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Chapter One

There comes a point in any man's life in which he wants nothing more than to spend his days having mindless sex without a care in the world. That point, at least for me, came early.

At forty-five years of age, after having spent most of my life in operating rooms, I had enough. I was a cosmetic surgeon

- and I still am - but even if my bank account kept getting fatter, I felt myself slowly lose sanity.

People of all ages, colors and sizes would come to me, asking me to fix what Mother Nature had screwed up and I would comply, my name rising up so high that even celebrities had started to ask for my services.

They loved me. My clinic was a private business located in a building my family had owned since the roaring twenties - plenty of privacy to be had, and often times that was the main appeal.

In time I became an expert at my craft. People would enter the building with zero confidence and come out feeling like they owned the world. All of that because of me and my knife.

Work consumed my life. I never married or had lasting relationships, but I didn't mind. I saw, more than most, how fake people can be - regardless of the fact that I was adding to that factor.

I would limit myself to perusing the services of a certain agency, which specialized in "companionship". It would take a phone call and a few hundred dollars, but a few hours later I would have an attractive girl in her early twenties at my complete disposal. Young enough to be my daughter,

and willing to put up with any and all requests I had.

It was a tried and tested approach, my desires would be satisfied and the girl could afford to pay her student loans. A fair exchange if you ask me.

In truth, I did wish there was a better way. Dating seemed like a huge waste of time, even if I knew I'd be successful.

Come on, a rugged looking plastic surgeon loaded with money would have people lining up to wait for their turn.

I brushed those thoughts aside as the doorbell rang. My partner for the night had arrived, and I had plenty of stress to unload in her tight body.

The following day began as usual. Shower, coffee, then off to work. The first order of business was to interview a patient - she'd booked an appointment to discuss the procedure, but she didn't want to disclose exactly what she wanted.

I made my way to my office and sat down at my desk. That office was probably my favorite room of the entire building.

Sure, in time I associated it with work but at the same time, I was the one calling the shots so long as I was sitting in that black leather chair.

The mahogany furniture gave it an antique look that blended well enough with the paintings on the walls. Some of them by famous artists, and a couple of portraits of long gone ancestors.

My mind began to wander, already giving in to boredom, when a knock at my door brought me back to reality.

"Come in," I said, my voice loud enough to penetrated the thick walls.

The door timidly swung open and in came a young woman, her long blonde hair swaying as she approached my desk. Not a day older than nineteen, I assumed.

She introduced herself as Cindy Merret, but other than that

it felt like I had to pry the words right out of her mouth.

"So miss Merret, what did you want to discuss?" I asked, trying to look her in the eyes.

She avoided my gaze as if I was Medusa, but eventually gathered enough courage to speak.

"I..." She stammered, rummaging through her bag.

I nodded, crossing my arms above my chest. Cindy took a deep sigh and finally met my gaze, determination in her eyes.

"I want to look like her! Every tiny detail has to be like this!"

She exclaimed as she slid a picture across the desk.

It wasn't the first time a potential patient had used pictures to describe how they wanted the procedures to end up, but so far none of them had shown me a picture of a busty girl pleasuring what appeared to be two men at the same time.

I remained professional. Nudity didn't faze me, as you'd imagine.

"Very well. I can't say much about the men, but the rest is definitely possible," I replied with a smirk.

"Sorry, it was the only picture that really showed what I want."

"Why do you want to go through with this?"

We have to ask every patient and sit through their boring explanation. This time it felt different, there was something peculiar about Cindy.

"I.. Try, so hard. In college, with my friends, family... And I'm tired. I'm tired of looking like this, I'm tired of people ignoring me, and then..." She trailed off.

Well, I didn't expect that turn of events. To be completely honest, she didn't need my help. Sure she was a bit plain, but that's not a good enough reason to radically change the way you look. Still, her story was interesting enough to hold my attention.

"Yes?" I queried, to see if she'd continue.

"My roommate. She's the complete opposite of me and she's always so happy. Always surrounded by men. That's when I decided, that's how my life should be!" She exclaimed, her face lighting up with excitement.

I accepted it and accompanied her to the examination room to plan the various procedures.

Cindy timidly took off her clothes, baring her body to me. I took my time to take in the sights, though admittedly there wasn't much - not yet, at least.

Explaining everything took at least one more hour, but at the end of it she seemed happy - and covered in ink.

She kept shivering even though the room wasn't cold, though given how hesitant she was when she first approached me, it's not surprising.

Cindy essentially wanted a new body. I could do it, but it would require time. We settled on a series of surgeries in succession, to avoid putting too much of a strain on her body.

I escorted her out of the building after planning the first one for the following day - our schedule was empty, and she wanted it done as soon as possible.

She clearly desired a different life, and she definitely came to the right guy.

Chapter Two

Throughout the following month I began working on Cindy's body to turn her into the bimbo she so desperately wanted to be.

I understood her, to a certain extent. A sex toy has no worries, no troubles. It exists to please, and sometimes be pleased.

