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Every girl at the club pretended not to know what happened in the back rooms, but Lauren had the misfortune to stumble onto it one night.

"Hey, Eddie," the brunette began as she turned the doorknob to the owner's office. "Dee Dee told me to see you about—"

She stopped as she entered the office.

On Eddie's desk was a triple-beam and a big, clear plastic bag of white powder, some of which was on the scale. Her mouth worked soundlessly for a moment, but when she turned to leave, two slabs of muscle emerged from the shadows to bar her from the door.

"Honest, Eddie!" Lauren pleaded. "I—I didn't see nothin'!"

"Take her to the safe house and get rid of her," came Eddie's unhesitating, callous dismissal.

"For Sod's sake—no, Eddie — please!" cried the exotic dancer, but before she could scream the sack was pulled over her head as steel handcuffs seized her wrists behind her back.

When the sack was finally removed, Lauren found herself kneeling on a large bed in an otherwise-empty room. They had removed her handcuffs — but now heavy chains had been wrapped around them as the steel links held her hands above her head, the thick chain running through a large steel ring attached to the ceiling and finally padlocked to the wrought-iron headboard before her.

"Scream all you want," one of the slabs of muscle told her in a bored voice. "Nobody's gonna hear you way out here."

"What—what are you gonna do to me?" Lauren's big brown eyes were huge as her voice shook. "I—I didn't see—oww!"

"Shut the fuck up," the man practically yawned as he whipped her bottom with a riding crop, making Lauren yelp and sguirm as she bounced in place. "Since you're a stripper — " Now the muscleman leered at the lissome brunette with the full red lips who had been all set to go on stage in her shiny black leotard, black stockings, and black high-heeled boots before she had barged into Eddie office.

chained brunette

"—The boss is gonna throw you in as a bonus for the buyers, and they're really gonna enjoy—" He paused as the other thug entered the room and murmured something to him; he nodded briefly.

Then they wrapped chains around her booted ankles and locked them to the bed before strapping a ring-gag into Lauren's mouth and leaving her to struggle alone.

"Hehhhp! Pleeth doan leef mee!" the frantic brunette, close to tears, called out as she pulled uselessly at the steel chains holding her in a kneeling position on a bed in—Sod knew where she was.

Finally exhausted from her struggling, screaming, and crying, Lauren slumped in her chains, slowly realizing what most likely happened to Amber and Dashandra and maybe a couple more who suddenly “quit." In their profession it was hardly—

Lauren gasped as muscleman returned with a wicked grin and the riding crop in hand, knowing that he was going to make her dance at the end of her chain.


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