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Self bondage in bed, self bondage rope tutorial.

Warning! This self bondage scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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A: These are pegs(nipple clamps) on nipples, which are affixed by a rope to the bedstead.

B: This is a blindfold.

C: This is an elbow coil.

D: This is a simple noose (Dont use a cinch noose).

E: This is a ring device. The rings of the ring device are connected to metall rings of (F) by a rope. The rope (H) closes the noose (D). The ring device prevents, that the noose (D) opens as long as the ring device (connect to F) stands under tension.

F: These are two metall rings.

G: This is an ice release, a dishtowel, an ice cube and both metal rings of F. The last ring is smaller than the ice cube.

H: This is a rope to close the noose of D.

I: This is a woman.

J: These are enchained legs, so the woman cant stand up.
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Model Paige Rene - bondage video and pictures galleries.
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Up Against the Wall

Lovely Paige Rene is back and as dazzling as ever, in her sexy white lingerie. After a little posing and prancing for us, she quickly realizes that we mean business when we bind her wrists in rope. With her wrists bound, she seems a little feisty so we provide her with some much needed discipline. A ball gag is inserted and then we tie her to the wall and spread her legs. After that, it's showtime as we rig the magic wand to her cunt and vibe her to oblivion. 105 Pictures, Plus 6:34 video.

Spread and Vibed

Paige's pussy is allready swollen and sensitive from her previous scenes. We tie her on a table with her legs spread wide and her hands pulled above her head. I'm sure Paige would have been happy to take a nice bath and relax after the previous orgasms, but we just weren't done with her yet. So we shove the magic wand into her crotch and turn it on and watch Paige wish she could jump out of her skin. 103 Pictures, Plus 7:15 video.

Tied and Moaning

Paige is tied to our steel table. Her legs are spread, her hands are pulled above her head and she is gagged. We turn on the vibrator which has been tied to her pussy and we leave her there to moan and cum. 79 Pictures, Plus 7:33 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

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