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The position that the young girl was in, was uncomfortable and very painful, hours she had been tied naked on the rack, her right leg was stretched up in a ninety degree angel to her other leg that was forced to stand tiptoed on one foot. This exposed her vagina totally and stretched it open, it had a rich bush of hair on it. One arm was tight behind her back to the neck collar and the other was roped above her head to the rack. There was a stick between her legs that also held her up a bit. When the pain became unbearable in her vagina by the sharp edges of the square stick she would stand more tiptoed and pull her arm, but that make her choke more on the collar. She had a gag in her mouth, it was saturated with saliva, she could only breathe through her nose. The position she was in breading was difficult. With the blindfold covering most of her eyes, she could only see down a little, she saw her nipples with two clamps on it, her breasts were shiny with sweat, her nipples red swollen and painfully soar. Somehow when she tried to move her hand behind her back her nipples were pulled and the clamps bite deeper in her soft flesh.

She was wondering how she had come in this kind of situation but concentrating was hard in this position.

For Max or Master Max this one was carefully selected. He had preyed on a female for months, looking at the shape of her legs, belly, breasts, arms, face and hair, and most important how she would run. Endless days and nights he had looked for girls at schools, in the gyms in dancing’s and other public places. This one he had stalked for a month before he made his move. She would become a prized pony slave girl. She had a very pretty face, a plus in winning the competition but that was not all that was needed, the rest he would whip into her. He would train her so he could take her to the four yearly pony girl meeting, this pony competition was considered the high mark, the Olympics of pony girl competition, with a first price of one million dollar, that made a great interest among the pony enthusiasts. Most participating girls were consented slaves. Girls that had given their freedom to their Masters or Mistresses out of their free will. In the last pony event he had not gained the first price, but he was set to win this competition.

Max heard and saw the girl suffering while he was sitting in a comfortable leather chair.

He called this the pain room, a room that is also called a dungeon, a room filled with apparatus to made for a slave’s pleasure and suffer but in Max’s case mostly suffer, restrainers, whips, canes, and rigs that looked like exercise machines, some of them were in fact rebuild exercise machines.

He had put her on the rack and started the long process to brake her spirit, that was the first step. This would take a good while, but he had all the time in the world, the faster she would brake the better for her, he wanted a girl with a strong will, that would be necessary to win the competition. The pony competition events were not easy to the ponies participating.

While Max was listening and watching, the girl was fighting with her position, and suffering greatly. Eve his beautiful old time slave was sucking his cock ever so gently.

With long strokes she took his cock deep down her throat. He particularly liked the way she tried to swallow his cock while it was deep in her mouth. It took years of practice to do that the way Eve did it, without choking and throwing up. He looked over her back that had red cane strokes over it. The cane that he had used earlier on her had made deep red lines. He had caned her not for any particular reason than it made his cock feel harder. Max liked the sound of the cane, the way it controlled the slave, the way it gave him power. Eve had not cried, only counted the strokes, “One Master, two Master…” and thanked him after for the punishment while she was kneeling before him. “Thank you Master for correcting your slave” She had said with a slight trembling voice. This one had been his property for six years, she had lost the last pony competition, and would do anything to help her Master win the next one.

The new girl on the rack had not become a slave conscientiously she was kidnapped. Max had also kidnapped Eve, he had kept her in a cage for weeks, gave her daily one to four heavy whippings, fucked her hard after each whipping and then he put her back in the cage. The cage had holes so he could poke her for hours, while he was watching TV. Max would throw food rests at her, piss on her so his urine stench penetrated her whole body.

He had planned to release Eve after a few weeks of pleasure with her but to his surprise she had asked him to keep her and offered herself to him as a permanent consented sex slave. The next day he had branded her with a hot iron, first he tattooed “PROPERTY

OF” and below he made the branding that marked “MAX” with a oval circle around it.

The branding was the seal of that statement and a very similar way that cattle are branded by their owners. He had heated the home made branding iron with a propane burner till it was white hot, and pushed it on her fair skin for ten seconds, he had bound her good so she could not move or jerk and spoil the branding. The smell of burned flesh that came off the skin smelled like sweet BBQ, he liked it.

At that period in time he had gotten the idea to train her as a pony girl slave, but she did not have the qualities that a pony girl must have, he realized that now. That mistake had cost him five thousand dollar entering fee for the competition. He would not make that mistake again. He had selected this girl, young, athletic, good looking, good figure, legs that could run fast a flat belly, nice hard breasts that would stay firm while running without support. Her neck was long and she had a most beautiful face, cheeks with dimples in it, a small strong nose, almond eyes, a mouth with full sensual lips that were very situated. He had spotted her first at a sport event competition were she had won most of the running events, after a year of looking he could not believe his luck with this one she was good looking, fast on the track and seemed to have an exceptional determination to win. She looked so good on the podium with her golden medal around her neck, she waved and jumped. He had seen her father, mother and little sister, the parents were very proud with their older daughter. Max had started to stalk the whole family the same week, followed them to their home, drove around the neighborhood, see were they shopped, their daily doings, everything he found interesting he noted in a booklet.

The girl had a rag in her pretty mouth now, to keep the noise down, Max did not like the high pitch screams, and this one liked to scream plenty, that would change he knew once she got used to getting pain, when pain almost becomes a pleasure, a relieve, the screaming will stop and mourning will take over.

He gave her a slave name something short, he had decided on Belle, it fitted with her, Belle from “The beauty and the beast.”

He pushed Eve away with his hand on her shoulder she knew that it was the sign to stop cocksucking, to lick his cock dry, kiss his balls and lay down near his feet in the worship position. If it was not done in this way she would surly get another caning of twenty strokes and possible being tied up alongside the new girl. Eve did not know everything what was going on in her Masters head and she did not care, she just wanted to please him, serve him and worship him as she was trained in the last years. She had been very happy with her position. She felt very much woman. She had learned to pay very close attention to her Masters instruction and to follow each command immediately and correctly. She fled slightly jealous with the new girl, her Master gave her so much attention, but it would be fun to have a slave sister she realized, besides she had no say in any of it and had to take it as it came.

Max stood up and instructed Eve to get the bull whip. Eve went to get it and brought it back in her mouth, no slave could hold a torture device in her hand in Max’s dungeon.

She kneeled down before him with the whip in her mouth like a bitch dog bringing the paper to her Master. He took the whip, it felt good in his hand, it was a hand made whip, made by one of the best whip makers in the world, it has cost him dearly but it was worth it. He made it crack in the air, that sound surprised Belle, she pulled by instinct her hand in a frail attempt to protect herself, in doing so it make her choke while her nipples were pulled real hard.

The drugs that Max had used to seduce Belle was also wearing off. The day before he planned to apprehend her, he had introduced himself to her as an US Olympic official, he was in an “old man disguise” so nobody could recognize him later. They were in a coffee shop and she had ordered a tonic that he spiced with a drug. The drug he had brewed himself with cocaine, pain killers and sleeping pills, he had tried it on Eve to see how it worked, after a few tries with different ingredients he had brew something that had worked fine. He put it in the girls drink through a fine hose that was attached on his wrist when he squeezed the bag on his arm the drug would spout into her drink, he distracted the girl by throwing something off the table and she picked it up. It only took a second to put the drug in her drink. The girl had felt real good after she had drank the drink spiced with the drug. Max had offered her a lift home to talk to her parents about joining up in the Olympic athletic team and getting a scholarship. It was her dream come true. She had tried to get a scholarship for a long time, Max had found several envelopes of schools in the garbage on one of his staking trips and he had guessed right that it was for scholarships. After talking a few minutes she was willing to come with him in his car, the cocaine made her feel more courageous, and forgot about all the good advice her mother had given her years ago about “Your do not to go anywhere with a strange man!” He offered her another drink spiced with another “knock out” drug in the car after drinking it she had passed out. She had been asleep in the one hour drive from the city to his country mansion. He had carried her from the car into his pain room. There he had undressed her by cutting her clothing with scissors and stripped them from her body. Then he had spend some time on the rope work he used to tie her up. He knew that the seductive would ware off slowly and the horror of the reality hit her accordingly. She felt very frightened now the sound of the whip made a terrifying sound. She did not know were she was or what was going to happen to her. She tried to say something but then realized that her mouth was gagged. She could only look downwards seeing her breasts going up and down and her nipples being tortured but nothing more, she heard somebody breathing heavily at one point a man having an orgasm? She did not know and felt too much pain to care too much about it she was trying to figure out why when she moved in certain ways she felt pain in other places. When she move her arm her nipples were pulled, when she heard the crack of the whip she had pulled back and the pain that shoot through her body make her bite the rag hard.

Max touched the girl, it was his time to inspect her, to see if she was how he had hoped she was, he felt her breasts, massaged them gently, felt the firmness of them pressed them up and let them fall down they were nice and firm exactly what he wanted, he took off the nipple clamps and inspected the nipple were the nipple ring would fit close to the base of the nipple and the tit. He give the tit a lash with his hand, Max hands were hard of the many spankings he had given Eve and other slave girls. He could easily spank an untrained girl till she screamed and cried, that was no problem his hand would feel warm after. The girl had not expected the lash after the soft strokes on her tits and nipples that had felt release, good feelings that the hand that she could barely see through the bottom of the blindfold, had given her. After two hours of nipple pulling her sore nipples had enjoyed the feelings of the hand massage and than this blow, and another one on the other tit. Belle lost her balance and came hard on the stick between her legs, a sharp pain shoot through her vagina. Again she bit the rag in her mouth, if she only could explain it to this person that did this to her, she did not understand.

Max had seen the girl fall on her pussy and took the pussy stick out the slot. He ordered Eve to get the hot cane, the kind of cane he also used as a rhythm stick when giving pony training.

Max started to cane the girl from bottom to top, every inch of her body was covered with a red lash stripe. He had especially whipped her nipples hard the pain became unbearable to her now she was still tiptoed and her right arm hold her whole body straight. She was screaming out of frustration. Eye water streaming from under the blindfold, she could not see clearly down anymore she could of course not wipe her eyes. She never felt so helpless.

When Max was done with the caning he ordered Eve to lick the girl’s hairy pussy while he fucked Eve in her ass, he had ordered her an enema earlier so her insides were clean, Eve had not eaten in two days, starvation kept her fine and nice the way her Master liked it. After he had finished she had to clean his cock with her mouth what she happily did, Eve was an experienced toilet slave, after failing as a pony it was the faith that befallen her. Max had not taken the failing light and for years Eve had to suffer the consequences, she had to lick his ass clean every time Max had gone to the toilet, she also swallowed his urine when he needed to take a piss and did not feel like going to the urinal. She had learned to like the urine in her mouth as drinking tea.

Eve licked the girls spread pussy like a wolverine while being fucked in the ass she hit the girls soft parts with her teeth several times. Max did not stop till he heard the girl mourning with pleasure. Then he stopped. Max gave Eve the “kneeling up” sign.

