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Chapter One

After Eve joined the harem, things around the clinic seemed to improve. She joined Cindy and Kate as part of the clean up crew, though we all knew they didn't really do anything.

Regardless, the clinic was always spotless, though mostly because I hired professionals to take care of that.

My girls spent their time in a few different ways, though none of them actually stimulated their minds. Social media took up most of their time, and if their faces weren't glued to some kind of electronic device one could be sure to find them playing with one another - which, I'll admit, was always a welcome sight.

They would still drop everything at my command, obviously. Still, I found this situation to be a slippery slope.

Once one gets used to a certain routine, life can begin to seem dull even when most men would only dream about this lifestyle. I wanted more, though I had to be careful not to bite off more than I could chew.

The idea came to me one day as I was buried deep within a stack of paperwork. God knows it was the last thing I wanted to be buried in, but duty comes first.

Up until that point, I had used my girls in most rooms of my private floor, taking them whenever and however I wanted without caring much at all.

I stood up and walked down the hallway, stopping in front of a door that led to the unused guest room on my floor. Upon unlocking the door and stepping in, the air felt musty, and clouds of dust covered everything the room contained.

I smiled, already envisioning how this room would look like once it had been remodeled. Racks full of toys, a king size bed and every device one could use to deliver pleasure to another.

I wanted this guest room to be my very own sex dungeon.

Hiring the contractors was by far the easiest part. A friend of mine had a company that specialized in building things without asking too many questions. Risky for him, but I was perfectly safe.

My only concern was making sure the girls wouldn't know what was happening, and to some degree I failed. Samantha overheard a conversation and she approached me soon after to inquire about the specific of this room.

My girls weren't bright, but Sam had the uncanny ability to always be at the right place and at the right time. She wasn't the smartest person, but she could easily toy with the other girls without them even realizing it.

"You'll see if when it's ready. Be patient, or else," I scolded her.

She pouted briefly, even though she knew it wouldn't work on me.

"It'll take roughly a week. Don't let the others know or you won't walk straight for a month. Understood?"

"Yes, Master."

I overshot the estimate, or maybe just underestimated the contractors I hired. The room was done in about four days, even if it needed to be soundproof.

My girls would get loud, unless ordered not to. Yet even then, they could hardly contain themselves.

Moving in all the furniture and the other necessities only took a few hours. As it stood, the workers had no idea what they were building. I wanted to keep it a secret from everybody except the ones who already knew.

Keeping the girls away from my floor had been an ordeal.

They didn't ask questions and Sam didn't spill the beans, fearing the punishment that she knew I would lay on her.

They lived in the floor below mine, in repurposed patient rooms. The clinic used to be bigger back in the day when my father worked here, but he was a normal surgeons.

Cosmetic ones such as myself make way more money, and my bank account was the first and only witness I needed to back such a claim.

I ordered the girls to relax for the time being, since they usually would wake me up with their services. I still used their bodies to satisfy my needs each and every day, but I made sure they wouldn't reach my floor for the entire duration of the building process.

Once cleaned, the room truly felt like it had been ripped straight out of a brothel.

Red walls lined with black, Victorian-era styled floral patterns. A black carpet covered the hardwood floor and on the ceiling hung a chandelier that cast its white light on the filthy acts that would soon take place below it.

A few LED strips hidden in the furniture gave them a slightly eerie glow, enough to cast the shadow of uncertainty and fear, even, into my willing prisoners.

Despite not having built it myself, I took pride in it. Alas it still needed to be filled with all the toys and devices I had ordered, but I could easily do that myself in no time.

A couple hours later, the dungeon was complete. I took a brief moment to admire my work, a sly grin making an appearance on my lips.

The racks installed by the workers were now full of toys I was eager to try on my whores. Between dildos and vibrators, gags, whips and plugs and all manners of harnesses, I had amassed quite a collection that would impress even the most seasoned of sluts.

My mind went to Eve, and I chuckled as I imagined the shocked expression on her face as she entered the room for the first time to see its walls full of toys.

Her innocence, that her parents tried so very hard to protect, lost.

My cock was hardening at the thoughts, but alas I had to wait.

The girls took Eve shopping as she was in desperate need of a new wardrobe. Her old modest clothes looked as out of place on her as a hooker in a church, though the resulting view was fairly amusing.

Chapter Two

The girls came back late in the afternoon, laughing and joking amongst themselves. As for me, I had been relaxing in my apartment by myself - which was now a rare occurrence.

It was my own fault though - the girls wanted to be around me and I let them, yet if I ordered to leave me alone they would comply.

I liked the company, especially considering the benefits it brought.

They all piled up in Eve's room, which sadly did not have a camera installed in it yet. Groaning I stood up from the couch and made my way out of the apartment to go check on them.

