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Poor little Kelly has her hands all taped up and is trapped in a special unique rope prison. All the knots are out of reach, even if she could get to one her hands are useless to her. A ball gag is jammed deep in her mouth, she can't even work her hands to get it off.

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Whip, enema, trining for bondage slave Gerda - free bondage stories.

Gerda felt like screaming. She had on several occasions before been subjected to punishment enema's, when she had been given a large enema and then been forced to hold it in or suffer more punishment. She knew the agony of trying to hold it in and the pain of the gradual loss of control over the sphincter muscles. She closed her mind to the thought. There was no way this bitch was going to have the satisfaction of having her crying for mercy twice in one day. She wished only that this sinister Mistress figure in rubber did not excite her so much.

Laura's white teeth smiled down at her through the mouth of the tight latex mask. "Turn the tap on a quarter," she ordered, "And remember, slave, to give me a running commentary !"

For several seconds nothing happened, as he water filled the rubber pipe, then Gerda felt a warm sensation as the enema started trickling in. The water was hot, not unpleasantly so, but she knew it had more effect than cold water. Despite her resolve, she tried to block it, clenching her buttocks, but it had the predictable lack of effect.

The Executioner's whip slashed across her breasts straining in their rubber. "I ordered you to talk to me, slave Gerda ! Are you trying to defy me ?"

"No Mistress," Gerda panted, shutting out the feelings, "I can feel it now, it's very hot, it's flowing into me. I tried to stop it, but the pipe is too thick and too far up me. There is no way I can prevent it coming in !"

"Excellent, that's what I want to hear. Any other thoughts ?"

Gerda was straining at her bonds. She had learnt by now that an enema gave her an enormous sexual stimulation, and she had been horny from having the vibrator inflicted on her all afternoon. She stared at this strange woman towering above her in shining rubber, her long hair streaming out of the hole at the rear of her helmet. She felt unbelievably masochistic as the insidious water flowed relentlessly in.

"If I had to be punished, I want it from you," she mumbled, "I want you to be harsh and merciless, I want to serve you....." She broke off as she felt a sudden stab of pain in her bowels as they adjusted to the water slowly filling her. "I'm so full, Mistress, I can't stand it any more !"

"Nonsense, you have barely had a litre so far. We've a long way to go yet ! So you'd like me to punish you, that's a good sign. Keep on talking."

Gerda closed her eyes, weakly struggling against her bonds, her mind a whirling chaos of thoughts and feelings as her masochism poured out. "i need you, Mistress, I need your strength and your love and your cruelty. I want you always in tight black rubber, torturing me without mercy. Please, Laura, I can't stand any more..."

She yelled as the whip slashed once again across her breasts, "Insolent bitch, daring to call me 'Laura'. I am your Mistress, slave ! Now we'll increase the flow !"

Dimly she heard the woman cross to the tank, her rubber costume and apron gown crackling loudly in the sound proof room. Next moment the water flow increased. She screamed again as the pressure expanded inside her. But her training in obedience held, she knew she had to keep talking.

"The pain is dreadful, Mistress, I am so full but the water is still coming in. I accept this pain because you have ordered it, there is no way i can refuse it. I will do anything you wish, I am your servant and slave, I'll fulfil every whim..." She broke off in agony, her body arched in a futile attempt to stop the torturing water.

Laura signalled the maid to turn off the tap. The water was low in the tank. Gerda gave a moan of relief as the pressure eased.

"A good performance, slave Gerda. You have nearly three litres inside you. Tough, but not dangerous. I believe it is possible to pump up to six litres into the human system, but Le Compte insists we don't exceed three litres as a safety measure. But I expect you agree with him ?"

Gerda was hardly capable of coherent speech, but found she was enormously excited sexually. "Whatever you say, Mistress, I am totally in your power."

"And don't ever forget it !" snapped Laura, "Before you are finally trained for your Master you will become my slave. You have no idea how persuasive I can become.... Annabelle, bring me the heaviest rubber bung and un-strap the slave !"

Gerda felt herself being freed, and her legs being lowered to the floor. The pipe was untied and slowly withdrawn from her anus. "Hold your enema in," Laura warned, "One drop and you'll get so many demerits it will take weeks for you to work them off !"

The tube slid out, and almost thankfully Gerda felt the thick rubber bung being forced into he and chained firmly into position, sealing the enema inside so that she could relax he muscles.

"Stand up at attention," the Executioner ordered. Painfully, Gerda rose, feeling her stomach horribly distended, her intestines screaming to be released. She found herself face to face with Laura, her svelte figure shapeless under the long rubber surgical gown, her eyes gleaming maliciously behind her mask. Suddenly, Gerda's self control collapsed, weakened and cowed by the enema and it's sexual effects on her submissive soul. She threw herself down against the other girl, her gloved hands frantically caressing the back of the heavy red rubber jodphurs.

"Yes Mistress !" she whimpered, "Yes ! I'll suffer for you, I'll do anything you want, just order me ! I love you !"

Abruptly Laura stood back, her smile cruel and triumphant under her red mask. "Good, very good. Just remember this moment, slave Gerda. I knew you were a latent lesbian, from now on I will make you so dependant on me you may never need your Master again !"

