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There was a reason why Lorena was the best investigator that the district attorney had, and it wasn't just because of her street smarts combined with her Swarthmore degree.

The lean, lissome brunette knew she was a sex-bomb and wasn't afraid to use that as she flirted and sidled her way into Philadelphia's seamiest cracks.

Tonight she was to meet a top lieutenant in the Philly Mob who was willing to cough up drug-running tips in exchange for immunity from the D.A.'s prosecution. Lorena had agreed to meet him in the subbasement of the Regal, the seediest hotel on Front Street, and to entice him she had worn her black minidress and thigh-high leather boots, whose high heels rang on the hard floor as she paced for a half hour before calling him.

Huffing, she left him a terse voice mail, then called Auggie to update him. When she heard his ring-tone in the room, she whirled toward it and saw the ski-masked man swing a blur down on top of her before blackness hit.

Groaning, Lorena came to with a throbbing head and a need to spit something large out of her mouth—but it wouldn't budge, and she realized that she could barely move at all.

"Relax, sexy—jus' tightenin' up your gag!" Her new assistant's voice oozed mirth and contempt—she'd told Dannemeyer there was something untrustworthy about Auqgie. "They'll be along soon to hustle you off too—oops! Don't wanna spoil the surprise, doll!"

After checking her ropes — tightening a few of them with a lewd chuckle—he left her alone on the floor of the Regal's sub-basement, a ball-gag wedging her mouth open as she fought a hogtie that wouldn't allow her access to any knots or slack, Auggie had taken her phone and her handbag, and she had to stop her frantic crawling toward the door—which was probably locked anyway — when her head threatened to burst from pain.

Panting as white-hot shards pierced her temple, Lorena figured to be lucky — Auggie could have wielded a Slock instead, and she'd be lucky if they eventually pulled her body from the Schuylkill. But when the door burst open and the three thugs all fixed her with evil grins, the gorgeous investigator shuddered as her luck just took a carnally ugly turn.

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