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Bound at the door, self bondage illustrated scenarios.

Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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A: A closed door (Backup release) - When the door is opened, you are free!

B: Ice Release A dishtowel, a ice cube and a metal ring.

C: Ring Device - Two metal rings connect with a rope to metal ring of B. The pull rope is connect with D.

D: Wrist Coil with simple noose.

E: A woman with ballgag, could be a man too.

F: Bonded legs, so you cant stand up.

G: Spreader bar - Optional but adds a nice touch to the scenario.

H: Dildo attached to the floor. Make sure that the dildo is not big enough to cause any trouble if you would fall down onto it.

I: A pair of high heel shoes. Without it is harder.

PD will make this caged bird sing. claire is stuck in lockdown and her iron bonds are tormenting enough on their own. Having her cunt plugged surely does not make it any better. When PD lets her out of the cage, though, it is so she can serenade him with her screams. she sings when she is whipped, clamped and vibrated and her sexy song is beautiful.

Hooded, she is led out from her cage and bound into a new and more challenging position. she will be a good display piece for PD in the future. she follows commands, sings for him and stays for him; an excellent bondage slut.

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