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It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold, a willingness that PD will be all too happy to exploit. Once she is inside she has no time to reconsider. The frigid air may have been uncomfortable but it would never have left the marks that PD will. The cane comes down on her legs with so much force she is shaking like a leaf just to keep her feet under her. He will have her black and blue by nightfall, without a doubt. She begs, hoping that he has just an ounce of mercy in his heart. It will never happen. She thought it was cold outside, but his heart is made of ice.

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Rubber nurse - free bondage stories.

Her long red rubber apron rustled importantly as she moved across to an armchair. Gerda stared hypnotically at the rubber tubes and bottles which the nurse was carrying. The two male assistants were dressed in tight green uniforms with gleaming knee length black boots.

"You're mad !" Gerda breathed, "This is all a nightmare ! I've never had an enema and I'm not starting now ! I demand you return me to the mainland."

Miss Dodds smiled briefly. "Oh dear ! I only hope for your sake that you will not be so difficult in your training. Now, I think we need some help!"

Before Gerda realised quite what was happening one of the green clad men had seized her arms while the other slipped a loose rubber hood over her head and secured in around her neck with a strap. The hood was thick and cold and totally dark. She found her breath becoming restricted and panic rose as she imagined herself suffocating. Dimly through her struggles she heard Miss Dodds voice.

"I warn you to relax, slave. These punishment hoods have small holes at the side, giving you just enough air if you breathe slowly and carefully. If you struggle you will find yourself suffocating !" With a supreme effort Gerda forced herself to relax, telling herself that they surely would not kill her. She allowed her captors to lead her out of the room and guide her down a long passage. She could hear the swish and rustle of the others following her. She fought back tears inside the now hot and claustrophobic hood. As Miss Dodds had said, breathing was easier if she took long, slow breaths.

Miss Dodds opened a door and they entered a Training room. In the centre, under large operating lights, stood a curious contrivance resembling a gym horse with adjustable metal legs. The centre part was made of thick padded leather and at one end a thick moulded face mask was attached. Gerda, of course, could see nothing of this.

Her gown was stripped off and firm rubber gloved hands forced her to bend over the rack. She felt her legs pulled apart and tightly strapped to two of the metal legs. Her arms were pulled forward and down and tied to the front legs. A heavy leather strap was passed around her waist and another around the top of her thighs so that she was completely clamped to the rack, bottom held high in the air.

Abruptly her hood was removed but before she could cry out her head was forced down into the face mask, and three straps passed around her head and neck. As the straps were tightened her face was pulled tightly into the contours of the face mask, and she felt the wedge of a gag force its way into her mouth .Her nose fitted into a small hollow and thankfully she found she could breathe much easier through a small hole. The rubber wedge filled her mouth and now, somewhat belatedly, she threw herself at her bondage, with a predictable lack of results. There was no way she could move her head even a fraction.

Miss Dodds' voice, muffled by the thick face mask, came to Gerda's ears.

"You are now in one of the less sophisticated punishment racks. They are used for whippings, enemas and sometimes just for a few hours meditation when a slave needs to be reminded of her lot in life. I advise you never to refuse an order in the future, you see how quickly and easily you can be overcome. Now you will take your enema like a good slave, and I trust tomorrow morning you will accept it without the necessity of putting you on a rack."

Miss Dodds turned to the nurse, a pretty Asian girl dressed in a white latex uniform with high white boots, a heavy white rubber apron and long black latex gloves. "Hang up the bag and fill it with exactly one litre. Keep the tap closed until I am ready." She uncoiled several feet of rubber tubing, one end of which the nurse attached to the bag. The other end Miss Dodds dipped into a jar of disinfectant and then smeared the first 20 centimetres with vaseline. She approached the exposed bottom of Gerda and expertly inserted the tube. Meanwhile the two male attendants stood rigidly to attention with their backs to the rack.

Gerda felt the tube slip up her rear and her soul cried out in despair. The ignominy of being strapped down, naked, in front of strangers made her proud mind writhe. The rigid face mask encasing her head was so tight it even pressed against her eyelids, and the rubber wedge reduced her screams to a muffled grunt. She could feel her saliva, tears and sweat wetting the hard rubber interior of the mask. Her muscles shreiked in pain as she strained against the powerful straps that held her inflexibly in position.

In a haze of self pity and anger she heard Miss Dodds give an order to the nurse, and the next moment in a flash of pure astonishment, she felt cold soapy water flow remorselessly into her. Exhausted, she lay supinely in the rack for what seemed an eternity, her sphincter muscles too weak even to attempt to stop the flow. She quivered briefly as she felt the tube withdrawn, then Miss Dodds gloved hand inserted a rubber plug into her bottom. She felt overwhelming relief as the straps holding her down were undone.