Immediately Eve took the kneeling up pose before her Master with her mouth slightly open as she knew how to do it, any time her Master wanted to put his cock in her mouth she was ready and willing. After a caning like he had given the new girl, Eve saw that his cock became very hard and it was swaying left and right as he laid the cane on the new slave girl. The view of it made Eve’s pussy wet and that would be good for when Master wanted to use it, he approved always of her wetness, and she saw that Master was inspecting the girls pussy now, her pubic hair was still on it, no doubt that it would go off very soon, most likely he would put her on the table next, with the leg holders and put her in a position as a gynecologist does when he inspects a woman for a pap smear. Eve had some of the girl’s pubic hair in her mouth but did not take it out. After the caning Max put his hard cock in Eve’s mouth, her mouth was open and he saw the pubic hair on her tongue, Eve started her work in cleaning her Masters cock that had some brown goo on it and held it deep in her mouth, tried to swallow his cock. After the cleaning, Max untied the girl, she fell in his arms and he helped her together with Eve to the genecology table, lay her on it. Belle felt relieved. Max put her legs in the leg holders and tied them down, Belle hands he tied above her head, straps were in place to do the work, he also tied down her belly with a belt that was attached to the bed. He took a small tripod chair and sat in front of her to inspect her vagina, her hair had a rusty-blonde color and was curly, her pussy smelled strong, she had a strong sent, he liked that. He opened the pussy lips that were swollen and red of the stick and the caning and Max put his finger in her and felt the hot wetness of her pussy hole, he already knew that he had made the right choice with this girl, she was going to like this abuse as Eve had, only she did not know it yet. He looked and saw to his surprise that she was still a virgin, the hymen a thin piece of skin that crosses partly over the opening of the vagina was intact, that was very good news, Max smiled, after the competition a number of people would want to buy Belle, and a virgin would increase the price substantially. Especially Arabs wanted virgins, they hung the sheet with the virgin blood out of their window after the first honeymoon night to show everybody that the bride had been a virgin. It was an old tradition and good for Max.

Years ago he used to shave Eve’s pussy but now he found that waxing took less time, and when the hair grew back it felt nicely soft and furry, so he could leave his slave’s puss a while longer, shaving needs to be done every day or so and when the hair grows back it feels rough like sandpaper, a good waxing could stay for a week or longer. Eve had already prepared the hot wax that was being heated on a special small stove, bain-marie style. The wax had already some fine furry hair in it of her own waxings. When the wax was ready she put it in a bowl on a silver platter. She kneeled down next to her Master in the “kneel up” pose, in her hands the silver platter with on it scissors and in a bowl the hot wax with a wooden stick. Max pulled the girls pubic hair a little out and cut it short with the scissors. He threw the hair on the floor, Eve had to clean it later. When the hair was cut he applied the wax with a wooden stick, smearing the hot wax on both sides of her pussy and into her ass hole, the heat was unbearable on the already soar pussy, Bell got tears in her eyes and tried to scream through the rag that was till in her mouth. When the wax was applied he waited a while till the wax thickened and then with one pull he took off all the hair, Bell surprise was enormous and again she could not stop screaming through the agony, she fully realized what was going on now, after she had seen the hand on her naked breasts she had thought that mercy was coming to her, then the man had played with her nipples and pulled them as he was inspecting them. The light massage felt good and she felt thankful for the relieve. Then the caning came she had never felt so much pain at once her whole body was on fire and nothing she could do about it, every move she made to avoid the blows made it more painful. She had stopped fighting it and took the blows as they came. Finally he had stopped and helped her on a table. Belle had the rag in her mouth and her eyes covered with the blindfold, she had muttered: “Thank you Sir” but with the rag in the mouth it mend nothing. She was happy to be out of that awkward situation on the rack. Then she felt that he was tying up her legs and arms but she could barely feel or move her limbs after that long torture on the rack. She felt comfortable until she felt a hand touching her private parts, a finger going in her as a doctor examine her, on her yearly checkup, she could live with that in a way. She felt relaxed she felt the man’s hot breath air on her and felt shame. Then she felt her pubic hear pulled as he was cutting it, when the wax was applied she screamed again not so much out of surprise but more as a relieve, When he pulled the wax of her pussy she realized what was happening this man was waxing her pussy, she had had her upper lip waxed once in a while and that made tears in your eyes come but this!

She was breading very heavily through her nose, since they met in the bar Max had not spoken back to her, now she was laying there naked with a bald pussy he could see her whole exposed body.

Max spoke in a very low voice, his dungeon voice; “From now on you belong to me, your name is Belle, I selected you to be my slave”

Max paused a while to let that sink in and continued “I will take the gag from your mouth and take the blindfold off, you will not talk or do anything contrary or I will put you back on the rack were you were before, and that for the rest of the night.”

Again Max paused a few seconds and then asked “Do you understand?”

Belle nodded her head in a yes

Max took off the blindfold off, Belle blinked her eyes as a strong surgical light shined in her face, then he took off the gag, Belle was quiet, he helped her up and guided her to the cage were Eve had been in, the cage was small, Belle tried to refuse but Max had her in an arm lock and warned her again about the rack, she went in the cage and Max locked it up. The cage was cold and damp and smelled like an men’s urinal she found a way to lay more or less comfortable in it. There were a few holes in it were she saw some light come through but she could not peep and see anything.

Max had ordered Eve to bring his comfortable chair close to the cage, he sat in his chair and put his feet on the cage, Eve kneeling before him, over the years Max had thought Eve several hand signals, like a dog is trained on hand signals she also could do most of the commands on sight. She was always very alert and quick to respond on any command as she was trained to do. He ordered her to lay on the cage, she spread her legs as wide as possible as was expected from her, Max run his finger through her pussy lips they were wet and slimy the way he liked it, he had really enjoyed waxing the girls pussy the smell had made him really hot and horny, now Eve was going to get it. He could not fuck the virgin now. He would avoid getting her pregnant before the pony contest, next year. He fucked Eve hard in her pussy, he had a stick in his hand that he poked through the holes, the stick pushed Belle in the back but in her position she could not avoid the poking in the cage. She could move a little in a frail attempt to avoid the stabbings but then she was poked on different places all the time. It went on for a while and she heard the man making animal like sounds, like he broke in an orgasm but the way you expect from a bear or something. Then the poking stopped and she could lay more or less relaxed for a while.

Max had ordered Eve to bring him some cold beers, he drank them fast, He drank the whole six pack that was in the fridge and Eve was scared he might want more but there were no more she had to write more down on the shopping list, she surely would be punished for that. Max normally did not drink that much beer anyway it could stay in the fridge for months.

After the six beers Max had enough, he had watched some old footage of his home video’s mostly shot in the dungeon with some slaves, his bladder was full now, he ordered Eve to open the cage, Belle was half asleep, she had cried silently herself to sleep, too confused to ask herself the many questions that were dwelling through her brain. Then she fled this warm wetness on her skin, she looked up and saw his man pissing on her, he pissed in her face when she looked up and then on her hair when she turned her face, he kept on pissing on her back and between her legs, she did not dear to move an inch and took all the piss from him without muttering a word. Belle felt very humiliated but in a way did not care long. After Max was finished he ordered Eve to close the lid of the cage and padlock it, they took off the light and went to the bedroom, he put the chain on Eve’s collar it was an old habit, and those die hard. She knew that her Master was preparing to go to sleep. And so he did.

Eve was laying on the floor next to her Master bed. Chained on her neck collar and the bed, if she was needed she could come into the bed without the removal of the chain. She knew she could not rattle her chain or she would be punished so she had learned to move without noise and rattling the chain. In the middle of the night, Master was turning and turning and finally woke up. Eve had learned to sleep very light, cat naps really and was already in service position before her Master woke up. Max’s bladder was full again, he called out loud “Toilet” Eve was on her knees next to her Masters cock in no time, took her Master cock in her mouth and sucked on it ever so gently, Max released his piss in her mouth, she felt the hot urine go directly in her stomach, the force of the release was so strong she did not have to swallow.

From experience she knew that maybe he would release once more before the night was over, in the morning he would have his breakfast in bed as usual before he showered and got ready for work. Would he allow her to be with the new girl? Eve could not wait to find out and talk to her. Finally she had a slave sister thank God for that. Eve’s belly was full of piss now and here was a bucket were she could relieve herself if her Master permitted her. She went to sleep and woke up before daybreak to start a new day and new shores to do.


Belle had not slept much at all maybe dosed off a few times and every time she woke up she thought she was having a nightmare, she felt she would wake up next time and would be back home in her comfortable bed awaken by her CD clock radio with some nice soft music as she was accustom to. What had happened she could not remember, she was talking to a nice old man in the bar, he seemed very nice and polite he opened the door for her, took the chair out for her, it felt a little overdone in a way but still she liked the attention, then they had ordered drinks. She had felt a nice warm feeling come over her he body got kind of numbed and next thing she knew she was with him in the car, were she had drunk another tonic. After that she didn’t know no more till she woke up standing naked tied up in the most uncomfortable position. The cage was totally dark now there was no light no sound nothing, panic fell over her again she felt frightened, was she in hell or something? Had she done something so terrible that she had died and gone to hell?

The pain in her body was still there the soreness on her nipples she wanted to massage them but could not move her arms enough to feel them, her pussy too felt tortured and burned and then the countless cane strokes that covered her whole body. She was just laying there thinking about these things, trying to sleep and maybe when she woke up again all would be gone away.

Max had planned this girls training in very great detail, from the abduction of the young girl, a fresh woman, to the training in every aspect, he had made a plan, the first stage was to brake the girl’s identity, her self, her personality, she had to become a slave.

Meaning she had no say over what was going to happen to herself, he her Master was to decide what she was going to do every hour of the day. The first week she would be tortured every day several times without reason, that was to make her more acceptable to pain and make her realize that she had no way out of it. He could do anything he wanted to her. The pain would become a pleasure, women go through the most painful moment in life when they are in labor of childbirth. Afterwards a woman loves that very child more than anything in the world. Pain makes love and love makes pain.

Today he would start the day with cleaning her up Eve would do most of that, the girl had spend all night covered with his dried urine, Eve would help bade her and shower her, they were not to talk, Max did not allow his slaves to talk at all, he did not like to listen to the complains he had from the very beginning stopped Eve to talk and go into sign language.

Belle saw the light come on through the poke holes, there were no windows in the dungeon only artificial light.

Max sat in his comfortable chair, he started to poke the girl, making sure she was awake before he made Eve open the cage. He heard her mourning in the cage, after a while he made a signal to Eve ordering to open the cage, Eve opened the pad lock and opened the lid of the cage. Bell had been in the fetus position all the while and it was hard for her to get up. Max ordered her: “Get up bitch!” She got up with great effort. He tied her hands behind her back. He put a leather collar with several rings attached to it around her frail neck. He put a bite in her mouth that he attached to her collar keeping her mouth open, a leather belt over her head kept it in place so she could not spit it out. This was already part of her pony training getting used to the bite. It would stay with her indefinitely, the bites would change for different purposes, this one was made of soft rubber so when she bite it hard she would not damage her teeth or bite her tongue he did not want to permanent damage this slave at all, that would give less points in the competition any fault or mark on the slave was deduction in points in the beauty competition, also the teeth were inspected and had to be perfect. Bell had worn stainless steel braises, when she was a teenager, her teeth were perfect and white. Max said to Eve, “Time to clean this stinking slut up, bring her to the showers”. Eve guided Belle to a corner were there was a shower. There was also a hose laying on the floor connected to a high pressure pump.

Eve put the shower on that had only cold water and started to scrub Belle from head to toe. Max put on the high pressure pump and started to spay Belle and Eve with the stinging pressure. Belle was not used to the hurtful force and in her attempt to avoid the torture she fell on the ground, Eve was holding her so she did not fall too hard but now Belle was totally exposed to the pressure hose, Max sprayed every inch of Bells body especially her pussy got a good wash. He also gave Eve a wash, she was used to it and took it gratefully she held her arms high so her Master could spray out her armpits and spread her legs so she got a good bottom wash also.

Max turned off the pressure washer and let Belle lay on the floor, the girl was crying and sobbing. Next he would give her a good belting before he went off to work so he pulled her up on her wet head hair, and brought her to one of the benches, this rig was set up so the slave attached to it had to stand tip toed with spread legs and her behind was sticking out, a good pony girls buttocks must really take good whippings so Max had planned a daily whipping of the buttock as a standard training procedure, the blows came very hard on her she bit the bite hard with every blow, tears sprang in her eyes. Eve was counting the blows for her because the girl had no way of knowing yet how her new Master wanted her to act.

