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Waiting For The Key, self bondage illustrated scenarios.

Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in self bondage. Please play safe.

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A: This is a ballgag or a ballgag harness. A gag is generally used to make the subject more vulnerable since it prevents the subject to call out for help or to scream of pleasure.

B: This is a simple pair of leather handcuffs. The handcuffs must be lockable. They are locked on to object C with a padlock. You will not be able to remove these handcuffs until the ice melts, allowing you to reach the key.

C: This is another pair of cuffs, in this case ankle cuffs. These are also lockable and are connected with object B as you read above.

D: This is a pair of high heel shoes. They are optional but ads a nice touch to the scenario.

E: This is the key for your handcuffs. The key will drop down to your hands as soon as the ice melts. Make sure that the string in the ice is long enough so that you will be able to reach the key when the ice has melted.

Additional Information.

The waiting can be made more exiting with the use of some additional toys. Nippleclamps for the breasts, dildo for the vagina and buttplug for the anal cavity. Use your imagination and the things that you have.

Remember to ALWAYS have a backup release. A good backup is to call a friend before you lock yourself up. Tel her/him to come over in X amount of hours. Leave the door unlocked or make sure that the friend has a key. If the release fails, your friend will find you. Embarrassing, yes. Deadly, no.
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