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Self bondage in bed, self bondage rope tutorial.

Warning! This self bondage scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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A: These are pegs(nipple clamps) on nipples, which are affixed by a rope to the bedstead.

B: This is a blindfold.

C: This is an elbow coil.

D: This is a simple noose (Dont use a cinch noose).

E: This is a ring device. The rings of the ring device are connected to metall rings of (F) by a rope. The rope (H) closes the noose (D). The ring device prevents, that the noose (D) opens as long as the ring device (connect to F) stands under tension.

F: These are two metall rings.

G: This is an ice release, a dishtowel, an ice cube and both metal rings of F. The last ring is smaller than the ice cube.

H: This is a rope to close the noose of D.

I: This is a woman.

J: These are enchained legs, so the woman cant stand up.
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Layla Rivera - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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The lovely Layla is back at SSM and she has always been as tough as she is sexy...and in her third shoot with us, we step it up a notch with very uncomfortable restraints, electricity and many orgasms...She begins standing up in stocks...her feet are tied apart and the Pope may be the luckiest man on earth as he enters to rub that moist pussy...he undresses her and spanks her ass, then we turn her around to get a good look as he flogs her...then it's facing the camera again as he uses the magic wand to make her the next scene, we sit her on her ass and lock her feet into stocks which keep her legs spread...her wrists and neck are still locked in and we tilt the stocks back to keep her exposed and helpless...After using a knitting needle to poke and prod her tits, feet and pussy, he begins to rig her up with electric pads...on the pussy and both feet, as well as electric clamps on her nipples...he turns up the current on all the items and leaves Layla on the verge of laughter and screams...then her fucks her pussy with a dildo and leaves her to be continuously the next scene we lock her wrists and ankles into a single stock along the floor...this keeps her fully bent over when she isn't squatting to rest her thighs...he flogs her ass red and uses a cane to finish her off...then we rig her upside downand spread...clamps on the tits and a dildo shoved in her pussy...he uses the magic wand again for screaming orgasms and leaves a steel hook in her pussy with weights hanging the last scene, we decide to test her orgasmic we rig her into our spreading chair...her body is fully roped down and she is quite helpless and the Pope uses on peg on each nipple...then the vibrator is rigged into place and poor Layla is left blindfolded and gagged to the mercy of the vibrating wand, which of course, has many orgasms do you count?

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