In the competition there are very few rules, once they had laughed about it that there is only one rule, and that is; there are no rules! So the jockeys will whip other ponies or even each other, in the endurance race. There are several competitions the one hundred meter, the four hundred meter, the thousand meter, and the big event is the 30 km or 20

miles race. That is with the steeple cart. There are also dressage events were the ponies are blindfolded and need to follow certain paths, full off dangerous obstacles like broken glass, nails, barbed wire, shocking wire. Last but not least there was the overall beauty contest .

Max left the girl on the bench and ordered Eve to follow him, they went to his bedroom he lay on the bed and ordered Eve to kneel besides him. She knew how far she had to sit from him, so his hand could touch her everywhere her pussy her asshole her breasts. Max ordered her to close her eyes, so she did.

“Do you remember when you failed me slave?” Max questioned her

“Yes my Lord my Master” Eve replied with a soft voice.

“Well I’m going to give you a chance to rectify your failing once and for all” he assured her

“When you do your task right you will get a baby again and if it is a boy you can keep it” Max promised.

“Oh thank you my Lord my Master, what can this slave do for her Master to please him.”

She pleated.

“You will help me train the new slave girl to become the new pony girl champ.” Max ordered her.

“Certainly my Master, thank you my Lord” Eve replied happily.

“In the remote chance that you fail, your punishment will be severe” He assured her.

“Rightly so my Master” She swallowed the last word she could kind of imagine what it would be like if she failed him and did not like the thought.

Eve’s eyes were closed, she felt like she was in heaven she felt her Master playing with her nipples and felt milk dripping from it, he was softly milking her, two years now she was being milked or milked herself about four times a day, her breasts were big swollen and she had stretch marks over her titties, she had been pregnant twice and delivered two girls. She had never seen them Max had taken them away to sell them as soon they were born, but he wanted her to give milk, as long as she was being milked she would not get pregnant easy she knew. Milk ran out of her breasts effortless just a small squeeze and milk started to flow already. She had two nipple rings that made her nipples more sensitive. It was part of her past pony girl training, were Master would control, lead and steer her with the nipple rings, it was an effective way because the hurt was intense and therefore errors few.

“You will be her Mistress, to start you will teach her all the poses and commands that you know. You will report all progress to me, errors she makes will be punished by you or me from now on you are allowed to use some of the pain tools.” Max was letting the milk drip in the palm of his hand he was going to let her massage his back with her nipples, the milk would be like body lotion. He liked it that way. He drank every morning her mothers milk for breakfast, it gave him extra strength he thought. He needed the extra strength to fuck much during the day and night.

Eve was thinking about her babies, the first one she had been happy to be pregnant she had looked out to deliver the baby and hold it in her arms, let it suck her nipple, but she had never seen it. Max had delivered the baby himself cut the cord, wash the baby and put it in another room, as soon as Eve had pushed out the Placentia he had led her to her cell and locked her up, give her a two day ration in her bowls. He had jumped in his car and gone to the city and stayed in his safe house. There he had the people come over interested in adopting the child for a good price. The sale had gone good. The next day he send the money to his foreign bank account.

Eve had not long given milk after the first pregnancy, Max had not really paid too much attention to the milking of Eve, when her tits dried out he felt unhappy about it and got the idea to set Eve on a milking schedule after she delivered again. Three months later she got pregnant again, once she had asked her Master if she could keep the new baby he had only replied with “perhaps”, that had given her courage, but Max had sold the next girl child again he wanted a son a girl child was no use to him. Max set Eve on a milking program so her tits would not dry out this time.

He had told her he would cut off her tits if they dried out again. She knew her Master he did not tell anything in vain. He would do it if it happened. So she milked herself to the set schedule, when she woke up first thing she did was to set the vacuum pump on her nipple and suck both tits till they would stop give milk it would give a good cup full enough for her Master’s breakfast. At noon she would milk herself again and keep it in the fridge, Master liked to drink it cold when he came from work. She would milk again later in the afternoon and before going to bed. She drank enough water and powder cow milk herself to keep up a good supply. Max had experimented with the extra milk to make cheese and butter but the milk was not fat enough, he had given Eve even an extra fat diet to see if her milk would become thicker but it didn’t really and gave up the idea.

Now he let Eve bottle the extra milk and every week he would sell it to the same contact he had from the black market adoption people, it seems there are substitute mothers out there that would give good money for real titty milk. It is the best for the child after all. In the old days wet nurses were hired for a rich mother when her breast milk supply was not enough. These wet nurses gave milk for years on end helping several children grow up strong.

Sometimes her Master would milk her with his hand, suck the nipples with his mouth or use the milk as body lotion like today. To massage her Master’s back she first sprayed some milk on his back by gently squeezing her tits and then she used her large breasts to masse his back, by the rolling motion of the titties more milk would spill out her nipples and become a lubricant for his massage.

She would also be ordered to massage his cock and balls the same way gently almost tickling. Eve was a good masseuse with her tits and her hands and in a way with her mouth when she sucked her Master cock and ass.

The girl Bell was still strapped on the bench with her ass high up, her asshole was good visible, it was a bit brown around the asshole, now all the hair was gone it showed, Max thought to bleach it later so it would become whitish pink, when the ponies are inspected point are given for the ass too. A brown ass just don’t look good a pink asshole is more inviting. Max knew now that Belle was a virgin and would not brake her virginity but her ass was open for him always. She was never used from behind and that would give him extra pleasure, it was important he kind of raped her now to brake her spirit some more.

He ordered Eve to prepare an enigma to clean her bowels, Max did not like shit on his dick even Eve would gladly clean it up with her greedy mouth. She loved shit now, but he just didn’t like it on his cock. Eve hung the bag with soapy warm water on a hook and inserted the hose in Belle’s asshole she let the water run into her bowels, Belle had never experienced this, she could not see anything and she felt the water run into her intestines, it made her feel full and she had to go to the bathroom. When the bag with water was empty Eve removed the hose, Belle had to go to the bathroom now, she was afraid to let go. Max told her “Let it go slave or I whip it out of you” with that she just let go, Eve had a bucket ready to catch Belle’s stool, what had spilled Eve wiped up with a cloth. Max ordered her to repeat the enema’s till the water was clear, and so Eve did, twice more and the water was satisfactory clear to Max’s opinion. Eve put some Vaseline cream on Belle’s ass and she spilled a little on her cheeks. Max saw that Eve wanted to wipe it off with the cloth, He ordered “Use the whip to clean it off” So Eve used the whip for the first time, it was an awkward feeling for her she gave Belle about twenty strokes, not hard like Max did, Max was very good with the whip, he knew when the skin would break and leave permanent marks, that was not good enough for a prized pony girl, for a slut like Eve it didn’t matter but for Belle he could not leave any marks. When he needed to give her more pain he would use electricity shocks later on if necessary.

Eve was kneeling next to the girl with her mouth slightly open, Max put his cock in her mouth and she started to suck it gently, when his cock was stiff enough to enter that small ass hole, he pushed it in, it didn’t go in right away he had to give it a little more force, the girl was breading heavy and screaming through her bite, Max had the cane in one hand and her head hair in the other, “Stop screaming or you get punished slave” he said, Bell made an effort to hold her screams, Max caned her back anyway, she let go some small screams again. Max found she was trying hard to control her screaming now. His cock went in all the way in, he could see how her ass was parted with his big cock in the little hole it felt good. Max would ride her a while roughly with the head hair in his hand pulling it every time he made a stroke, he pulled his cock out of her ass up to his cock head and then shoved it all the way back in while he pulled her hair. Belle was going

“Aye aie aie” with every stroke but after a while she started to like it somewhat. When she stopped the auwing he caned her back again, a buggered girl must do some “auwing”, it is the music in the Master’s ears.

Before he came he pulled back and put his cock in Eve’s mouth, no use to waste good cum in an asshole if there is a greedy mouth waiting for it. He spilled some of his seed over Eve’s face and it burned a little in her open eyes, she did not close then, she knew that was an offence and would be punished for it. She took her finger and pushed all the spilled cum in her greedy mouth swallowing it down quickly not wanting to waste a drop of her Masters cum.

He un-strapped the girl from the bench it was time for Max to leave now, he handcuffed the girl with her hands on the back and forced her to the floor. Then he told Eve “You know what to do, I depend on you”

“Yes my Master my Lord, thank you Sir” and she fell in the worshipping position before her Master left. He locked the door of the pain room.

Now they were together, Eve knew that her Master had listening devices and perhaps even hidden cameras all over the place. Many times he had known too well what was going on without him being there. She had to do what her Master had ordered; she had to be the Mistress to this new girl.

The girl was trying to say something but with the bit in her mouth it was hard to understand. Eve listened to her carefully, the girl said “Please for some water”. Eve saw that the girl was thirsty, she must have lost a lot of body fluids by sweating, slime that had dripped from her mouth and expose in general. In the pain room there was no water source so Eve put her tit close to the girl’s mouth and squeezed it gently a spray of milk came out of it and went straight in the girl’s mouth. Belle had never tasted mother’s milk before but she liked the sweet taste of it, right now she would even have drunk Max’s piss gratefully, so thirsty she was.

The milk gave her some new strength. Eve helped the girl to sit up on her knees, she said to the girl, “I’m your Mistress, you will obey any order I give you, I’m allowed to use the whip and other torture methods on you by our Master and I will do so if you are disobedient. Do you understand?”

The girl said “Yes” with the bite in her mouth it did not sound like it, Eve gave her a lash with the cane on her tits and said in a demanding voice: “Yes Mistress, From now on you always answer Master and me with Yes Master or Yes Mistress, we don’t like the no word much so use is sparely or avoid it completely. Do you understand?” Eve said to the girl in a strong voice.

“Yes Mistress” Belle replied, she was staring at Eve to see what her next move would be.

She got another lash on the tits and Eve said strictly “Don’t stare at your Master or me, lower your eyes.”

Belle looked down, Eve continued “Ok slave that is better, you are in the ‘Kneel down’

position now, press your tits forwards your shoulders backwards knees one foot apart, now bitch!” Eve almost shouted the last words, she felt good to talk to this girl like this it felt good to be on top sometimes. To her the girl didn’t do it right and fast enough, she got three lashes and continued “Tits forwards, shoulders back!” again she gave a lash on the girls tits now somewhat harder, she really had to train this girl fast otherwise her Master would not approve and she did not want to think about the consequences about that.

Belle was confused what was happening to her? She could not talk good all she could do was mumbling somewhat thought the bite in her mouth. The pain of the lashes was hot but not so hot as the lashes she had gotten the night before from that maniac Master. She felt that she better listen to this person who called her, “Her Mistress”, when would the nightmare end she was thinking while Eve was lashing her.

It came as a revelation to Belle suddenly she realized she better did what was expected from her then all would be better so Eve had told her.

So Belle started to concentrate on Eve’s orders “kneel down” was kneeling with her butt on her feet, her feet slightly crossed and her legs about a foot apart. Her body straight, tits forwards and her back slightly bent, belly held in, her head hold high and straight her eyes look downwards to her knees, shoulders backwards. Hands on legs or if ordered behind back or on top of her head. Eve was always ordered to put her hands on her head as a standard procedure, her tits heavy with the milk inside were starting to sag and Max liked the way they looked when she had her hands above her head. It was not easy to hold that position long. It would take hours and days of training to have the girl sit in the right position for a satisfactory time.

