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Self bondage in bed, self bondage rope tutorial.

Warning! This self bondage scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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A: These are pegs(nipple clamps) on nipples, which are affixed by a rope to the bedstead.

B: This is a blindfold.

C: This is an elbow coil.

D: This is a simple noose (Dont use a cinch noose).

E: This is a ring device. The rings of the ring device are connected to metall rings of (F) by a rope. The rope (H) closes the noose (D). The ring device prevents, that the noose (D) opens as long as the ring device (connect to F) stands under tension.

F: These are two metall rings.

G: This is an ice release, a dishtowel, an ice cube and both metal rings of F. The last ring is smaller than the ice cube.

H: This is a rope to close the noose of D.

I: This is a woman.

J: These are enchained legs, so the woman cant stand up.
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Hailey Young - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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Fan favorite and Dungeon Corp contract slave, Hailey Young is finally back for more abuse at The Pope's hand. As you are probably already aware, Hailey has a perfect body, legs that last forever, and silky smooth skin. In this installment, we find Hailey gagged and tied in fearful anticipation as she awaits The Pope's entrance. Pleased by the bounty laid before him, The Pope gets right to action as he begins hammering away at Hailey. First, with open barehanded slaps, then some furious flogger action. Then, after loosening her up with his fingers, it's go time on Hailey's pussy with the magic wand. The Pope demands Hailey to cum and she obliges in utter submission. In our next scene, we find Hailey gagged and tied spreadeagle to a chair. After The Pope applies some Tens pads to her pelvic region, an electric probe in her cunt and electric clamps to her nipples; he turns up the juice. And as if it weren't already "shocking" enough, the violet wand is broken out to provide poor Hailey with just a tad more "therapy". Next, The Pope ties Hailey bent over and at his merciless whim. After Hailey takes another vicious round of flogging to her backside, she experiences some forced entry as The Pope dildo fucks her into a state of oblivion. After yet another orgasm, Hailey is then placed a spreader bar and subjected to a humiliating grope and flog session by The Pope. As the flogger picks up speed, Hailey's ass picks up color, until it arrives at it's final state of rose colored red. This is followed by more forced vibration to her now painfully tender pussy. In our final scene, The Pope pushes Hailey to her limits as he gags her and suspends her from the ceiling. And Hailey gets a final explosive and body draining orgasm at the hand of The Pope and the wand.

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