfully exposed on the very rearmost rail of the wooden cart.
Claudia had watched, horrified, as the preparations were made.
"What will happen to her now?" she asked in a voice hoarse from tension.
"She will be wheeled through the streets, until an hour after sunset, and any man, or woman come to that, may have her as they please." Livia`s voice was affected by the bizarre figure on the barrow, and the appalling fate that awaited it. "Front entrance or back, they are both available, and she`ll scarcely be able to tell one from another by the time she`s finished, poor cow."
It was manifestly true. The woman was stretched quite helpless, and openly vulnerable. Her naked spread pose meant that her buttocks over-lapped the rear edge of the tiny vehicle. The deck was not very high and a man, standing between her spread heels, could sink his penis in her vagina, and she could do nothing to stop him. Moreover, if his taste inclined that way, he might just as easily force her rectum, stretching an unlubricated sphincter, tearing and hurting her atrociously.


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