“Kneel Up” was the next position that the girl had to learn, it was very similar to the Kneel down position but now she had to stand on her knees, it was the same pose that Eve did when she was cocksucking her Master. Also she had to press her tits forwards, butt backwards and her mouth slightly open so her mouth looked inviting for Master to put his cock inside. She would let the girl sit in this position when her Master came home to show him she had learned something this day.

Eve also showed Belle how to do the worship position, that was when you kneel down and then bend forwards with hands in front of you as swimmers jump in a pool head first.

Her nipples must reach the ground in this position and her butt reach up as much as possible.

Eve decided to give the girl five basic poses to start learn and repeat them daily, whip them into her if necessary. But the girl was learning fast and it seemed like she was really paying attention to what was expected from her.

Eve thought that Master would be happy with her, Eve ate from the bowl of food that she had prepared for herself, the girl did not get any food for now, Master’s orders, he wanted to see the little “fast food fat” on her melting away before she get anything solid.

The girl had worked hard on her poses standing up kneeling down, the worship position, Eve had also thought her the hand signals as well as the verbal orders to do the poses.

The endless standing up kneeling down bending over and the lack of food had made her a little nauseous and she started to feel a little sick.

Eve knew there was still longs ways to go until she was totally trained, Eve helped Max train and retrain other slaves, there were some of Max’s customers that were pimps who had a number of whores that they didn’t feel had time to slave or whore train them, One to three weeks in Max’s hands any bitch whore would become a willing Hooker, and the pimp would make twice or more the money with a girl like that, they were better to the customer, brought in more tips, customers would tell their friends or come themselves more frequent.

A Hooker meaning a prostitute that knows her business in making the customer satisfied.

Any woman can be and perhaps is a whore but it takes practice to become a good Hooker. The word Hooker comes from a General Joseph Hooker that was an army commander in the American Civil war, he hired women and trained them as entertainment for his troops. He found that a man that had emptied his balls before a battle fought better, maybe the soldier fought so hard to win and survive so he could do it again! The name Hooker stuck for a well trained whore or woman.

A girl trained by Max as a Hooker, was the best, she was in fact totally slave trained plus the fact that she was thought to obey different customers and being very submissive to them, most men loved that. Customers were always called “Sir”, they were trained to talk polite, please and serve. Sometimes often due to the fact that the pimp had spoiled one of the Hookers, there needed to be a retraining session, no doubt to the dismay of the whore in question. When she was rude or disobedient to her customers or pimp, the pimp sometimes called Max in to retrain her. In most cases one retraining was enough for the whore to become a Hooker forever or till the pimp decided to released her. It was not something the whores looked forward to be retrained by Max. But all had to thank their pimp for giving them a new chance to become a good Hooker before they were returned to heir pimp. “Thank you Master Ritchie for having me retrained to serve you and your customers better, Master Max has rightfully shown me my shortcomings and I’m totally devoted to my work now Sir.” Something of the nature they would say to their Master before they were returned, they were hooked to a small lie detector and if it failed they were dragged into the pain room again for a week or till they got it right.

When Master Max would be back in the house a light would come on so Eve would know she had to prepare herself for her Master arrival. She had already milked herself and put the milk in a plastic cup on a table, they were locked in the pain room now so she could not get to the refrigerator. Belle was sitting next to Eve in the Kneel Up position Eve had her mouth slightly open, Belle still had the bite on so her mouth was always open, slime dripped from the side of her mouth and it dripped along her chin between her tits. Her mouth was painfully sore now, but she needed to get used to the bit so it would stay there at least another week. By then her mouth would be used to it, like walking in new shoes.

Max went to his bedroom he lay on his bed dressed. He had a remote control in his hand.

A panel door opened and a whole set of monitors were visible, he rewind the tapes of the surveillance system and watched them he could see that Eve had been training the girl in the kneeling and other poses it some of the footage he looked at with some more interest, he saw that Eve had given the girl her breast milk to drink. He would handle that, against instructions not to give her any food or drink.

When Max entered the pain room both women were kneeling next to each other and Eve expected to have her Master cock in her mouth as he usually did, but he did not. He passed them and they stayed in their position as was expected. Max did not allow any form of insurgence. To allow one wrong step was to ask for trouble in the future.

He ordered Eve up and to come to the lie detector, Eve felt bad in her gut there was something wrong. Eve had to sit in the “electric chair” it was a wooden chair with straps very much like an electric chair were dead row convicts have there last breath. Eve knew it was to no avail to resist this, he strapped her up her head, arms legs belly then he applied the wires, the once that were connected to the lie detector and the once that were applied to the electric shock generator that produced high voltage shocks. He brought the girl also to the chair and she had to kneel up before Eve, her eyes grew wide by seeing Eve in the chair with all those wires on her. There were wires on her hands, wrists, heart on her nipple rings were two thick wires, on her forehead and temples also were wires.

Eve looked in horror to the girl she knew what was coming and could do nothing about it, the thought alone did her sweat. The salty sweat made the electricity conduct even better.

Max sat comfortable in his chair behind the panel that controlled the lie detector and the shock generator, he put the system on and it gave a light zoom, the lie detector started to work.

Max asked Eve “Did you have any problems with the girl today?”

Eve thought she hadn’t and said “No my Master”

Max pushed a button that send twenty five thousand volts to the nipple rings, it felt like Eve’s tits exploded tears sprang from her eyes her mouth was in a total horror way pulled her eyes looked like they wanted to pop from their sockets.

Max released the button after 6 seconds and he said “You know that I don’t like the NO

word slave don’t use it again”

Then he asked “Did you feed the girl today”

Eve did not know what to answer she felt terrible that she had vexed her Master so that he had to take this measure to make her talk.

Eve answered with a shaken voice “My good Master I have done as you have ordered me and have fed the girl nothing.”

Max pushed two buttons now one send the high current to her temples and the other to her clitoris. The pain was immense she could not breath it shocked her for a while. Eve thought that she had failed the lie detector but it was what Max had seen on the screen that made him torture her so. Sweaty water was running along her body now.

Eve had closed her eyes, Max had gone to the girl and asked her what her Mistress had given her to eat or drink, the girl frightened said that Eve had given her some of her breast milk to drink.

Eve had kind of forgotten about that.

“So you give her my breast milk to drink?” Max asked Eve with a voice of a judge.

“Yes my Master, this slave is truly sorry for the sorrow she caused to her Master, thank you for the punishment my Lord” Eve tried to sound as sincere as possible, deep inside she felt that she had done nothing wrong but that she could not reveal to her Master.

“Well you think it is over yet? Think about something else that you have done wrong today so I can give you a final push on the button, else I give you three more if you find nothing”

Eve’s mind was racing now what could she tell him she did wrong, he would not give her much time neither he was not very patient with that. He was vexed about given the girl a little breast milk she could not think about something. Max pushed one button for four seconds then the next for six seconds and the last for eight seconds, Eve had gone trough hell before but this was too much she had fainted by the last push that had send the high hot current through her brain. She had passed out Max saw on the monitor that she had still a heartbeat.

He went to Eve and gave her some quick salt to sniff she woke up. He untied her and ordered her to kneel up and so she did, he put his cock in her mouth as he would have done Eve started to suck her Masters cock ever so gently.

He took Belle’s bit out, she was happy about it and opened and closed her mouth for a while to relax her mouth.

Max asked: “Are you thirsty slave?”

Belle replied: “Yes my Master.”

Max had spotted Eve’s milk on the table in the cup and he give it to Belle to drink “Well it seems like you enjoy Eve’s titty milk you can have a go on this”

Belle took the cup and said “Thank you my Master my Lord” and she gulped the milk in the cup fast down.

“So lets see what you have learned today” Max was eager to get to the girl and give her a final whipping for the day.

“Kneel down” he ordered the girl she sat as she had learned during the day, Eve hoped she made no mistake or perhaps her Master would be vexed with her more.

Belle sat down she was still shocked of seeing the torture to Eve she was not really comfortable at all so she did not really think of what she was doing, her legs were too close together, her back not a little bent her feet not crossed, He took the cane and lashed it in Eves face a red stripe came across her cheek right away then he threw the cane in her lap, “Teach her how to” he ordered Eve, Eve jumped up with the cane in her hand and started to whip Belle and shouted “Legs apart you bitch, what are you doing? You forget everything I though you, you want to make me look bad before my Master you piece of shit” she was lashing the girl hard and plentiful, Belle was till handcuffed and could not protect herself. Max was enjoying this, he got an idea, He said “Eve stop” she stopped right away, “I see that this slave wants to discredit you, you can chose whatever you like to correct her what will it be?” Eve looked at the girl believing now that she had done this on purpose to make her look bad in the eyes of her good Master, was it not through her that she had ended up on the electric chair? Eve looked at the chair and said to her Master

“My Master, my good Lord I want her on the chair as you have done me.”

“So be it” Max replied, he gave Eve the sign to put her on the chair, Eve pulled the girl on her hair and dragged her to the chair, the girl was fighting and kicking. Eve fastened the leather straps around her legs, belly, Max opened her handcuffs that had made red blue marks on her wrists, Eve tied down her arms on the chair strapped her head in the vice so she could not move it. Max applied the shock wires to her arms, legs and head.

The girl had no rings in her pussy or nipples yet so Max used alligator clamps directly to her clit and nipples he also put the electrodes to her temples and forehead. He would have a few hours fun with this one, having Eve in the chair was just a diversion to him to make the girl see what horror the chair gave, to Eve. He had used her as an example found an excuse to punish with the breast milk. Now he used Eve to make the girl suffer, Belle now found that it was Eve that punished her not him, He did not want that the two woman grew to like each other, Eve giving Belle breast milk was a sign that Eve liked the girl as a mother or friend, not as a mistress slave, this was Max’s way to change that.

Belle was totally confused and frightened she feared for her life, if she had anything in her bowels she would have shit it out right now but she had not eaten in two days and she had gotten an enema that had cleaned her inside good, she was hungry, thirsty, hurt, weak and wary overall.

Max had set the shock generator to a lower voltage so it gave pleasure to the person rather than pain, it worked like a vibrator rather than a torture machine, Eve found it surprising that the girl started to mourn like she gotten a orgasm rather than screaming in pain. Eve was kneeling before the girl, she saw her sweat run from her breasts, sweat drops hung a while on her nipple were it dropped on her lap. Eve saw the girls pussy wired the alligator clamp squishing her clit, she felt good and bad about the whole situation. Half an hour passed and the girl had one orgasm after the other, then like lightning strikes Max turned the button of the tit wires to full power, the girl’s breasts felt like they exploded “AAAAAH” she could not scream like something had cut off her voice it was the high voltage electricity that made every nerve in her body malfunction.

He give it four seconds and cut it off the clit wire was still set to vibrator so the vibration of her pussy went on but she could first not feel that trough the pain from her nipples and tits. Her breasts felt warm the electricity had heated them somewhat like a microwave, in the electric chair inmates were “cooked” till they were dead and that with much more electricity. The voltage was similar to what they used on the real chair, but the amps were lower so it would not kill the slaves in Max’s chair, it could stun them like a stun gun but it would not kill them.

The pain however was immense, Belle could not move much her head was tight in a vice, her arms legs and belly her legs were spread so her hairless pussy was visible and open.

Max left the two for a while and went to watch TV for a while, Belle still felt the vibrator on her pussy and she started to forget about the pain in her tits and feel the nice feeling in her belly again, never she had gone from high pain to immense pleasure in such a short while. Max had set the system on a timer and every half an hour she would get a four seconds shock through her tits and then the pleasure in her pussy again she was in the chair for 3 hours when Max came back, Eve was still the kneeling position before Belle.