"Right, slave, you will be returned to your quarters, and you may use your own bathroom. Maria will have laid out your first training costume, and you will be dressed and ready to report in exactly half an hour from now. I beg you, my dear, not to fight your destiny any longer. This is very mild bondage compared with what you can, and will, experience if you defy orders."

Gerda felt the face mask being unstrapped, and a cool cloth was applied gently to her face. The rubber gown was wrapped around her and zipped up. She stood groggily, her eyes still closed, not wanting to face the humiliation of the group. Her long hair felt damp with perspiration on her forehead. She felt a soft touch at her elbow and opened her eyes, blinking in the bright lights.

The attendants had departed. Miss Dodds smiled briefly at her and then departed the room with a rustle. The nurse, her oriental eyes filled with understanding, motioned her to the door. In a daze, Gerda walked into the corridor, feeling the rubber dressing gown soft and cool against her skin. Now the enema was taking effect, and suddenly she was intensely aware of the rubber bung up her bottom. Urgently she followed the nurse along the corridor, praying she would reach her quarters in time.

Fifteen minutes later Gerda emerged from the bathroom, feeling slightly better but still weak from the stringent effects of the washout. Maria was waiting for her, tight and neat in her uniform, happily perched on her high heeled boots.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," she said brightly, "but I must dress you for your training. You haven't much time, and if your are late you incur demerits."

"Damn there bloody demerits !" said Gerda shakily, "What's all this training business ? It sounds like an obedience class for dogs ! Do it correctly and you get a pat on the head. Do it wrong and you get punished !"

Maria nodded. "That's just about right Madam. And as the punishments are never pleasant, you soon learn to accept it and 'do it right'. But you'll get used to it after the first few days, I'm sure you will become a wonderful slave."

"I will not become a slave !" Gerda retorted furiously, "There may be some moron here who thinks its' fun, but I'm leaving this mad island just as soon as I can !"

Maria only replied by saying "Please Mistress, get dressed otherwise you'll be late and I will be in trouble as well !"

For a moment Gerda felt rebellion surge up in her, but the recent memory of the two Instructors and the ease with which they had overpowered her made her reconsider.

"Very well, lets' get on with it. But mark my words, first chance I get I'm off ! I'll not become anyone's slave."

First Maria handed her a pair of black latex stockings which came high up on her thighs, and the smoothed them tighter so not a wrinkle showed. Then there was a very short and slim fitting dress of the same material, barely covering her bottom. The sleeves ended in short zips, and Maria gave Gerda a pair of thin latex gloves to slide on. Once in place, the maid zipped up the tight wrists if the dress over the gloves, making them irremoveable. Next came a short corset of boned leather which Maria pulled agonisingly tight, crushing her waist to a slim twenty inches. Then a thin latex mask was pulled over her head and zipped down the back, Maria carefully smoothing her golden hair so that it did not catch in the zip. The mask fitted tightly but comfortably, and Gerda was relieved that she could see perfectly and nose holes and a shaped mouth meant she could also breath easily. Over the neck of the hood a wide leather collar was fastened, - it wasn't too tight but she found it difficult to turn her head. She slid into a pair of stiletto heeled black shoes and practised a few steps, and then turned to see Maria approaching a set of shelves and picking up a short rod of smooth plastic, from which two gold chains dangled. She indicated to Gerda to bend over. This was going too far - Gerda shook her head as best she was able and backed away.

"You're not putting that up my arse ! No way !"

"Please don't make it bad for yourself, Madam ! All slaves must wear a rod to report, otherwise you'll get punished. You'll get used to it very quickly, it's quite comfortable."

Gerda thought of the rack in the other room and shuddered. Meekly she bent over. Maria greased the rod and gently pushed it up her exposed bottom. When it was well in she hooked one chain to the back of the corset, and then passed the other between her legs and up to a hook at the front. Finally she picked up a pair of thick white rubber bloomers. Gerda viewed them with disgust.

"Not very glamorous, are they ? And why not in black like the rest of the outfit ?"

"It's the mark of a new slave, Mistress."

Reluctantly Gerda sat on the bed, feeling the rod push into her. With difficulty due to the stiff corset, she slid them over her feet and up to her waist.. hiding the gold chains and coming down to her knees. She moved over to the long mirror with a loud crackling of loose, heavy rubber.

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