I could hear them giggling and talking from the hallway, though I couldn't make out what they were discussing. It didn't matter, soon enough their words would turn to incoherent noises anyway.

I knocked on the door and seconds later Cindy opened it, smiling when she saw me.

"Master's here!" She announced to the others before letting me in the room.

"Just you wait until you see Eve's new outfits, you're gonna love them!" Kate exclaimed.

I believed her. They had a great sense of fashion despite everything, my girls would always look like top tier escorts.

Eve blushed when she heard Kate's remark but didn't disagree, she simply giggled and threw a pillow at her, which missed its mark miserably.

"Alright, alright. Clothes aside, follow me," I ordered and left the room without so much as looking behind me to see if they actually were following.

They knew better than to disobey me, the fear of being punished grounded them and. They also got off on it, the feeling that a powerful man had their life in the palm of his hand and controlled every aspect of it.

Everyone got what they needed out of it. They lived carelessly happy lives and in return I got to use them whenever and however I wanted.

I led my merry band of vapid whores to the "Red Room" as one of the contractors dubbed it. It did have a better ring to it than "sex dungeon", I'll admit. I was never too creative with names, and always found naming something to be a chore I'd rather not do.

The girls entered before me, and I shut the door behind me before flipping the switch to turn on the lights. Eve gasped, though the others were just taking in the details of their soon to be new favorite room of the building.

"Let's play, whores."

I could see the anticipation mixing with fear and lust in their eyes.

They took off their clothes without me even having to say a word. It felt like as soon as they disrobed they got dumber.

They relied mostly on instincts, and needless to say their primary one was to serve their only purpose in life and please me.

They lined up before me, head hanging low with their gaze pointing towards the ground. I scanned their bodies, noticing their turgid nipples. These whores were already starting to get aroused, and nothing had even happened yet.

Deciding which one to start with proved to be an arduous task. They were behaving like I told them to as of late, and I couldn't remember anything worth punishing them over.

Regardless, I could easily make something up. I was their master, after all.

I went up to one of the racks and picked four large vibrating anal plugs.

"Get these nice and wet and insert them. Last one to do so will be punished." I declared.

The girls all rushed to grab the plugs and slather them with their saliva. Cindy and Kate didn't even bother coating theirs too much and just shoved them in, and Sam had her eyes on Eve to check how she was doing.

She saw her struggle and instead of helping her, she slowly inserted the plug into her tight hole. Eve came in last, which meant she would be the first one to test some of the room's devices.

She squealed as I approached her. I grabbed her throat and squeezed it gently, my gaze burning into hers.

"Girls, help your friend."

Sam swiftly took the plug off of Eve's hands and slathered it with her saliva before attempting to push it in. Eve bucked her hips, crying out in pain, but Sam kept on going. Finally the plug went past Eve's tight hole, and Sam stood right up again.

"Oh you never took anything there, did you Evie?" I said, my voice dripping honey.

Eve shook her head.

"Of course, you used to be such a good girl. And look at you now." I pushed her towards the wall behind her, my hand still gripping her throat. My other one went to her pussy, finding it wet with her juices.

I vigorously sank two fingers inside and she yelped, in pleasure and a fair bit of pain.

"Look at how wet you are. Do you want me to fuck your pretty little cunt like your first time? Do you?" I kept asking her questions as I fucked her with my fingers, but between her moans and cries she didn't have time to respond.

My fingers slid out and I shoved them inside of her mouth.

"Taste yourself, you filthy whore."

Her smooth tongue lapped away at me, cleaning her juices off of my fingers in record time.

The others had been watching silently, knowing that they could very well be next.

I, however, had other plans.

The walls had two rows of steel rights sprouting from them.

Rings that served to make sure people couldn't escape once they had been tied to them.

Eve gasped for air when I let her go to grab some satin ropes. Fear flashed in her eyes as she saw me head back to her again, she froze.

She didn't have the experience the other girls had, but soon enough she would become a filthy slut just like her companions.

I secured her limbs to the rings, leaving her unable to move.

Her legs spread open, giving me and anyone else full access to her drenched hole.

Chapter Three

My cock had been straining against the fabric of my clothes, yearning for the velvety warm hug that only a woman could provide.


"Yes, Master?"

"Make her scream," I ordered, my voice cold as ice.

Kate nodded and approached the toy rack to find something to use on Eve. After a brief pause she settled on a rather large massage wand. I saw her devilish smirk as she moved towards Eve.

"You two, on your knees," I said, pointing at Cindy and Samantha.

They complied without question, though I saw a shred of curiosity in their eyes. I simply sat on the bed and motioned them to crawl to me.

Upon reaching my position they realized what I wanted them to do and began fiddling with my pants.

My cock sprung out when they yanked my boxers away and their hungry tongues were instantly on it. They had different styles, but combined they were a force to be reckoned with.

