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Cold Wait, self bondage ideas and techniques.

Warning! This self bondage scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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Please note, a long exposure to ice water can give you cold burns resulting in physical harm.

A: This is a latex hood with built in penis gag. (Note to men, you must use this to.)

B: This is a pair of locked leather handcuffs. They are locked to a ring in the floor.

C: This is pair of nippleclamps. They are connected to object E with a rope.

D: This is a latex panty. The panty should be equipped with vibrating vaginal and anal dildos. (Note, men must use panty but only with anal dildo.)

E: This is a pair of leather anklecuffs. They are connected to object C. Pulling the legs will pull on the nippleclamps. They are also connected to two anchor points in the ground like the detail shows. This is to stop the subject from moving away from the dripping water.

F: This is a pair of high heel shoes. The higher the better. (Note, men should use this to.)

G: This is a bucket full of ice. The bucket have drilled holes in the bottom. When the ice melts, the icewater will fall down on to the subject. The bucket is connected with a rope to object H. The rope passes two pulleys on the way to object H. Make sure that the rope has a knot just before one of the pulleys. This will prevent the bucket from falling down on the subject.

H: This is a weight. It is connected to object G. The weight should be heavy enough so that it will be able to pull down the almost empty bucket.

I: This is the key. It is hanging from object H. When the ice melts and the weight is pulled down, the key will be i reach of the hands.

Additional Information.

Make sure that weight is heavy enough and that the rope is long enough so that the key will come into reach once the ice has melted.
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