Max sat down before the panel, he pushed all buttons like he had done with Eve, Belle also passed out but the heart rhythm alarm came on, her hart had stopped!, A slight panic broke for Max had he gone too far? What about his pony girl? He rushed to the chair and fast opened the straps, Eve helped him laying the girl on the floor, Max knew CPR and he started to breath air in Belles mouth, and then pumped her heart repeated it a few times, the alarm came off she had a pulse again, Max was relieved, all the work he had put into this girl was almost in vain. He lifted her up and put her on the table. He would let her come by for a while, he went to look TV and took Eve with him. He took a long belt from the rack and made Eve kneel before him. He ordered her to suck his cock and while she had it in her mouth he started to lash her with the belt on her back, “You see you almost made me kill her” he told her, Tears came to Eve’s eyes, again she had vexed him somehow, this girl really came on the wrong time.

The girl was asleep on the gynecologic bed he woke her, took her from the bed and pulled her roughly on her hair to the cage, it was again time to go into the cage, Belle was tired and wanted to go to sleep she didn’t care too much were, she lay in the cage and fell to sleep, she didn’t feel the poking of her Masters stick anymore, nor the hot piss on her back.


Eve brought the breakfast like every morning on the bed of her Master, a glass of breast milk, some toast an egg, hot coffee. He ate from the silver platter while Eve was fighting with her food in a dog bowl, she was not allowed to use her hands, she had taken some cornflakes with milk and sugar.

Max was thinking what he would do today with the girl, he nearly lost her last night that was very bad, he wondered if she had a heart problem, she could have a big heart common with athletes, he had to be more careful with her, no more chair for her he had to think something else.

He went to the cage to see if she was all right, he opened it and pulled Belle out of the cage. Then he put the bite back on and tied her arms in front of her with some cotton rope. He guided her to the rack were she was set the first time. Max tied the girl with her arms up and stiff enough so she had to stand tiptoed, then he tied her leg apart with some rope. He tied a rope between her legs and attached it so it gnaws in her vagina. He let her stand like that for half an hour, the position was so that she would tire standing on her toes and then sit on the rope but that would be painful to an already tortured pussy and clit so she would try to stand again, it was called riding de donkey because the slave in this position would stand up sit down over and over like riding on a donkey. Eve was doing her shores she was making food for every body the girl too that on Max’s orders, The new pony girl had to learn to eat from a bowl, she had to be very hungry by now and it would be fun to see how she smeared her face with the food while trying to gulp as much food as possible.

It was Max system to wear a girl down, and to make her instincts take over. Let her forget about good manners and other things normal people occupy most of their lives on, the girl would become an animal and that started to happen with Belle already, the younger the girls the better, she had a good age.

Belle was mourning now on the rope, Max had a hard belt in his hand he started to belt Belle again from bottom to the top during the torture he took away the rope from between her sore pussy flesh, the belt was not as painful as the cane unless it was hit really heart then blisters could appear. When done he left her alone again for an hour or so and he came back to cut her loose. She was so weak that without the rope support she fell on the floor, he untied her hands and tied them on her back. He pulled her on her hair to his bedroom there the bowl of food was standing. “Kneel down slave” he ordered her she did what she was told then he pushed the bowl with food in her direction,

“Eat” he said. Bell still had the bite in her mouth so eating was very hard but she had to learn it she could not masticate the food but the cornflakes had become soggy in the milk and she tried to lick and suck as much as she could a few times she choked on the food but continued to fight with it. Max enjoyed seeing her eat like that. Eve was sitting in front of him as usual with his cock in her mouth. He was milking her while he was looking at the girl eat. Her whole body was red swollen from the belting.

Eve felt good that her Master was in a happy mood. She loved it when he smiled a little Yesterday had shocked her in an unusually sense. It was years that she had been seated on the chair and now for the first time in a long time, she would never take part on the side of another slave again and vex her Master so, it was not worth it. Only devotion to her Lord and Master, and she would rapport to him everything that happened from now on.

She heard the girl making a lot of noise with her bowl if it was her doing, she would have been punished already by her Master and rightly so it was very bad to make so much noise eating as a slave.

Max pushed Eve on the shoulder, she licked his cock dry and kissed his balls “Thank you Master” she said, while she took the worshipping pose.

Max paid very little attention to her, the girl had not really eaten very much and the food was spilled over the floor, to eat with the bite in her mouth was very hard, but she was so hungry still. Max took the girl by the hair and guided her to a room the girl had never been in. It was the pony training section of his dungeon, the pony walker was a central vertical axel with a horizontal beam on it were he tied the pony girl on the end of the horizontal pole, so she would be running in rounds. Belle was still naked and had been since she arrived, Max untied her hands, and took out the bite from her mouth, she did not try to hide her nakedness anymore and was glad she could move her cheekbones without the bite.

“Now Belle, this is what this is all about, from now on you will earn your food by running in this pony walker, if you do well you get to eat your food from the bowl without the bite. You understand slave?”

Bell looked at Max for a split second and replied “Yes Master I will run fast for you.”

Max replied “Good slave, make me proud and I will give you less whippings.”

Belle replied “Thank you Master for being so good to your slave.” Belle had learned a few dictions lessons from Eve how to address her Master she was doing fine.

Max took a pony head gear from a rack full of leather articles, he put it on Belle and tied her on the pony walker, the floor had sand and sawdust, Belle had to run with bare feet in it and it hurt her soft feet some, but she was trying to get used to the gear, the running in a circle all the time was strange at first. Then her Master would whip her every time she passed so she tried to slow down a little. Her hands were strapped on a waist belt next to her body so her buttocks were totally exposed to her Masters whip, this was a long whip used for training horses, the lashes were very painfully stinging. After half an hour Belle was totally exhausted running in this outlandish way and Max a little frightened with her hart let her stop. He stroke her beautiful hair while he said “You done well pony you can finish your food” When the bite came off Bell thanked her Master for letting her run and that she gotten the food. She ate the food and licked her bowl, without the bite it didn’t take long. She fell asleep next to her bowl, Max let her lay down and rest for an hour.

After her rest he made her kneel, “Now you must taste my seed for the first time, don’t let a drop go to waste or you go back on the rack till morning, Belle took her Master’s cock in her mouth, first his cock head, then the shaft a little deeper he rammed it in till she shocked and wanted to vomit but she had seen Eve doing it and tried to hold it in as much as possible, the food that she had just earned with running and then the tedious feeding from the bowl she did not want to vomit and lost the precious food in her belly. Belle was biting slightly on Max’s cock he wanted her to vomit and start all over again, and finally she did vomit all the milk and cornflakes with stomach juices got out of her belly on the floor. Max put his cock back in her mouth Belle was shocking heavily on his cock now slime and old food spilling from her mouth, she bite it again a little harder by mistake really, Max pushed the girl roughly away she and fell on the floor,

“You little slut bite my cock!” He pulled her on her hair back to the pain room he threw her on a bench that had a fucking machine attached, but instead of putting the dildo in her pussy he put it in her mouth and as far as it could reach, then he started the machine the girl was really choking now and he thought again he had gone too far the dildo going really deep in the girls throat she was totally red in her face, he pulled her back a little and that seemed better, no pain no gain he thought he bound her like a sausage on the bench, her back, behind and legs was full of red stripes in all directions. Max found he had done a good job on her so far she was already showing signs of total submission the only reason she was not totally submitted was that she had not enough training, a week more and then he would spend most of the time on the pony training, he did not care if she sucked a cock good or not, those matters did not count on the pony field.


Belle was taken out of her cage and cleaned up in the shower, she got her breakfast in her bowl, cornflakes as usual but this time there was no milk only dry flakes. She was sitting in front of her bowl waiting for the sign she could start to eat. Max held his cock in his hand and pissed right into her bowl, when it was half full he pissed the rest of his bladder in the girls face, she was dripping with his piss, but by now she was used to the smell of it and it didn’t bother her anymore, he gave the sign she could start to eat now and she started to put her face in the bowl with cornflakes drenched in Max’s piss she ate all of it and licked her bowl clean as was expected from her.

After five days Belle would not dream to go against any of her Master’s orders the repeated punishment had broken her spirit down now she started to think and feel as a slave and funny enough she liked it. She felt free in a strange kind of way, free that she did not have to act in a way society had taught her to. Form early childhood till one is an adult, people are expected to live in a society in a certain way. Max had shown her that there were other ways, that there was a thin line between pleasure and pain, love and hate. That her body was used as a sexual object, something that was really against most feministic laws. But she liked it she liked being used like a pony it make her wet till deep inside she had never experienced such a mixture of emotions, she did not know if she hated Max or loved him. She felt really funny about that. It was obvious that Eve loved him deeply she gladly would give her life for him. She had decided that when she had the chance to be in the pony training room again she would show her best to her Master, try to make him proud of her, run gracefully chest forwards, buttocks backwards as he had told her to do. But she knew by now that he would give her a next lashing, the pain of the lashings were not so intense anymore as in the beginning but still painful enough to make tears come into her eyes. She did not fully understand why she was repeatedly being lashed and tortured, and did not care too much she just took it and go on. She figured if she did her best in the pony room she would get less lashes.

In a way she was right, without explaining to her she had to figure out herself that mistakes were being punished and achievement being rewarded, up to now she hadn’t done nothing much the right way, she was still too clumsy and Max was not the type of person that had too much patients with a slave. Max’s reward could be a stroke on the head and a “well done” that was often enough for the slave to feel rewarded she was appreciated by her Master and that was for a trained slave like Eve more than enough to give it all she got the next time to please her Master even more. Serving, pleasing and worshipping their Master was what a good slave was all about. The pleasing part was often the most difficult. Max was also a person with a very complex personality, what pleased him one day or even one hour did not please him the next. Eve knew some of Max favorite things like the cocksucking she knew that having her Master cock deep in her throat pleased him greatly, he would softly stroke her hear, milk her breast gently while she was trying to swallow his cock, it gave him and her great pleasure.

For now the only pleasure the girl gave Max was her suffering, Max liked to see a person in agony, he being a sadist, an ancient instinct that most men have, however buried when living in a “good mattered society”.

Max pulled Belle on her hair and led her to the bathroom again, he did not want her to smell all day like “Jacks Urinal” He had her shampooed by Eve, under the cold water her nipples turned very hard. Max had never seen Belle with makeup on and he felt she should use some today, in fact both slaves could make themselves pretty. So he ordered Eve to teach Belle more poses and have her en herself in full makeup and ware a one piece dress by the time he came back from his work. Eve had replied “Yes my Master my Lord, I will dress her like a princess and make her beauty shine in your eyes”

Max thought how Eve had remembered the diction lessons he had given her in how to address her Master properly. Eve would related those ways to Belle now it was also part of her training.

During the day Max got a phone call from Frankie, on of Max’s pimp customers, he asked if Max could retrain one of his whores, Frankie explained that the bitch was stepping out of line. No doubt that Frankie himself had spoiled the girl and later could not bring her back in line. Max could use the extra money it would bring to retrain this girl, it would not take too long he knew Sylvie, he had “Hooker trained” her before and she was not too difficult in his book. So he made an appointment in the evening to pick her up at his safe house in the city.

That night Max was in his house in suburbia when de doorbell rang, he looked at the monitor of the surveillance system that was also hooked to the internet. Max could see from his country home who was on the door in his city house hundred miles away. It was Frankie with his whore Sylvie, he pressed the button on the door to open it. Sylvie looked a bit drugged but when she saw Max she panicked and wanted to take off, Frankie held her tight, “So little bitch this is the surprise I got for you, a vacation with your old Master Max.” Sylvie had on her collar and Max took a chain and put it on her collar, this way it was safe that she could not take off. He tied her hands behind her back and pushed her to lay on her belly on the floor.

