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It all started with a strange phone call from Sharon.

Sharon? Well, maybe I should go back even further.

I had just finished a big contract in the Middle East and returned home to find my Grandma had died leaving me a third share of her house. Well, I needed a base, it was a house with potential, it had the distinct advantage of a garage for my Jeep and if it was too far into suburbia for my liking, it wasn't going to be for long.

So I ploughed all my money and a sizeable mortgage into buying out the other two, which left me broke and needing a lodger to pay for the improvements I had in mind.

That lodger was Sharon, and it was her on the phone.

"I need a really big favour from you," she said, "well actually more like a really strange favour. Can you come down to Danny's wine bar and have a chat with a couple I know, and, umů can you pretend that you and I are a couple? I'll explain it all to you later. Please, pretty please?"

Suitably intrigued by this odd request I agreed and set off to Danny's, a trendy wine bar down near the High Street. There I spotted Sharon and was soon introduced to Sue and Dave. Sharon meanwhile was sitting next to me and doing her best to pretend she was my girlfriend, which was distinctly odd because we had realized long ago we didn't really fancy each other.

The conversation meandered on about nothing in particular for about an hour, until Dave and Sue chose a lull in the conversation to get up, thank us for our time and stroll out of the bar.

I raised an eyebrow at Sharon, wondering what on earth that had been about as I considered and rejected a dozen possibilities.

"Hmm, I suppose you'd like that explanation now," began Sharon. "Then again, maybe we should finish off the bottle of wine first?"

Over yet another bottle, I eventually managed to worm out of a slightly embarrassed Sharon the whole story.

Apparently she really fancied a guy called Brian who was a friend of Dave and Sue's, but alas he was married. Then she found out all was not lost, because he was part of a wife swapping circle run by Dave and Sue. So she thought long and hard and invented me as her (presumably long suffering) husband and tried to wangle an invite to the next wife swapping party, whilst never quite having the nerve to actually mention this to me as she never really believed anything would come of it.

Until of course, Dave and Sue had bumped into her at the wine bar, mentioning that they wished to vet us before they invited us and suggested Sharon ring me and ask me to pop down for a chat.

I listened to this with a mixture of disbelief and admiration of her reckless bravado. Then came the coup de grace.

If they invited us, would I go with her?

This was not quite the conversation I had expected when I set out, quite the opposite, but then what had I got to lose? I hadn't managed to find a permanent girlfriend here in the depths of suburbia since I had got back, so why not some desperate housewife for the night?

After a couple of bottles of wine the idea was definitely growing on me and to Sharon's relief I quickly agreed, but I pointed out that we hadn't actually been invited yet.

Then suddenly it was a Saturday night and Sharon and I were driving the couple of miles to the party. We had obviously passed the Sue and Dave test, the invite had filtered through and Sharon had spent days plotting how best to ensure she got Brian. Now though no more plotting, it was time for action.

When we got there, we were quickly introduced to everybody. Most of them knew each other from previous parties, but there was a second new couple there, Karen and Steve. I wandered round chatting for a hour and mentally drawing up a league table of who I fancied.

Sue was high on the list, she was a petite brunette with a ready smile and a quick quip, but it was topped by Karen who somehow intrigued me. She was tall and blond, with a lithe figure and long hair, not strikingly beautiful but with the sort of features that grew on you. She seemed ill at ease however, and I got the impression she was very nervous about the whole thing.

I wandered over to her and had a long chat with her without managing to draw her out very much. It was mostly me talking and her listening, but she seemed grateful that someone was paying her some real attention rather than just eyeing her up and down.

The only time she showed real animation was when she asked me why Sharon and myself were there, and what we were hoping to gain from it.

I told her that with my job I could spend months abroad, and that it wasn't fair on either of us that we should have to remain faithful, so we thought we would see if this helped. This was of course true as far as it went, but fatally flawed by failing to mention the minor detail that we weren't actually a couple and it wasn't each other we would have been faithful to.

Then suddenly it was pairing off time.

Sue announced it would be done in the usual time-honoured method, and amongst much banter and posturing collected the car keys off the men present and put them in a large cooking bowl. I smiled as I saw Sharon craning her neck to see what Brian's set of keys looked like, and I could have sworn someone moved to get a better view of what my keys were like as I handed them over, but I chose not to look round.

The key bowl was then offered to the assembled ladies, who put their hands in and grabbed a set of keys. It was clear that a lot of what was happening was not random and had been premeditated, and a number of people showed what looked to me like invented surprise at the outcome.

I was just looking to see how Sharon had got on when a voice behind me said, "I think these are yours." I turned and saw Karen holding out my car keys to me. "Shall we go?" she said, and turned to get her coat. Clearly she didn't want to stay any longer than needed.

The rules said that we would go back to the lady's house, so I escorted Karen to my car, opened the door for her and then got in myself. She gave me directions to her house, then sat back and lapsed into silence.

I let the silence linger for a couple of minutes, then asked her why she was so quiet.

As we pulled up on her drive she finally answered me. She wasn't sure she really wanted to do this, she felt she had been pressurized into it by Dick, her husband, who was hoping to rekindle their sex life, and how sorry she was, she had deliberately chosen me because she thought I might understand, and now she felt she was letting me down.

I interrupted the torrent of words, calmed her down and suggested we should go indoors and talk about it there. As she walked to the front door in front of me I noticed the sexy swing of her hips. Time, I thought, for some slow maneuvering here. We went into the living room and sat down on the sofa.