That's what Cindy wanted, deep down. By her own admission, no less - I never assume the reasons behind my patients' choices.

Week after week her body morphed into the perfect shape.

Her face didn't need much work save for her lips - I pumped those - but the rest of her, well...

It looked like I had transplanted her head on a lifelike sex doll. Her breasts were easily four times the size they used to be, and her plump bottom would ensure that no matter where she sat, she'd always be comfortable.

Cindy came to me, plain as a lukewarm glass of water and walked out hotter than hell itself. She was and still is, my masterpiece.

During her stay at my clinic she seemed to grow fond of me.

I maintained my professional demeanor as I always do - she was a patient at that time, nothing more.

When the time came for the last interview, she looked ecstatic. Her mood kept improving day after day, so much so that it was starting to rub off on me as well.

"Ready to leave, Cindy?" I asked, sitting on the chair in her room.

"Yes! I can't wait to start my new life..." She declared, biting her lower lip.

"I see, I see," I chuckled, and added "However, should you need anything, you're welcome to call."

"Alright doc, I will!"

A few days later she came back, sporting a new haircut and enough makeup to last a normal girl a lifetime.

Regardless, even through all the products she put on her face it was evident she wasn't too happy.

We walked silently to my office and she sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk. Slumping down on it, her short blouse riding up and covering her breasts.

"What's wrong, Cindy?" I asked.

"I can't do it..." She meekly replied.

"You can't do what?"

"I look different but deep down I'm still the same! Can you help me, doc?" She asked, clearly exasperated.

I specialized in fixing the shell and not the soul - she knew that. There was nothing I could do, I thought. Yet a devious idea dawned on me, thought it would require bold moves.

"You need to give in to your new self, Cindy," I declared, my gaze burning into hers.

"I tried, at a bar. Some guy started flirting with me but I ran away when he started getting handsy..."

"Isn't that what you wanted though?"


"Well then, maybe I can help."

Her eyes darted up to stare at me, as hope dawned on her face. I opened my desk's right drawer and pulled out a prescription bottle that bore no label. Inside, there must have been about a hundred pills, all white and perfectly round.

Cindy's face took on a worried look, but it quickly faded as I began explaining what the pills were for.

"It's easy," I declared, and added "All you have to do is take one of these a day, and your new self will shine. You won't be a shy bookworm anymore, I guarantee it."

"Are there side effects?" She hungrily queried, staring at the bottle.

"Soreness in... Certain ares of your body," I replied with a wink.

"Alright. But are you sure this will work?"

"Positive. Here, swallow one now and take a nap on the couch. You'll feel the effects when you wake up, I promise."

Cindy complied and took one of the pill from the bottle.

Having done that she walked up to the couch to lay on it, her plump ass barely covered by the short skirt she wore.

She fell asleep soon after, and while I had work to do I still caught myself throwing glances at her. Watching her chest rise and fall with every breath, it felt hypnotic.

The plan was to wake her up in a couple of hours and direct her to a professional, someone who could fix her mind like I fixed her body.

Making her take that pill had been just an excuse - it was no magic cure, but rather a bland multivitamin.

I'm not proud of what happened next, but this singular event ended up reshaping the life I had been living up to that point in ways I never thought could happen.

Cindy woke up on her own about an hour after falling asleep. She blinked a couple of times in rapid succession, looking around to remember where she was. She saw me and her eyes opened wide as her lips curled into a smile.

"Doc! It worked!" She exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. Her voice sounded higher than it used to be and her demeanor seemed far more hyper than before.

"No, hold on there. What I ga--" She cut me off and quickly approached me, leaning on my desk.

I had a direct line of sight with the breasts I gave her, those gravity-defying firm tits that seemed to scream "Touch me!"

every time I looked in her general direction.

"I don't know what you did, but it definitely worked! How

can I repay you? Oh wait, I know..."

Before I could get a word in she had circled the desk and tried to reach for my belt. I managed to stop her by standing up, fully prepared to knock some sense into her seemingly empty head.

"What do you think you're doing?! This has to stop!" I yelled.

I wasn't too angry, I'll admit. The confusion got to me, I'm only human.

Cindy backed off, but didn't even attempt to apologize. In fact, she looked mildly annoyed.

"I wanted to thank you and I know you want to fuck me, so what's the big deal?" She giggled.

"Cindy, you better stop th--" Once more she cut me off.

"Give me your cock, master. Please?"

The puppy eyes she gave me didn't exactly work, but the way she pressed her arms together to make her tits jump out surely did.

Cindy was probably just playing dumb or maybe she considered this a training course, but I decided to go along with it and sat back down on my chair.

"Come and get it then, slut." I ordered.

A very excited "Yay!" escaped her lips and she jumped up and down, her body jiggling along. Cindy sunk to the ground and crawled to me, her ass swaying while she did so.

Her hands quickly found my belt and unbuckled it. The outline of my hardening cock was showing through the fabric of my pants and Cindy began caressing it.

"Oh, what do we have here?" She giggled while her other hand tried to undo my pants.