Max and Frankie were sitting comfortably in the leather chairs and chatting about Sylvie and other matters relating to the whoring business. Max had lain low a little the last month or so, he was busy finding a pony girl that he had neglect his usual business in training Hookers. Frankie was complaining a little about it that he had tried and tried again to get Max. This bitch had not performed well at all and he did not know what to do with her.

Max had assured not to worry about it and in a week she would be the good old Hooker he had before.

Sylvie heard the conversation and stared to weep when she heard Max tell Frankie that she would be retrained, she remembered the hardship before and did not look forwards to a crash course in Max’s dungeon. Before Frankie left she made a final attempt and pleaded with Frankie to give her a break, she would be the same good Hooker as she was when they first met. But to no avail, Frankie was too frustrated with this whore, a week or so Max’s hands and she would be good again for a long time.

Max gave Sylvie a home brew seducer in her mouth, that knocked her out good, and carried her in the trunk of his car, the car was in the garage of the house, he also gagged her and hog tied her just in case she would wake up prematurely and start to make racket in the trunk. He had seen it all before and had become very cautious about all the details in transporting somebody in his vehicle, there was always that slight chance to be stopped by a patrol car.

The short trip from the city to his country house was uneventful and the whore was still sleeping when he arrived. He picked her up and lay her on a trolley he used to transport his victims to his house and dungeon. He gave her another seduction and painkillers, that would give the chance for the whore to wake up in her nightmare very slowly. Max had found that it gave the best when the slaves came to their senses slowly it gave better results afterwards. He then prepared the “rotating wheel”, it was a rig Max had designed himself it was a steel circle of hallow pipe about six feet diameter with four straps attached to it, two for the feet and two for the hands. The circle was sitting in a frame and hold up by four wheels, that way the steel circle could spin around by hand or by an electric motor. This rig gave access to any body part, up wards or down wards, front and back. Access for flogging whipping or anything else Max wanted to do. Max stripped the whore with scissors he cut off her clothing. The whore was then attached naked to the circle by her wrists and ankles with broad restrainers, restrainers that did not cut off the blood for long time hanging in the rig. He saw she needed a waxing badly, all in due time he thought, a re-trainer course would take some talking to the whore, he didn’t wanted to have the whores come back to him over and over, it was bad for his reputation if he could not brake them into good Hookers the pimps would stop using his services. The whore was spinning around about once every 20 minutes she was blindfolded and had a gag ball in her mouth, she slowly woke up feeling kind of seasick, the spinning around made her nauseous. The feeling of falling, hanging upside down and sideways made her pull on the restrainers, she could not fall of course but being drugged and blindfolded it took a good while realizing what was going on. Panic set in at first then trying to resist and when that failed terror started to take over. Max had left the whore a while already and gone to see the other two slaves, the pain room was dark and silent, only the soft humming of the electric motor that made the wheel spin.

Max saw the two slaves sitting kneeled side by side both with a white Stola dress on. A dress used by Roman women in ancient times and the only dress Max allowed from time to time his slaves to use. They had makeup on, eye liner, lip stick not too much the way Max liked it and Eve had learned to use it. Eve and the girl had enjoyed this makeup thing in the afternoon combing heir hair, having their face look nice, dressing up for their Master. Belle had continuously been instructing what Max liked by Eve; Master likes this, Master likes that, the girl had listened and said little, she enjoyed the make over too after all the pain of the last few days this was a great break and did not want to spoil it with a wrong remark. It had happen a few times too much already. She liked the instructions and guidelines Eve gave her, would help her to please her new Master and serve him better.

Eve had whispered in the girls ear while combing her hair that if Master asked her if she wanted to leave now the best answer would be; “I like to stay here serving my Master”, otherwise it would be very bad for her.

Max came in the room were the two girls were sitting in a “kneeling up” position with their mouth slightly open, Max took his half hard cock and pushed it deep in Belle’s mouth she slowly stared to suck it as she had seen Eve do it , lipstick got on Max’s cock and ball sack. She was doing good he thought no doubt the few hours on the fucking machine had thought her well she was not throwing up or choking as much but it was not the same feeling as when his Eve sucked it. He took out his cock and lashed it softly on her nose and mouth she tried to grab it back in her mouth. Eve’s nipples had started to leak some milk and her Stola dress had big dark milk stains on it. Max ordered Belle to get up and she did so immediately, he gave her the “bend over” order, Belle did what was instructed, bended over and hold her kneecaps with her hands, her legs were slightly spread so she was “open” for inspection. Max ordered Eve to get the leather belt and she came back with the belt in her mouth kneeled down next to her Master, Max took the belt from Eve’s mouth stretched the belt in both his hands and stared to give Belle hard lashes on her buttocks, it stung hard and Belle had difficulty keeping her balance, she counted the strokes “One Master, thank you Master. Two Master, thank you Master” and so on till she counted twenty five. Max then put Belle back naked in her cage pissed on her and then locked it up. Belle did not know was happened to her or what she had done wrong to get this kind of punishment again, the piss made the eyeliner run into her face she felt shocked and wept herself to sleep. Max let Eve stand up, the Stola looked good on her, she was only permitted a one piece dress no bra or panties only the Stola, one button hold the whole thing up, when Max unbutton it fell to the floor.

Eve stepped out of it gracefully only wearing her collar now that she seldom took off, only to have it replace by another one.

He put a short leash on the collar and guided Eve to the bedroom she kneeled down before him, her face beautiful, the makeup made her look like a film star. Max felt a nice

“gut feeling” like a teenager in love, he made Eve kneel down next to him, took the leash and pulled her mouth to his face and kissed her gently a long nice kiss, it made Eve go very weak in her stomach, she had always been in love with this man, her Master, even she did not understand all his behavior and did not really care anymore to understand all, times like this she felt like only a few lucky women felt, totally in love and no way out of it.

Max fucked Eve the “missionary style” and came with plenty cum in her already wet pussy, he gave Eve permission to cum too by a sign, pulling of her right nipple ring very hard, it was the sign Max gave his slaves they had to cum noisily and so she did. She made the deep sounds of a woman having an orgasm, he felt more of her goo oozing out of her when she came, that was a way he knew she was not faking it. Plenty of his cum and her goo dripped along her asshole on the sheets, he let Eve sleep in his bed on this rare occasion, put the chain on her and she had to lay on the wet love spot.


Eve woke as usually very early, milked herself and made breakfast for her Master, the girl and herself. After last night Eve was in a good wonderful mood. It was weekend now and Max took it easy he red some magazines that had been laying around for a while, Eve sat next to him in bed holding the silver platter and feeding her Master the breakfast, it was the usual ritual her big tits laying on the platter he could refill his milk glass if he wanted directly from her nipples, and this morning he had more time and needed the energy. He believed that the mother’s milk gave him the extra strength a fucker like him needed. He held one of the tits in his hand, Eve lowered the platter and he rested the glass on it then he squeezed the tit and refilled his glass. Eve smiled gently happy to serve her Master. He sipped the glass with the mother’s milk. He was thinking and organizing his day a little. Today he had a job to do in the pain room with the whore. Also the girl had to be trained in the pony room, he would attend to that first. He took a nice warm bath and after he took Belle from her cage give her a wash, spayed all the old run out makeup from her face and guided her to the pony room, he hadn’t had the time yet to make her a new custom headgear but there was still plenty of time for that. He geared her up this time he also installed the electric wires that were hanging from the pony trainer arm, it could give electric shock if certain conditions were not met. He told Belle “Run not too hard, do it like running a marathon you will run two hours if you go too slow you will feel a shock on your nipples as you have already had in the chair, so today you will learn to run on a certain speed without giving up, I know you can do it don’t fail me.”

Belle replied “Yes Master thank you my Lord”

He gave Belle a lash with the horse whip, a red stripe showed on her buttocks right away, she started to run, and a few rounds he encouraged her with the whip, leaving red marks were the whip meet the tender skin. Then he went to the control panel of the pony walker, he could see the speed she was doing on a digital readout, he put the punishing speed a little lower. When Belle would start slowing down to that speed she would get the shock in her tits and that would make her to go again. It was a good way for Max to pony train the girl without having to be present all the time, Belle had also a headphone on and that was attached to a tape recorder, it was a pre recorded tape that encouraged the pony to run. A pony brainwasher one could call it. She was also attached to a heart monitor and there was also a hose in her mouth that measured the air and could regulate it, give more oxygen or more co2 starve her from air and any other combination Max wanted to use.

Belle was running good she looked at Max every time she passed, she wanted to please her Master. Belle had looked forward to show her Master that she could really run good, that she enjoyed running, the day before and last night after the make up session and then the lengthy waiting sitting kneeled down for him ready available. He had put his cock in her face, she had tried hard not to shock and throw up and vex him again make all hell brake loose, then for no reason she could understand he gave her the belting. She had counted and thanked her Master as she had been thought by Eve. It sting hard and the lashes made her loose her balance but she balled her toes and she managed to stay upright. She was glad in a way to be put in her cage but also sad and had stared to cry. In the morning it was also a relieve that he had brought her to the pony room instead of the pain room, she had thought that she had done something wrong because he had put her in the cage so fast and pissed on her again like there was something wrong. She would show him today that she was a good runner and would work hard to become a good pony.

Eve’s earlier remark about telling their Master that she must inform her Master that she wanted to stay was not really necessary but now she knew that this abduction was not temporally he would not let her go, and how could he anyway he would never take the chance that she would go to the police, Belle was smart enough to realize that.

Now was the time to show her Master how good a pony she could be, after a few rounds running she did not see him anymore but continued running, “Was he not interested?”

She was thinking. After some time she felt disappointed and started to slow down a little, a huge pain came to her tits, “Ouch” she screamed then realizing what Max had told her about not slowing down, now she was running her heart out for avoiding the pain in her young hardened nipples.

Max was standing before the whore on the spinning wheel rig, he stopped the motor and turned her upside down, her vagina totally exposed to him, it was hairy, he could not believe that Frankie the pimp would let this whore get away with that, it was the first thing in hygiene to have a slave or whore’s pussy balded. Eve was “kneeling up” next to him with her mouth slightly open as was custom. He ordered Eve to get the hot wax in sign language she speeded away and prepared the hot wax on the Bain-Marie stove also the scissors the wooden paddle she lay neatly on the silver platter. The whore had already woken up and felt the presence of Max, she was frightened to say anything, and it would make no sense with the ball in her mouth, hanging up side down the slime of her mouth ran into her nose what made it tickle and she tried to blow it away as blowing nose when having a cold. The spit ended up in her eyes and hair.

She felt breading in her vagina, she knew that Max had no mercy at all and for the next week she would be going through a lot of pain, hard suffering. She tried not to think about it. She felt the hot wax on her pussy, it felt very hot she got second degree burns, she bite the plastic ball in her mouth, the seducer had more or less worn off now and she stared to feel the strain on her arms and legs hanging around. Max waited a bit till the wax got solid and then pulled the whole thing with one jerk off. The whore screams muffled by the gag were still loud, Max took the aftershave bottle from the platter and sprinkled her pussy with the burning alcohol based liquid, that again gave again an agonizing pain. Max did not want to touch this or any other whore, one never knew what diseases they had, or were their puss had been the last days, he did not test them there was no point he wore surgical gloves when he handled hem naked, sometimes even a surgical mask when he would whip them hard enough to brake their skin and blood splash all over the place. Skin braking was allowed with a whore up to a point, her pimp must see the scars otherwise he would be not convinced that she was properly handled for the money he had paid. They wanted to see monies worth. But it could not be too much and look bad for a customer, most men thought that a few whip marks was sexy but not too much otherwise it really looked to most men as severe abuse and some would not approve.

