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Her first Saturday night without Bryan, Heidi sighed as she opened her bedroom window wide to let in the July night air now that it had cooled from the heat of another scorcher.

But as she stripped herself bare and reached into her nightstand drawer for her trusty vibrator and a lonely evening of self-abuse, the comely blonde felt a flash of wickedness surge through her seething frame.

Gasping and giggling, she pulled out the leg shackles and the two pairs of handcuffs Bryan had introduced her to months ago. Cuffing her ankle to the post at the foot of her bed, Heidi stretched diagonally across the bed and managed to cuff her wrist to the opposite post of the headboard.

bed chained blonde woman

With her free hand, the chained cutie slid the big vibrator along her now-sopping folds, thrilling that she was unable to play with her breasts unless she stopped rubbing herself with the buzzing phallus, until she had worked herself into one orgasm, then another, then another, before she had to turn off the vibrator and lie back, panting softly and sweetly exhausted, her sex-sweat already cooling on her flushed skin as she switched off her bedside lamp.

Her fluffy, flitting dreams took on a vague, disturbing mood—she imagined that someone was climbing in through her window, but night paralysis seemed to keep her from waking, or even moving. She groaned—and blinding white light struck her.

"Jesus fuck!" the deep male voice behind the flashlight exclaimed, and before Heidi could scream a dark shadow smothered her and clamped a gloved hand over her mouth before the beside lamp he'd just switched on made them both blink.

"Don't scream or I'll snap your fuckin' neck," although his shaky voice beneath the ski mask belied the threat. "What are—aren't you usually out with that skinny guy—whoa!" His eyes widened. "The hell you chained up for—"

He spied Heidi's keys just as she thought to grab them—and he just beat her to them.

bed cuffed girl

"Gettin' kinky with the boyfriend away, hub?" he cackled, picking up the vibrator. "What else you got in this drawer?"

Soon he had her hogtied with her handcuffs and the leg shackles while he used the ball-gag he'd found to gag her tightly.

"Sorry to rip you off, honey, but I ain't worked in months, and you ain't been in on Saturday— didn't expect to find you—goddamn, your pussy smells fuckin' good!"

Naked, gagged, and chained, Heidi moaned and closed her eyes as she felt his eyes burning into her writhing form.

"Fuckin' DNA tests—but I just gotta—maybe I just better take you with me."

chain hogtied blonde


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