I still couldn't believe the turn of events, but it was far too late now to back out. I sent a message to my secretary, instructing her to reschedule all the planned events for that day.

If Cindy wanted to do this, she would have to play by my rules.

She didn't lack in the determination department. My cock quickly sprung free but Cindy's soft hands grabbed it before it could smack her in the face. In truth, she probably would've loved it.

Cindy took the tip of my cock in her mouth caressing it with her tongue as she pressed on, trying to fit all of it in her throat. Tried she did, but succeed she did not.

Still her effort were not in vain, she managed to coat most of the shaft with her saliva. Not one to get discouraged by this kind of failure, Cindy giggled and took my cock in her mouth again. This time she focused on the head while she stroked the veiny shaft, twisting both of her hands as she did so.

She began bobbing her head and I felt her plump lips caress my cock. The same lips I fixed for her, the ones I had imagined wrapping around my rod as I performed the surgeries.

And now it was real.

Her skills were comparable to those of the escorts I hired on a weekly basis, though this week they wouldn't hear from me. The obscene slurping noises she made turned into a fitting soundtrack for the whole experience.

It was a sight to behold: this beautiful young woman worshiping my lipstick-stained cock, saliva strings dripping from her mouth. Looking beyond her, I could see the thong she was wearing under the mini skirt, and in that moment I knew I had to fuck her like the cheap whore she wanted to be.

I grabbed her by the throat and she gasped, but I had no time to be gentle. Thankfully she understood what I was aiming for and she stood up while I guided her on my desk.

Cindy jumped on it and her hands instantly went down to

her soaked thong, peeling it away.

My hand still on her throat, she gave me a smile and asked

"Are you going to fuck your slut, Master? Please, say yes..."

Her voice seemed to turn more and more vapid as time passed. I didn't mind, her voice was the last thing I was interested in.

Without a reply I sunk my large cock deep into her wet hole, filling her to the brim. Her tightness and warmth outmatched any other girl I fucked ever since, and the way she gasped when she felt my cock ram her only made me want to go harder.

I began pounding her tight pussy with everything I had, squeezing her throat while doing so.

"Is this what you wanted, whore? Is it?" I snarled at her.

Cindy's "Yes" sounded fractured, she would lose her voice every time I plunged into her. I didn't care; she wanted to play the game, but she should have checked the rules first.

I kept a steady pace, always sinking deep and retreating to slam myself into her hole. Soon enough her cries of pleasure turned into screams as she begged me.

"Please Master, let me cum! Please, I need it!" She pleaded, her teary eyes fixated on mine.

"Yes whore, cum for me. Hard."

One of her hands shot down to her clit and began furiously rubbing it in circular motions.

Not long after, Cindy's eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Her mouth agape, tongue sticking out to the side and a string of saliva dripping from it.

A sharp shriek filled the room and almost pierced my eardrums. I felt her pussy throb, pulsing around my cock in a desperate attempt to suck the cum out of it while the earth shattering orgasm ravaged her body, shaking her to her very core.

"Thank you, thank you Master!" Cindy whispered between

labored breaths and moans, my cock still mercilessly hammering her hole.

I was getting close too, and I'm sure she felt my cock twitch inside of her.

"Cum inside of me, Master! Feed me your cum! All of it, to the last drop!" She cried, right into my ear.

I let go of her throat and grabbed her hips for support before pushing her down on my desk. It felt like an animalistic fury pervaded me, and all I could think about was how much I wanted and needed to annihilate this young woman's pussy, and coat her insides with my seed.

I didn't keep that rhythm up for long. Cindy’s moans and cries coupled with my grunts and her pleading words to fill her pussy up had me on a hair trigger.

I waited until the last possible moment and plunged deep inside of her, the tip of my cock almost hitting her cervix while it unleashed rope after rope of thick hot cum, enough to overflow and leak onto the hardwood floors of my office.

We were both panting and trying to regain our composure when Cindy piped up.

"When are we scheduling another visit, doctor?

I really enjoyed this one!" She queried, her words like honey on our sweaty bodies.

"Soon. You'll be my little whore from now on, understood?" I snarled.

"Yes, Master!" She giggled, fluttering her eyelashes as if she wanted them to take off like butterflies.

"Good whore."

The next days felt surreal. Cindy began showing up every day, her only purpose being to satisfy my needs and her reward would be what she called a "magic pill".

I wasn't sure if she truly believed it or if she was just playing along but either way I wasn't going to try and antagonize her.

As time went on, I gave her assignments to fulfill. Small things at first, that mostly had to do with her whorish tendencies.

One day I had an epiphany: what if I sent her around the city to find more dumb whores to train? I'm sure she wasn't the only one that wanted a new life, and I'd be there to provide what those girls oh-so-desperately needed.

Little did I know, Cindy turned out to be very proficient at her job. Back then I didn't know that the clinic would slowly turning into a harem full of women who wanted nothing more than to be used, but looking back at it, those were the best days of my life.


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