He let Eve get a butt plug it was an oversize model he tried to put the plug in her ass without lubrication, it was too hard to press it in, then he put some Vaseline in her ass hole and shoved it in, the whore was shaking her legs hard while he was working on her butt and finally got it in, now she would not be able to shit all over the place. He knew this one had not been buggered much, her ass was too tight for a good Hooker, that liked to get a good buggering, and please a customer with all holes available.

Max took the cane and started to cane the whore on the front side then the back in the upside and down position, he lashed her foot soles, legs, buttocks, the freshly waxed pussy was the last and one final blow on the clitoris what really gave her some extra tears in her eyes. After he turned her so her head was up and let her catch her breath for a moment. Meanwhile he went to the pony room see how Belle was doing, he went to the monitor and saw that everything was fine, Belle had spotted her Master come in and pressed her tits more forwards and her butt back as she knew he liked it, she was running good but started to sweat, the pony room had not enough air circulation and it made the place smell like a gym with Belle’s sweat transpiration. She had a strong sent throughout herself. The pussy, armpits all had a strong but appealing sent to Max he had turned the air conditioner off so Belle would sweat nice. Her body already was shining with sweat like it would have looked when it was rubbed with massaging oil.

The monitor showed that she had once gone under the required speed and had her punishment for it. She had another hour to go, the heart beat and inhalation monitors showed good, give it another hour he thought and left the room again, Belle kept running she started to feel a little tired and bored running in circles like this, she had been listening to the tape as she ran but the thing repeated the same thing over and over. She tried to ignore it but her subcontinents listened to it and it gave her courage to go over her running limit, she had to otherwise she would feel that awful pain in her titties again.

Max took it a little easy in his chair, Eve was kneeling down next to him, she had been a little surprised to see the whore in the circle rig this morning but it was nothing out of the ordinary, she had assisted her Master train and retrain many whores already, she was very cold towards them. If they wanted some female comfort she would ignore them, not like with the pony girl, she knew the pony girl would be a long time with them and her Master had a special interest in her. She knew when they had success she was promised she could keep a baby for herself. That was her main goal now, she really wanted to be a mother. It had to be a boy child before he let her keep it she knew that, so she hoped already it would be a boy. Her mother always had told her that if you wanted something bad enough you could get it. And all she really wanted was a child with her Master. Make it a good boy to be a strong fine man like his father.

Max was a good handy man, he was skilled in leather work, woodworking, metal works including welding and fabricating, but most of all he liked electronics and computers, most of the rigs in his pain room he had constructed himself, he had a workshop behind his house were he would spend many hours constructing the various rigs, whips electric devices and other torture devices he could think about, he read several magazines a week that gave him new ideas, he had read books about hypnosis, NLP, torture techniques in the orient, in old Europe. How to wear down a person’s self and replace it with a new personality that he had designed for them. Pain was a key element in this procedure, and Max had perfected the technique so that a subject would want to change for the better.

Let them see the other, the better way, his way. A lot of his information came also from the internet, it was the best resource for him, the many BDSM sites and clubs had also given him many ideas over the years. His whole underground dudgeon had taken more than a decade to build several times he had to expand, hire digging machines and doing most of the work himself mixing the concrete making forms and all the other things it took to construct the place he had some of his slaves help him but most of the work he did himself. He was a strong man lifting sacks of cement and heavy construction work done by one person was not for the faint hearted, but Max was a very persistent person and when he wanted something he planned it first in great detail and then did it.

The dungeon was completely underground, part was the old cellar of the house were he started his dungeon years ago. He did not use the cellar underneath the house as a dungeon anymore he had reinstated it as a cellar with junk and bottle racks, just in case he had an inspection. There was a secret door that led into the real dungeon that was big it had several rooms in it like the pony room, the pain room, his bedroom, small kitchen, a cellblock to accommodate about 12 slaves at a time, they all had their own cell, stainless steel toilet and washing bin very similar to a state penitentiary. Showers and a kitchen with utensils and a stack of bowls for the slaves to eat from. The cells were small about eight ft wide and nine feet long. The dungeon also had a escape tunnel that led to the back of the estate to a bushy place, there he had a motorcycle hidden just in case he had to make a quick escape.

Max was not a person that left anything to chance, he had been over fifteen years in abducting women and young girls and never been caught and he wanted to keep it that way, therefore every move he make he made sure it had the least risk to it. He never speeded on the highway or drove drunk, made sure the lights of his car were working papers in order, every detail he paid attention to.

In his bedroom he had a hidden panel with monitors all around the dungeon, his house upstairs and even the house in the city that he could monitor from far there were cameras attached to a computer system that send the information through the internet he could see who was at his door, in his living room, and in the back of the house. He had the house boggy trapped, he had detectors all over his house that would sound a silent alarm, call his cell phone with a message when he was not present so he could go into a internet cafe and see what was going on if need be. The house was filled with pails of black used motor oil mixed with gasoline, he could remotely detonate this oil and set the whole house and everybody inside in a blazing inferno. In a few seconds the oil and gas would work as a Napalm bomb there was hundreds of gallons of it in the attic and cellar, the oil in the attic would explode first covering the whole building in a fire ball and then the ones in the attic would burn for hours, if the fire department would be so stupid to use water to extinguish the blaze it would only make the oil and gas explode more when the water reached the hot oil. No doubt in the beginning they would use water till they realized their error. Nobody in the house would survive the blaze it would also wipe out all evidence about him ever been there, if there was any, but again one could not be too careful. It would leave the house in ashes and melted steel. The house was rented in one of his old slaves name so that would also lead to a dead end.

His country house was rigged the same way but he had been more cautious with the detonation, he did not leave that on so it could in a remote chance detonate by itself, he had to prime the fuses first. Therefore he needed in case the police would want to enter his house some time to fuse everything, for that he had several explosive devises buried in the yard around his house, exploding those would make racket with the officials trying to enter his premises and give him time to rig up the house and the dungeon to wipe out all evidence there, all slaves in the dungeon would die of course there was no other way, they also would burn till there were only ashes left evaporated by the enormous heat. At night he would make his escape in the confusion of the fire, it would be like Waco in the US were the ATF had burned down the sleeping quarters of a sect to get them out of the building. In Max’s case even if he was caught there would be no evidence left, only few people knew his face and those were lowlifes themselves but sometimes they would talk also when in jail and to get lesser sentence they would rat on people, Max knew that and therefore had covered his tracks good, he did not let anybody know were his country hideout was, seduced all the people that he took to and from the mansion. Only the safe house in the city some people knew about, and they respected Max greatly, a few that he had met had gone to jail but did not dare to rat on Max. They knew for sure by the way he had broken their whores that he would not take that lightly and could brake them too, in fact he mentioned that in a very subtle way to them on their first meeting. Nevertheless Max had taken his precautions with the safe house, his country home and even his car, just in case.

Two hours on the rack after her first beating, the whore was ready for the next round Max sensed. He stared to cane her again now in the other direction so the cane strokes crossed each other in a diamond pattern inches apart. Sylvie had hung on the rig for a few hour after the first lashings started and the hanging on her arms in this matter made a high strain on them, breathing became very hard, she almost wished to be upside down again, then the whipping started again, she wanted to scream but did not have the air in her lungs to make the sound, her head hung down, with the ball in her mouth she could not swallow her spit so it ran out of holes in the ball between her tits. Max finished her back and started to cane the front part of the whore’s body, Max started to transpire a little too he paid special attention to her breasts and nipples, he saw she had piercing for nipple rings but had taken the rings out, felt too uncomfortable no doubt, when you dress these rings would hook on fabric and pull the nipple sometimes painfully but that was no excuse, nipple rings must be worn by a slave no matter what. He would take care of this he thought.

The whore’s front of her body was now covered with the diamond pattern cane marks, till between her legs, armpits, pussy there was no inch left uncovered were there was no red stripe visible. Sylvie almost didn’t feel the pain anymore her whole body was on fire.

Max turned her upside down now, breading became a little easier but the uncomfortable feeling of hanging upside down set in. Max had his surgical gloves on and opened the whore’s vagina and put his fist in it, he felt her womb, it felt hard, she never been pregnant. Good he thought he squeezed it hard to give her a premature period, slime came out. He took out his hand and looked to see some blood, there was no blood “good”

Max thought. He ordered Eve to get some nipple rings, and the piercing set and a set of weights, she went for it and brought it back on the sliver platter, Max turned the whore straight and inspected her nipples there were marks of the old piercing but grown closed, he pulled the nipple and pressed the needle through it slowly making a new hole before to the old one, closer to the tit, the whore jumped by feeling the sting in her nipple, Max worked slow in boring the nipple with the big hollow needle prolonging the painful procedure in the pieced hole. He put the ring on the needle and pulled it slowly through the fresh wound. Max used the same procedure with the other nipple. When the two nipple rings were attached he hung the two heavy weights on the rings the weights pulled the nipple down and the fresh wound made it hurt something terrible. Max spoke in a very low tone to the whore “That is for not wearing your nipple rings, if you ever are brought by me again, God forbid, and you are not wearing your nipple rings then I can assure you will never ware them any anymore”

Sylvie knew what he meant he would amputate her nipples, she really felt threatened and frightened and tried to swallow, she was very thirsty and in great pain all over her body she thought she was going to die, almost wanted to die.

Max started the electric motor that made de circle turn, and every ten minutes or so the whore would hang on her arms and feet or on one arm and one foot and so on, now the weighs attached to the nipple rigs pulled her nipples in all directions while she was spinning around the weights were always pulled down by gravity.

Max left her again in her great agonizing misery and went to see how Belle was doing, he went to the panel and saw that she had gotten two more punishments, fatigue had set in.

Belle was still running but much more forced, her hart beat was very high now so was her breathing. Max wanted to see how she handled getting her titty shocks so he turned down her air supply, Bell felt how hard it became to bread and sweat really broke out to her, she saw that her Master had come back and again she pushed her titties forwards and her buttocks back to please her Master, now she did not get enough air, she really had to suck on the hose to get enough air in her lungs and she started to see black spots before her eyes, she unconsciously started to slow down and the shock came while she was almost passed out she nearly fell down but the rig kept her straight. She kept running and realized she had slowed down now with her Master present, she felt bad about that, she wanted to show him so much how she could be a good pony girl.

Max turned off the shock system and gave her more air he went to the place were the horse whip was and took it in his hand, Belle could bread again and she was relieved, Belle had been running at a good pace for an hour and a half, most girls would not be able to do a quarter of that, now he wanted to see is she could give him a five minute sprint, He shouted “Sprint slave” and cracked the whip in the air, when she passed already increasing her speed he let the whip lash on her buttocks, she increased her speed some more She did not hold herself now like she did before when she saw her Master with the whip ready to give a lash. Belle was running really hard now she was good at this and she felt good when she was running even now she was already far over her personal limit that she had ever achieved, she felt good about it. The whippings she barely felt now her buttocks had endured so many lashes already if felt almost like a hard hand stroke rather than a lash with a horse whip. Max had seen untrained girls fall with one stroke of the horse whip, not this one, he also felt good about the situation, he felt for sure now he could win with this pony. Five minutes later Belle was catching her breath walking around in the pony walker, it was not good to stop all at once after such a run and just walking while catching breath was a better way to let the oxygen go through the whole body. He stopped Belle after a few minutes, and took off her pony gear. He put a short leash on her collar and guided her untied to the bucket were she could drink some water, when Max saw she was drinking too fast he yanked on her lease, then he guided her to her food bowl let her kneel down and give her the sign she could eat, it was rice with vegetables and some chicken, she did not use her hands as she knew it was inappropriate for a slave to use them for a meal. After the meal he let her lay on a carpet to rest a little, she had done well and the rest was a reward he gave her, it was not good to give too much rewards and spoil the pony, being strict and keeping her on a short lease figurative and in actuality was the best way for her.