Sam loved teasing me, holding my cock in place as she flicked her tongue over the tip and massaged my ballsack.

Cindy, on the other hand, was only focused on getting me off as fast as possible.

Both of them wanted to drain me, and I couldn't deny them the opportunity.

I sat there, my cock sending waves of pleasure through me every time the girls would switch up their rhythm to get me to spray my seed on their pretty faces. I kept getting close and they would bring me down, locking me in an endless loop of pleasure.

I let them think they had control for a while before suddenly flipping on the switch that activated the plugs they wore.

In unison, all four of my whores froze as the vibrations rippled through their bodies. Well, all of them except Eve.

The poor, not-so-innocent-anymore girl had been mercilessly tortured by Kate and the wand she wielded like a weapon. I wasn't sure how many orgasms Eve had, but after a while her begging and pleading turned into incoherent sentences and guttural noises.

Kate was having the time of her life torturing her companion, only stopping to lap at her leaking hole after the umpteenth orgasm she gave her. It was mesmerizing, I must say.

Eve's once pink pussy was now red as a tomato due to all the attention it had been given. Kate would hold the wand up to her clit until she saw her victim shudder only to pull it away.

She kept repeating this process driving Eve insane, with the sole intent of breaking her. When she gave her a release, she simply pressed the wand against Eve's swollen clit and kept it there, at full strength, despite Eve's thrashing and screaming.

Kate would giggle as she watched her friend suffer, though it was probably time to put an end to her reign.

"That's enough, Kate," I declared as I pushed away Sam and Cindy.

"But Master!" She whined while turning off the toy.

"Lay on the bed."

Kate complied, though I could see she wanted to keep toying with Eve. Understandable, sure, but they still answered to me.

Eve's scent filled the room ever since her torture began, intoxicating all of us. I don't know what manner of witchcraft these whores held between their legs, but just being near them made me want to do unholy things to their holes.

I handed a few pairs of handcuffs to Cindy and Sam and motioned them to restrain Kate.

She'd had her fun, perhaps too much, and she had to get adequately punished for it.

"Haven't I been a good girl, Master?" Kate queried trying to sound upset. I could hear the smile on her lips even if I wasn't looking at her.

I went to check on Eve instead. She had been given enough orgasms to last a month, and she didn't see to be too happy about it - at least judging from the hue of her sore pussy.

Her head hung low on her chest as she slumped, straining against the ropes that held her against the wall. I leaned in and freed her, carrying her small figure over to an armchair that stood in one of the corners.

I leaned in after placing her on the chair and whispered

"You've been a good girl. This is for you."

She thanked me feebly, and found enough energy to focus her gaze on the bed.

Kate had been restrained, tied to the bed with no way out. Cindy and Sam acted as her captors, but so far they hadn't done anything of significance.

They used her body as a canvas to paint invisible landscapes on it, their fingers acting as brushes.

The room soon filled with soft giggles as the girls began getting more daring with their touches, though it was time to make Kate squirm and scream just like Eve.

I took off the rest of my clothes and joined the trio on the bed, but not before picking up the same wand Kate had been using, still slick with Eve's nectar.

A roll of tape caught my eyes, and gave me an idea that would test just how soundproof the room actually was.

"Clean it, whore," I ordered as I placed the wand in front of

Kate's mouth. She began licking it as instructed, savoring every drop of the sweet juices that she herself forced out of her once innocent companion.

I let her polish the wand for a few seconds before retracting my arm.

Spreading her legs, it was evident she had been having quite a lot of fun - I couldn't fault her for that, it was exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

The more Kate got into it, the more she would receive back, plain and simple.

Using the tape I secured the wand to her body, in such a way that no matter how much she squirmed, she still wouldn't be able to get away from it. The head pressed right into her clit, ready to devastate Kate's body with endless waves of pleasure.

Obviously I couldn't leave the other two girls with nothing - they did a good job with their mouths, after all.

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I ordered Sam to climb on top of Kate and when she did so, I pulled her body towards me so that her clit would also line up with the wand. The two whores began kissing despite nobody ordering them to do so - one more thing to punish them for.

Cindy had been silent save for a few giggles here and there.

"Kate and Sam look hungry, why don't you feed them?"

She grinned and nodded at me before straddling Kate's face. Cindy soon began moaning as Kate's tongue found its way inside of her while Sam tried her best to work on her clit.

The positioning was somewhat awkward, but I'll be damned if it wasn't the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

My cock had been impossibly hard for a while, and with two drenched holes right in front of me I didn't know which one to pick first.

I settled on Sam's for the time being and spread her moist lips with my thumbs. Her perfect pink pussy had her nectar leaking out and onto the wand, only to mix with Kate's and ultimately form a most delicious pool on the bed.