Immersed in the pain and pressure of the enema, Gerda only dimly registered the ominous words. She strained desperately against her plug, unable to relieve herself. The Executioner motioned to a maid to undo her rubber gown. "Go upstairs to your quarters, slave. Annabelle will accompany you and uncork you in one hour. I don't altogether trust that serving maid of yours. In due course you will come to me of your own free will, begging for my favours. But not too soon I hope, I am so looking forward to continuing your training !"

She strode out of the training room, her outfit rustling loudly. The maid, Annabelle, still tightly gagged, indicated they should proceed upstairs. Slowly, and in an agony of body and mind, Gerda walked towards the door.

It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold, a willingness that PD will be all too happy to exploit. Once she is inside she has no time to reconsider. The frigid air may have been uncomfortable but it would never have left the marks that PD will. The cane comes down on her legs with so much force she is shaking like a leaf just to keep her feet under her. He will have her black and blue by nightfall, without a doubt. She begs, hoping that he has just an ounce of mercy in his heart. It will never happen. She thought it was cold outside, but his heart is made of ice.

bondage gallery 1

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The hour had almost elapsed, and the three girls formed a curious triangle of obedience. Gerda, unable to sit, stood groaning against the wall of her dressing room. Maria, still in her chastity belt and punishment hood, worried for her Mistress and furious at the intrusion of another maid, stood protectively in front of her Mistress. Annabelle, passive and gagged, remained at attention on the other side of the room. Eventually she nodded, indicated the clock, and departed.

Maria turned to Gerda, bending to un-strap the huge plug. To her amazement, Gerda checked her movements. "No !" she moaned, "I've got to overcome this, otherwise the bitch will have succeeded. Give me a pleasure first !"

Not understanding, Maria brought across the machine and carefully applied it to her Mistress. Within seconds Gerda was writhing in ecstasy and pain as the pleasure flooded over her. "Now !", she breathed, "Undo the plug straps and take me to the bathroom. And have a whip ready for when I come out !"

On the toilet, Gerda almost lost consciousness as she took another long drawn out pleasure while she relieved herself of the huge enema. When it was finally over she washed and returned to the dressing room. Maria obediently handed her a long thin whip. Gerda regarded her maid tolerantly.

"I'm sure you wont understand, Maria, some day I'll try to explain it to you. I don't want to whip you, I want you to whip me ! In this way I will try to banish the threat of Laura. You must whip it out of me, cleanse me of that part of me that wants her ! That whip will cut through my skin of my bare bottom, so bring me a pair of very tight latex pants."

Mystified, Maria did as she was told. When she had struggled into them, Gerda draped herself over the back of an armchair, her bottom high in the air. "Now whip me hard," she ordered her maid, "I want a severe gag so I don't cry out. Strap it in tightly ! And take yours out so that you can breathe easier and give me everything you've got !"

Maria took a large ball gag from a cupboard and forced it into her Mistresses mouth, strapping it securely behind her mask. Gerda watched from her bent over position as Maria swiftly unlaced her hood and with some relief pulled out the large penis gag. After a couple of practise swipes, Gerda felt the stinging lash of the whip as it descended again and again across her thinly rubbered bottom, her screams muted by the gag.

Instinctively Maria sensed what her Mistress needed now, and the whip descended with all the speed and force she could deliver, until Gerda was whimpering and signalling her to stop. Scared, mMria undid her Mistress's gag and held her in her arms.

"It's all right," Gerda sniffed, "I feel better now, I'm not a lesbian and I'm not going to give in to that bitch ! Can you understand ?"

Maria was sobbing too. "I don't, Mistress, but whatever you order I will carry out ! I have no right to whip you so cruelly ! Will you punish me terribly ?"

"No , of course not, that was what I wanted and I ordered you to do it ! But I need more punishment now, to get away from that bitch. What are you orders for me ?"

Maria unclasped herself, The tears still streamed down her tight latex mask as she crossed to a large box on the sofa. "Mistress, this was brought in while you were downstairs with orders for you to be dressed and ready to report in two hours. I only know that your Master intends to take you to the mainland tonight."

Gerda was astonished, and faintly perturbed. She was now so accustomed to her training on the island that the thought of leaving it worried her. Could this mean that her Master had decided not, after all, to train her as his personal slave ? Surely not, she was trying so hard to accept the terrible high level training.

"He can't turn me away now ! See what it is, quickly !" She dreaded that it might be 'ordinary' clothes in which she had arrived on the island, all those months ago. She calmed as Maria pulled out various clothes of latex and rubber. Maria consulted the dressing list.

"He is taking you to Rome for two nights, Mistress !" she said excitedly. You've to be dressed for his open Maserati, and I've to pack various other costumes for day and evening wear in Rome. That's wonderful, that means he trusts you and that you are in the final stages of training !"

Gerda felt a glow of sheer happiness. Now she could really prove to her lover that she was ready for him. Away from the sinister influence of the Executioner, she could demonstrate in every way that she was his top level slave, even though she had not yet passed the final exams.

"Prepare me, Maria, prepare me for my Master !"

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