Putting on my most reassuring voice, I chatted to her for a while about inconsequential things. Then, when she was calm again and starting to smile again, I sat closer to her and told her that we should go very slowly and she should feel free to stop whenever she felt uncomfortable. So I started by putting an arm around her before telling her about some of my adventures in the sandy wastes of Arabia.

After a while her body relaxed and she began to snuggle down beside me. After some minutes like this I raised the stakes a little and suggested we go into the bedroom, where I could gently massage her neck and back. Karen was amenable to this so we went into the bedroom. Karen was about to lie down when I suggested perhaps she would take her blouse off first to make it easier?

Karen hesitated a bit but then to my surprise, not to mention a stirring in my groin, unbuttoned it and laid it on the chair before lying down. I knelt astride her and kneaded and massaged her back, then her shoulders and neck before returning to her spine. I'm a pretty good masseur, and after about fifteen minutes of this Karen was gently purring as she relaxed flat on the bed.

At this point I changed my routine slightly to run my hands along her sides every so often, almost but not quite brushing the sides of her breasts. At first she stiffened slightly, then relaxed and purred louder.

It was time to pounce, one hand brushed her side while the other undid her bra. Then I slid her bra out from under her and started to slide it along her arms. Karen was by now starting to get aroused and stretched her arms out to allow me to remove her bra.

As I did so I noticed the headboard had a central cutaway, so I came to a quick decision. As I slid the bra off her hands, I quickly slipped the straps through the cutout then doubled them round underneath and slid the rest of the bra through the loops. The bra was now linked to the headboard, so I gently slid my hands up her arms until I had her wrists, then crossed them and held them with one hand while I wrapped her bra round them and knotted it snugly round them.

Karen's eyes snapped open at this and she emitted a startled yelp, but I went back to massaging her back and whispered in her ear that it was nothing to be worried about. Karen looked at me for a while but then went back to enjoying the massage, especially as my hands were straying more and more frequently to the sides of her breast. Finally, when she was starting to writhe and whimper a little I whispered in her ear to roll over. Now her pert little breasts were fully available and I made sure they weren't neglected as I massaged her front.

Her whole body was moving now and it was clearly time to remove the rest of her clothing. I undid her trousers and slid them down over her hips. The alacrity with which she lifted her hips to allow me to slide them off her was not lost on me and her thong followed suit.

Karen was now naked, tied helpless to the bed and aroused. I took all my clothes off before starting to play with her between her legs. She began bucking and squealing as I caressed her clit and slid my finger into her moist pussy.

Time to mount her and ride her to orgasm, but first there was one more thing. "We are noisy aren't we?" I said. "What will the neighbours think if they hear you making all this racket?"

And with that I picked up her thong and rolled the silky material into a ball. Karen shook her head slightly and closed her mouth as if to say no, but I simply played with her nipple and rolled it between my finger and thumb. As she opened her mouth to gasp in pleasure I pushed the wad of silk into her mouth.

Then I rolled astride her and slid my now rigid cock into her waiting pussy and rode her until the expected orgasm caused her to arch her back, scream and go rigid for a few seconds as her mind was overcome with an intense burst of pleasure. I followed not long after as the pleasure of stripping and binding her had already taken me halfway there.

Karen said very little afterwards before I had to leave, but she certainly seemed to be thinking about something. I didn't think it was me because she never tried to contact me again.

That was the beginning and end of my wife swapping days. Sharon was in a bad mood. She had got her Brian but it had been a disaster. He clearly wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. I didn't dare ask the details as the mere mention of Brian's name put her in a foul temper.

What was more the blatant fixing had not gone unnoticed and apparently caused several divorces and separations and a disintegration of that wife-swapping circle.

About ten months later I was invited to a dinner party by a couple I knew who liked to be matchmakers and had invited another single man and two single ladies. I wandered into their lounge to be confronted with.... Karen.

I wasn't too sure what kind of a reception I was going to get, but she smiled brightly and wandered over and began chatting to me. It turned out that she had very quickly divorced Steve after that party, it had really been the final straw, and she was now starting to get out and about again. I in turn explained how my presence at the party was under false pretenses, and she smiled as I told her about the bizarre phone call.

The dinner party was most enjoyable and Karen's contributions were among the wittier. Then suddenly it was over and decision time.

"Can I offer you a lift?" I asked Karen, not sure whether she wanted to have anything further to do with me.

She smiled, looked around and lowered her voice. "The last time I accepted a lift from you, I ended up naked and helpless, bound to my own bed and silenced with my own panties."

I blushed a little at which she laughed and said, "Yes, but the past is the past. We start again now. And yes, you can drive me home."

So I did and accepted her invitation for a final cup of coffee.

We were standing round drinking and chatting when she swayed very close to me. I couldn't resist. I steadied her and stole a kiss on her surprised lips, which somehow lingered on for several seconds. She stopped and gave me a strange look. Then she shrugged and said, "back in a second!" before disappearing off down the corridor. I finished the last of my coffee and put my cup down on the table.

When I turned back I was surprised to see Karen wearing a shortish dressing gown. She glided over to me and kissed me on the lips. Then she put her lips to my ear and whispered "I don't trust what you do with my underwear." She kissed me again then whispered, "So that's why I'm not wearing any."

She laughed gaily and gave me one more kiss, then: "But I'm sure you can find other ways of attaching me to the furniture."

The dressing gown lies in a crumpled heap on the floor in the kitchen, while I am walking towards the bedroom with its belt in my hand. The other end is attached firmly to the crossed wrists of a very naked Karen, who very shortly is going to find herself spread-eagled and attached securely to her own bed. But this time as she won't be gagged, I intend to make her come so loudly that perhaps the neighbours will know what's going on!

I think tonight is going to be fun....



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