He went for a lunch himself, he found some titty milk in the fridge, he loved it cold it really tasted nice once used to and made a turkey sandwich he ate it on the table it had only one chair because no one else was allowed to use any furniture in the dungeon. Eve was standing next to him awaiting any instruction. She was standing in the attention pose her feet slightly apart her arms on her back, tits pressed forwards. She had on her collar and a leash.

When Max finished his lunch he decided to have another look at the girls hymen, he was thinking perhaps he could make something similar with other women, made them virgins again, that would surly increase their slave price when he sold them to customers. It was cheating he knew but if it done well who would know? Especially for girls that would go to the export market to the Middle East, there virginity was a great asset.

He took the pony girl to the gynecologist’s table and made her lay on it, he placed her legs in the leg holders spread apart so her vagina was open, he did not tie her down, he had told her that if she would let things happen without having to be tied down, it would be a lot easier for her, this was also a test of submission that a slave let anything happen to her by her Master, It was also a test and he was not going to torture her anyway, he sat on his tripod chair, he put a elastic band around both legs close to her vagina with alligator clips attached to it, the alligator clip he attached to the outer vulva lips, hair already started to grow back and a fine blond hairy fir was visible on her vulva’s outer lips. Now her vagina was easy to inspect. It was totally open and he had both hands free to do measuring and other things he had in mind. He measured some parts with a caliper as a steel worker does with mechanical parts, he noted all the measurements. Especially the hymen, were it was attached how thick it was. All was carefully measured and written down. When he was finished he let the girl stand up she stood automatically in the attention pose as Eve had thought her the week before. Max said “Belle you have done well today.” He stroke her hair, she shivered a little, for the first time in as long as she could remember he had touched her in a kind way, Max continued “ I will let you sleep in a cell, you can go and have a rest now in it, anything you do contrary you will go back to your cage, you understand?” Bell let the words sink in a moment and then said “Yes my Master, thank you my Lord” she wanted to fall on her knees in gratitude and worship him but Max already had her leach in his hand and pulled her towards the cells, he pressed a code on a numeric keyboard and a door slided open, they went into a small space and there he again opened a grilled door they walked to the first cell, there were six cells in this block. Every one had a steel bunk bed, a stainless steel toilet hanging from the wall a stainless steel wash bin also with a simple faucet on it. There was a water drain in the middle of the cell. The beds had no mattresses only a plywood board attached to the bed with bolds and nuts. There was no mattresses no pillows no sheets.

Max pushed her in the cell and said,” These are your slave quarters now, when you learn and earn your keep you will be awarded certain commodities like a mattress, sheets, pillow and other stuff. Do your best and your stay here will become more comfortable.

The fact that you are here now and not in the cage is because you did good in the pony training and did good in the pussy examination . Keep up the good work slave.”

Belle looked through the bars of her new home to her Master and muttered “Yes my Master thank you Lord” she kneeled down and went into the worship position as she had been told by Eve.

Max had wanted to keep Belle one more night in the cage. But now the whore was here he needed the cage for her. Belle had done well so he took a chance to let her sleep a day earlier than planned in her cell.

The whore looked lifeless spinning around her head falling with the motion of the wheel, she had been taking a lot of drugs the last months, stealing the customer’s money from her pimp and buy drugs on the streets. It gave her more courage to go through with the whoring and resisting her pimp. But now she did not get any drugs. The painkillers and seducers that Max had given her worn off and now the cold turkey started to take over, together with all the pain she had in her body it was too much and she had passed out, awakened and passed out again, when Max entered the pain room she was totally passed out and looked like dead. He stopped the machine and took her off the rig. She lay on the cold floor he saw her breathing, he took of the gag ball from her mouth the heavy weights from her nipple rings and the blindfold. He let Eve bring the quick salt and hold the bottle under her nose, she started to move her head she woke up.

Sylvie felt more than terrible, terrified there was no word for his, every part of her body was in pain her arms, her legs her whole skin her head it was too much.

Max told her “Stand up whore” she tried but her legs were weak and did not support her, she tried to get up but her knees failed the first time, the second time she stood up shaken.

Max took her by the collar and led her to the cage, it was open and she went in it willingly, she had been in it before and knew what it was, it was better than the treatment she had before. She felt sick and the smell of urine made her want to throw up again but there was nothing left in her stomach only some stomach acid that burned in her throat.

She lay in the cage Max pissed on her tortured back, the piss burned in the many wounds he sprayed her hair too and she licked the little moisture she could get into her mouth with her dry tong. Max closed the cage and pushed it on its wheels in a separated small room were he locked it up. The cage needed cleaning en stank too much to be too near it.

Max was going to take the rest of the day off, it was after noon now and he wanted to plan his next moves be by himself a little, he let Eve lay on the mat in the pain room he did not want her in his bedroom when he was on his computer and surveillance system.

Max checked the whole system. Everything was fine, the house in the city was quiet no suspicious cars around. He could change all the directions of the cams in his town home from his place in the country and vice versa. He never really stayed long in the town home more in and out do what he had to do, have an appointment or any other matter solved and go again.

The fact that the girl had a hart seizure in the chair had made him think, he should get a backup just in case this girl would fail or anything would happen to her. He did not wanted to loose this one million dollar it was too important to him and his future existence. He looked through his notes he had made over a year long period. Who would be next best? He also had to look for a jockey boy or girl to sit on the pony cart and give dressage instructions to Belle when she was blindfolded and had to do follow the course and for the great endurance race that was the winning or loosing part of the whole contest. The other races and the beauty contest were mere there for the entertainment and enjoyment of the visiting people and to stretch the time a bit.

The jockey had to be trained too so he or she could lead the pony without confusion, that was the biggest problem that the jockey pulled too much on the leads to the nipple rings and bit so the pony got confused and stared to run wild.

He had a few girls in mind for the jockey part but wanted to wait a little more to abduct one of them, their training was not so intense and it was an extra burden to look after and to feed. He had one exceptional jockey in mind a 19 year old girl that was riding horses on carts. She was European and very strict with her horses, not that I love you horsy attitude but, you will win stud or I’ll kick your balls attitude. That was the kind of girl he wanted, she was very small and light weight not pretty even a little ugly for Max’s taste but that was not important in the race. The jockey was going to be covered with her jockey hat on and dust glasses and all and in the race beauty did not count only being first.

He found in his notes that could do for a replacement, a girl he had considered before he had even met Belle, she was young a good runner and reasonable good looking, she was somewhat bigger and slightly fatter than Belle. It would be a good second choice. He looked at the details of were she lived and her doings, he would start to stake her from next week.


Max opened the small room were he had put the cage in it was very smelly and totally exhausted of clean air. He heard the whore suffering in the cage, he opened it and pulled her out, he had his surgical gloves on, she looked in a very sorry state, he dragged her to the showers and worked on her with the high pressure water cleaner. The high pressure hurt her many wounds on her body but it also cleaned them and purified them. He took her wet to a bench and tied her on it so her ass was sticking out. The butt plug was still intact and pulled it out, with that some brown slime dripped from her butt hole, the butt plug had opened her ass and it was totally open now, he could look inside her, he ordered Eve to bring the enema hose and accessories and Eve had to give her an enema, after he put back the plug, with the soapy water the plug wanted to come back out but he put some duck tape over her buttocks and butt. He saw that she was fighting to hold it up and couldn’t it. Sylvie had pain in her ass and it felt like she needed to go to the bathroom so bad but couldn’t her intestines were about to explode. She tried to press the butt plug out but it did not move.

Max was enjoying this he took the fuck machine that was on the end of the bench put the dildo part in the whore’s mouth and started it, it went far in her throat she was shocking and feeling to throw up, there was nothing to throw up however she had not eaten in a few days now and yesterday had thrown up everything that was in her, her stomach, her intestines were all empty, some green gallbladder juice dripped from her mouth, and gave her a nasty bitter taste in her mouth and burned in her nose. She felt very sick the dildo going in and out of her mouth she tried to breathe every time she could, breathing was very difficult and had to force to keep some air in her.

Once the fucking machine was installed and running her hands and feet tied to the legs of the bench her but pushed high backwards, he started to belt her with the broad belt. When hit hard it would blister and be painful for days, he started easy, Max encourage the whore by saying “Suck my cock bitch” she would try to keep the cock in her mouth, he stopped the machine when the dildo was deepest in her en then said again “Suck my cock whore” she was moving her head as good as she could trying to please Max in sucking this dildo she hold it strong in her mouth deep in her throat and put pressure on it with her lips and tongue he could see the way her cheeks bend in that she was giving it a good effort to suck the dildo. He put the machine back on but on a very slow speed now, he gave her thirty more lashes while she had to suck the dildo and then left her with the machine on and the butt plug in her ass. After two hours he came back stopped the machine took out the butt plug, brown water run from her ass it was well washed now.

He did not want to put his cock in a whore ass so he turned the bench around and let the fucking machine fuck her in her asshole that was clean now. The dildo went deep in her and it took effort on motor of the machine to push the dildo deep in her asshole. Sylvie thought she exploded with that big dildo in her ass the water of the enigma had opened her intestines and made hem soapy and lubricated her inside and now this dildo in her.

Max left the machine running till he saw that the pain was unbearable, it could rip her inside apart en then she could die, he did not want that of course. Her ass was bleeding a bit of red, brownish goo run out. Max let her again to the pressure washer and give her a new bath. She could barely walk now of the pains between her legs, and stumbled on the guidance of Max’s short leach. Then he guided her to the genecology table ordered her to lay on it which she reluctantly did and strapped her to it with her arms above her head tied her legs in the leg holders stretched far apart and her ankles tied down. He took the same elastic belt he used to open Belle’s vulva, and tied one around each upper leg and let the alligator clips open her vulva, her vagina was clean because he had it pressure washed earlier, it didn’t smell. He took a rag and put it in the whore’s mouth and put a duck tape over it making sure she could not make much noise. He measured the whore’s vagina the way he had done with the girl earlier, and compared each other measurements the differences were very small. He opened a small chest, in it were scalpels, surgical clamps and other equipment used in an operation room. He held the operation room light close to the whore’s vagina. She started to scream and move her body in an attempt to get free. Max jumped up took a thin cane that was made from tropical wood. He lashed her hard on the tits and nipples also in her face he gave a few strokes. The whore didn’t know what to do, Max said “lay still or I cut something you don’t want to loose, I can take out your womb out right now and you can never get children. Lay still or else” Sylvie was in the highest horror, it was every women’s dream in life to have a child sooner or later, this could be her last chance. She bit the rag in her mouth and tried to lay still.

Max went back to work, he made an insertion in her vaginal wall and harvested a piece of skin that he then attached with some surgical treat to the ends were the whore’s hymen had been before, when she was a virgin. He opened the ends of the old hymen it bled some and took the fine water hose he had ready to wash away the little blood. Then he attached the harvested piece of vaginal wall into it, except an expert nobody would see the difference, besides most people only looked out for the blood when the virgin was taken for the first time nobody would inspect it. He also made a cut in her upper vagina and sew her pussy more tight, when it was healed her pussy would be far more tight than before and more pleasure for her pimp and customers to be. He would let the whore rest some now, she had enough endured for a day. He put a pad on her pussy, that he attached with some duck tape, he didn’t allow slaves to wear any panty in his dungeon. He untied her and took her back to her cage were she was left licking her wounds.


For Belle it was the last day of booth camp, she didn’t know that but Max’s system was to wear the slaves down for a whole week till their spirit broke, overkill really because most broke after day three some even earlier. Then rebuild their spirit ground up.



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