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I met my current (and only) Master in June of 1997. After months of submitting to him the trust grew to the point that I became his slave in January of 1998. One of the first things he told me was that he would train me to cum on command. My reaction? I laughed and told him that it wasn't possible. I knew I could cum during sex or masturbation or play, but not solely on command, surely it isn't possible?! I was wrong, which Master proved to me.

Orgasm on command, traing your slave to cum for youThe training began slowly. Each night he would either masturbate me or have me masturbate myself. I would get to the edge and he would stop me. Leaving me frustrated and highly aroused. Orgasm control, what a glorious torture! He would watch me, my body and ask me to tell him how close I was at certain times. I would tell him, I am starting to get close, or I am almost to the edge or I have to cum now or I will explode! By watching my body and listening to what I was saying, he learned my reactions. Finally it culminated in an evening of pure ecstasy. We began the evening with me nude and kneeling. He had me kneel in front of him while I masturbated, he watched my eyes, forced me to look at him. When I was close enough to explode he would stop me and talk to me. Not sexually but words that I needed to hear, "slave, you will cum only when I tell you to cum, not before. Your face brings me pleasure when you are in the throes of orgasm and you will cum with no physical stimuli" then he would have me masturbate again. This happened over and over and over for hours. Finally, he got down on his knees with me, looked in my eyes, reached between my legs and masturbated me. When I was begging for release he finally said the magic words "Cum for me now slave" and I exploded! I could not believe it! This was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! This ritual was repeated for another hour or so until I was so aroused that he needn't touch me. He just looked at me and told me to "Cum for me now slave" and my body responded.

When the words came, my body remembered his touch and reacted. I felt warm, tingly and like I was flying on a cloud of sexual alertness. I figured that all the physical arousal I had been given was the reason for my body's reaction to him. Surely there was no way that I would cum with just his words and no physical contact at all. The next night we went out to a bar. When we go out I have strict rules, no undergarments and never jeans or pants. I sat at the bar and we talked, watched television and had a drink. He leaned over and whispered against my ear "Cum for me slave" and I felt that warm tingle again and my body just reacted. I felt my clit throb and my vaginal walls tighten then felt a warm stickiness between my legs. My breath caught in my throat and I looked at him with clouded eyes. My body responded! To say I was surprised is an understatement. Embarrassing? Hell yes!! When I got up to use the bathroom he smiled and glanced towards the stool I had been sitting on, it was wet. I grabbed a napkin, wiped it and went to the bathroom to wash. When I came back Master was mocking me. I sat again and looked at him, blushing from head to toe. He told me "And you laughed, saying it couldn't be done" I told him he was right. He asked me how it felt. I told him it wasn't exactly the same as a physical orgasm but it was definitely a mini orgasm. He leaned over, pinched a nipple and again told me to cum for him. My body reacted more intensely this time. I moaned quietly as I looked in his eyes and my body shook. I could not believe that I was actually cumming on command! He proved his point, let me wash up again and we left the bar.

Master literally kept this up on a daily basis. Whether it was on the phone or in person, he was verbally controlling my body's reaction to him. I was still not too sure if this was just because I wanted it or because my body was so controlled by him. Now Master and I have a good relationship, it is strong and long lasting, but.. we do fight on occasion. During a fight he played dirty. As I was speaking he just said "Cum for me slave" Even in my anger I could not fight the control he has over me. My body reacted and I cried. What a traitor my body was! I told him it wasn't fair fighting and that I hated that I could not control myself with this. He told me that I was his for life and even if I wanted to forget it, my body would not allow it and kissed me. Needless to say, we made up. I did notice however, as time went on. That the longer he went with just verbally commanding me and not physically touching me, my body's reaction changed. I would have small orgasms then to the point where I would feel the warmth, the tingling but I would not cum. I felt like a failure and told him so. I explained to him that it was like my body had forgotten the feel of his hands on me, the kiss of his lips on mine, it had forgotten the control. I wanted to orgasm, it just didn't happen. Orgasm on command is not something that you can just do once and then expect it to happen over and over again. The body needs the feel of your partner. He has friends who are in the life, or close enough to us that they know we are into it. He has had me play sexually with a friend or two and has asked them to have me cum. My body won't do it for them. If I am with someone and I want to cum, I have to ask Master's permission. If he does not grant it and his friend does, it doesn't work. If I am with a guy and Master walks in the room and says "Cum for me slave" my body will react. I have to be aroused by HIM, even if it is only his words arousing me. Can I shut it off? No, we tried that experiment. He would tell me he was going to order me to cum and he wanted me to fight it, to try not to. I failed. I think that it is not just a physical reaction, it is highly mental also. I had to WANT to cum for him in order to be open to it. The pleasure he receives in knowing that he has THAT much control over my body is what he says is one of the greatest gifts I have given to him. And one that I plan in giving him for the rest of our lives.


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