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wine enema

Wine can be used as an enema solution but safety must be paramount. Surprisingly you will get quite drunk. Possibly you will be dangerously drunk so use extreme caution to avoid acute alcohol poisoning. It is a good idea to mix wine at half-strength (50% wine, 50% water) the first time you use it in an enema. If you use straight wine then you should cleanse your bowels afterward with warm soapy water. Alcohol is absorbed much more quickly in the intestines than in the stomach. Using hard alcohol is NOT A GOOD IDEA and should never be used. You can die from this. It might be worth a mention that mixing drugs (alcohol in this case) and strange medical procedures can be a bad idea. Please be careful... never wine enema and drive.

What you will need:

  • A comfortable spot that might allow for cleanup to occur.
  • An enema bag. (Bardex Enema Nozzle can be helpful)
  • Lubricant
  • Wine, red or white but remember white cleans up better in case of an accident.
  • A toilet nearby.
  • Someplace to hang the enema bag.

    For The Receiver:

  • Relax. Make sure your partner has good access to your anus.
  • Lubricate your anus before hand or ask your partner to massage some lubricant inside your anus and rectum. This will help when the nozzle is inserted.
  • As the nozzle is inserted, relax as it passes your sphincter.
  • As your partner turns on the flow mentally picture yourself receiving it. Many problems occur if you panic, try to relax, everything will be fine. You will experience some cramping as well as the need to evacuate, breath deep and concentrate they will eventually pass.
  • You might feel your stomach expanding. Let it. Try to hold the enema for a few minutes. You will begin to feel the effects of the wine.
  • When it is time to evacuate wait until you are in a position to do so before you remove the tube.
  • You will taste alcohol on your breath in only a few minutes and start to get buzzed in about 3-5 minutes.

For The Giver:
As the master of the enema you have a great deal of responsibility. The enema receiver is in a very embarrassing and delicate position. The following tips should make the process go as smoothly as possible. When using wine it's a good idea to mix some warm water with it. Do not administer too much - know your partners drinking habits how much does it take to get them drink. Never exceed limits.

  • Lubricate your partner's anus and rectum well or make them do it. A finger works well for this purpose. One way to do this is to apply a liberal amount to your finger and to the outside of your partner's anus. Some people need little or no lubrication. Next, press the tip of your finger into the center of your partner's anus. Applying constant pressure for a second will allow the anus to receive your finger. Apply the lubricant liberally working it in and out. Assuming your partner reacts positively to anal stimulation, I'm sure they won't mind.
  • To insert the nozzle, learn from your experience with your finger. You should know how much pressure is required. The nozzle should slide right in. If it doesn't then check your alignment.
  • Hang the enema bag above the anus. Two feet is a good starting point. Hanging the bag higher will produce more pressure and flow, lower will produce less pressure and flow. Dropping the bag below the anus can result in back-flow during the procedure. This can be kind of messy.
  • Open the clamp slowly. Don't try to give the entire enema at once.
  • While filling your partner, watch for signs of cramping. If this occurs you should slow or stop the flow until your partner can relax. You might want to massage their stomach.
  • When your partner wants to evacuate you will want to follow your agreed upon plan. You will probably have to carry the bag, try not to raise it to high as this increases the pressure.
  • First aid: If cramping continues more than one hour after the liquid has been discharged, or if there is ANY blood discharge, get the subject to an emergency room immediately.

    Positions that can be used:
  • The Left Side Position: Lie on your left side. Bend your right leg (upper leg) toward your chest. Keep your left leg straight. This position should be fairly comfortable while giving good access to your anus.
  • Doggie style (knee chest) position: Get on your elbows and knees with your head down and you buttocks high in the air. You might even want to put your chest to the floor. This position should give your partner good access to your anus. This position may be familiar to anyone with experience in anal sex.
  • On your back: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your knees should be together while your feet are separate. This should result in you sitting a little bit knobby kneed. This should allow good access to your anus from below.
  • Over The Knee: Some people like to receive an enema in an over the knee position. Lie across your partner's lap. This position might put too much pressure on your stomach so you might want to put your stomach between your partner's legs.

    Temperature is important when administering an enema. Many people report a bad experience with their first enema. This might be related to the enema solution being too hot or too cold. Either of these conditions can cause a sort of cramping (sometimes called gripping). A good temperature to fill your enema bag is about 102 degrees (give or take a couple). This temperature will feel right when inside your colon. Too hot and you can experience burning, too cold and you might have extra problems with cramping. A thermometer only costs a couple of bucks.

    How Much:
    The amount of wine will be different for each individual. My recommendation is to try a little bit at first (6 or 10 ounces of liquid at 50% wine, 50% water) and see how it goes...

    Tip, Clamp, and Lubricant:
    Install the hose, the clamp, and the tip onto the enema bag. Lubricate the tip so that it will insert easily. I recommend water-base lubricants.

    Hopefully your first enema went well. Cleanup should be relatively easy. Here are a few tips to follow:
  • A 10% bleach solution is good to use to sanitize your enema bag and tips. Rinse your hardware before and after you use the bleach solution.
  • Some people like to sanitize their equipment with boiling water.
  • Hang the bag to dry. This will retard mold growth.
  • Don't use your enema bag for anything else and don't share it. Your enema bag should be a very personal item, for your use only.
  • Bleach is good for sanitizing


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