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"But don't you want to return ? Go back to everyday life ?"

"Sometimes, yes. But for what ? I'd have all the old responsibilities, and sexually I could never get the same satisfaction. My Master travels frequently, and I'd only get into trouble waiting for him. Whereas here I suffer for him, making myself a better slave, and he usually visits about once a month. I report to his private chalet for the weekend, and of course he has the use of all the training rooms, all the equipment and the extensive wardrobes of clothes. As I said, we have a ball."

The door opened and an instructor entered. He was dressed in a close fitting green leather suit with black riding boots, and a wide black belt from which dangled a short whip. he wore a leather mask with the number seven on the front.

"He's a bastard", whispered Yvette, "Stand to attention and whatever happens don'y speak."

She called out "Attention slaves !" for the sake of the ones who could not see. In a moment everyone was standing rigidly still. The man came over to them, and Gerda could hear the squeak of his tight leather. He screwed down the nozzle on Sylvia's hood, then turned to Gerda. He gave an ironic bow.

"Our new recruit, I presume. You have a good figure, which I personally like. You won't have to suffer the slimming and heat treatment too much. I'm taking you to the preparation department, after which you will be given your normal working hood, and you'll be known as slave Gerda, number 21. You should be honoured ! The previous 21 married an American senator, after passing all her exams in under 4 months !"

Gerda remained silent, watching agonisingly as Sylvia's heavy rubber hood crinkled frantically in and out as she used up the air inside.

"Tongue-tied are we ? Have you nothing to say ?" His cruel eyes through the mask seemed to be laughing at her. Despite Yvette's warning she burst out "Please, please, that girls' suffocating !" The Instructor took his whip in his hand. "Because you are new, I won't give you any demerits." He slashed the whip across Gerda's tightly rubbered bottom. She gave a small scream but managed to remain still. The pain ripped through her. But her main concern remained with Sylvia.

The she watched in astonishment as Sylvia bent her knees, trying to thrust out the long rod, then straightening up as it slid slowly back into her. The hood was blowing in and out now in long gasps. The motions of the rod increased, along with frenzied moans from behind the hood. Gerda realised that Sylvia was coming to a climax. The Instructor grinned through his mask and loosened the nozzle so that she could breathe again.

"That's the cruel part !" he said lightly "I'm letting her breathe again before she can take pleasure ! Now, slave Gerda, please follow me. The preparation room is waiting for you."

He led the way out, Marcia called after Gerda, wishing her luck. In trepidation she followed the Instructor as he walked rapidly down several corridors towards the rear of the huge building., Gerda struggling to keep up on her high heels, feeling her warm rubber suit rustling, her mind in a whirl at all she had seen and heard.

He stopped in front of a door and turned to her. Now his eyes behind his hood were not unsympathetic.

"When you come out of here, you will have been prepared for slavehood. The mask you will have been given is to be worn at all times, except when given permission to remove it or in your own rooms. Try to adjust to your change in status and do not allow your rage and shame to affect your destiny. Think and behave like a slave, try to enjoy your training, sink into it and let it wash and purify you. In this way you will suffer little."

She looked at him in astonishment, seeking some kindred soul, some reassurance that it was not all some terrible nightmare. But now the eyes were hard and cruel again. He opened the door and with a deep breath she entered.

The room was large and without windows. Several adjustable seats, like old-fashioned dentists chairs stood in front of neon lit mirrors. A serving maid stood motionless beside one of them, her slim figure encased in latex, with the now familiar mask and gag covering her head. She indicated for Gerda to sit in one of the seats. Slowly she did so, squirming as she felt the rod push further in, giving her an unwanted thrill.

The maid strapped her elbows and wrists to the vinyl arm supports, then applied steel clamps to her ankles, knees and thighs, finally passing a broad belt around the chair and her waist. She gently pressed her head back until it rested on the headpiece of the chair and then passed a strap around her neck. Gerda tried to protest, but the maid ignored her pleas. She unzipped Gerda's mask and pulled it off, leaving her head free. Gerda shook out her long blond hair, despite the bondage she felt relaxed and comfortable in her tight suit. At least she was safe from rape !

In the mirror she saw a door open behind her, and an apparition appeared beyond her wildest imaginings.

The woman was nearly six feet tall. She was dressed in high-heeled white rubber waders which came up over her breasts, the heavy, shiny rubber fitting closely to her superb body. Round her waist was a belt of steel. Over her shoulders was a thigh length cape of the same heavy white rubber. He face was broad and sensual, covered by a half mask.

Long blonde hair cascaded down her back.

Gerda could hear the heavy rubber crackling as she moved slowly up to the chair.

"Slave Gerda ! How nice to meet you ! I am the executioner, look well at my face and remember it because you will learn to fear it. Look at my hair, this golden hair which reaches my bottom. Thick and beautiful, isn't it ? Think of it and remember it !" She took hold of Gerda's long hair and stroked it. "Now I will prepare you for your training. It is necessary that all slaves have short hair so that it does not interfere with their permanent masks. Servant, the gag please !"

Before the meaning of the Executioners' words had sunk in, the maid had thrust a thick rubber gag into her mouth and strapped it tightly behind her head. The woman leant for ward and tested the strap with gloved hands.

"Stupid maid ! Ten demerits for frivolity. I need it tight !" She hauled on the strap of the gag, the strap around her neck almost choking her, until the thick wedge was deep inside her mouth and the straps were pulling savagely at the side of her lips. The strap around her neck was also tightened until she was immobile, able to look only ahead.

The maid brought across a white latex hood and handed it to the woman, who pulled it over her head. In the mirror she was now only a white mask with tiny eye holes. The mouth was a painted travesty of smiling lips. She felt faint, the saliva trickling out of her cruelly gagged mouth.

The Executioner picked upa pair of large scissors.

"Now, my good slave, we will fit you for your mask !" She took hold of Gerda's long hair and cut it off close to the scalp. She then handed the scissors to the maid. "Trim it up and put on her slave mask. She is to keep it on for forty eight hours to get used to it."

Gerda screamed and screamed, but only muffled sounds came out from behind the vicious gag. Her beautiful hair, her pride, the envy of Paris, lay on the floor. The tears flooded her eyes, the screams subsiding to a choking despair.

The maid expertly trimmed her head, then unstrapped the gag. She brought across a thick latex hood and pulled it over Gerda's head. The mask had glass eyeholes, a shaped nose with two breathing tubes and a cut-out mouth. She released the strap around her neck, and laced tight the two inch boned neck of the mask. She then went over the laces again until the mask was skin-tight, without a wrinkle, then passed a steel band around her neck and padlocked it into position. Finally, Gerda was released.

Gerda, numb with shock, looked at herself in the big mirror. Through the distorting glass of the hood she saw her faceless hood, tight, shiny and anonymous with the white letters 'Gerda' across the forehead. Her hands came up to the back of her neck, feeling the collar and the padlock.

"So be it, slave Gerda ! You will report for your first training session. And I warn you, co-operate well or you will meet me again ! I am looking forward to punishing you ! You are conceited, proud and wilful, and I know you will incur many demerits before you see the error of your ways ! I wonder how soon I will find you reporting to me in the punishment chamber !"

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