I would usually rub my cock up and down their slits, or just line it up against their hole and apply the most minute amount of pressure to tease them.

Not this time. I buried myself in Sam's tight hole, filling her to the brim. She gave out a harsh gasp as she felt me stretch her walls, but she soon began enjoying the way I kept slamming myself into her.

I held onto her plump ass for support and because in honesty, I loved spanking my girls. There was something primal to it, and admittedly the power it gave me over them was addicting.

Kate had been neglected so far, but I hadn't forgotten about her.

In one swift move I turned on the wand to its highest setting and simultaneously pushed Sam's body downwards.

Her weight on the wand not only ensured she would feel the full brunt of its vibrating assault, but it would also press it into Kate.

Both girls cried out at the sudden sensation, though both of their noises were muffled by Cindy's body.

I looked up at her and she smiled at me before grabbing Sam's head and pushing it into her so that she could better reach her clit while grinding on Kate's face.

As for me, I simply began pounding Sam's tight hole like she had wronged me and this was my only shot at revenge.

The vibration were working wonders for them, more so due to the fact that these whores had been playing with themselves while sucking my cock earlier. I felt Sam tighten around me as she yelped, rocked by a massive orgasm.

I kept fucking her throughout it, finding it a bit hard to keep her still. I could feel the wand's vibrations from inside her hole, so I had imagined how strong it felt for them.

Not long after, Kate began convulsing too. Her muffled screams joined Sam's moans as both of them quaked and thrashed about trying to escape the relentless vibrations but ultimately realizing how powerless they were against them.

Cindy and I held them steadily enough, they simply had to take whatever I dished out.

My crotch was drenched in their juices, and so were the sheets. Their nectar and sweat mixed in to form a cocktail which would send any man into overdrive.

It worked on me, at least.

I pulled out of Sam's hole and sank myself into Kate. They felt different, but their warmth and tightness were comparable. I gave Kate's hole the same treatment I reserved for Sam, though I still kept fingering her and bringing my hand up to my mouth to taste her.

Her sweetness was overwhelming, so much so that I kept going back to scoop up her juices, often sticking my fingers in Cindy's mouth so that she could taste her as well.

"You're so sweet, Sammie..." She cooed, forcing her friend's head deeper into her crotch.

I chuckled. All of these girls would dominate each other at the drop of a hat if I just ordered them to, and just knowing that added a new powerful weapon to my arsenal.

My gaze fell on Eve, still sitting in the armchair where I left them. A sly grin on her lips, her head cocked to the side and her long fingers softly rubbing her sore hole.

No trace of innocence left, just as planned.

That room was a nuclear bomb on the senses. The smells and tastes were enough on their own, but the looks of ecstasy on my girls' faces coupled with their intertwined bodies sealed the deal.

I felt Kate's walls pulse around me and she quivered, shocked by another powerful orgasm. Waves upon waves washed over all of my pets, and hearing all of them moan created a symphony that resonated deep within me.

The orgasm almost hit me by surprise, I didn't have time to slow down and prolong the merciless pounding I had been giving to the girls.

Cum erupted from my cock, buried deep within Kate's sopping wet hole, and I kept thrusting just to push my seed deeper in, pervaded by an animalistic rage that had me grunting like a beast.

She yelped at every hit, but stopped once Cindy's grinding motions became more intense.

"Fill both of them up, Master!"

Cindy had finally said something that made sense, though I had no time to be surprised.

I pulled out from Kate, cum still flowing out of my cock in thick spurts, and pushed into Sam's battered hole to dump the rest of my cum inside of her hungry pussy.

Drained, I held onto Sam to avoid collapsing over them. I pulled my cock out and watched my cum leak out of her hole to join the rest of it on the sheets after it leaked out of Kate's pussy.

"Clean these whores. And if waste even one drop of cum, your punishment will make today's session will seem like foreplay. Understood?"

Eve stood up on wobbly legs and climbed on the bed next to me only to take my softening cock in her mouth to suck out the last droplets of cum.

She was making progress faster than I had imagined, and soon enough she would be a depraved little slut just like her friends.

I backed out to give them space and turned off the wand, making both Sam and Kate sigh in relief. Cindy's pussy had completely drenched Kate's face, but Sam quickly took care of that after rolling to her side.

I watched as the other two whores positioned themselves between their friends' legs and sucked my cum out of their still leaking holes, moaning as they did so.

Eve didn't miss the chance to toy with Kate a bit, and hearing her giggle after she delivered a swift slap to Kate's clit gave her a devilish aura that one wouldn't expect to see from someone like her.

I stood there and watched my sluts complete their give orders before laying on the bed, exhausted after a day filled with pleasure and depravity.

Admittedly I was tired too so I headed back to my apartment, knowing that the large sum of money I dropped to build that room had been one of the best investments of my life.


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