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braided crotchrope
This braided crotchrope is pretty, but also functional, since the braiding forms a pleasantly bumpy surface. To make this crotchrope, you will need two pieces of 5/16-inch rope, one 22 feet long, and the other five feet long. They can be the same color, as they are here, or they can be contrasting colors, in which case you will get a pretty chevron pattern along the braid.
braided crotchrope
To begin, take the midpoint of the 22-foot rope and place it at the center front of your partneraˆ™s waist.
braided crotchrope techniques
Wrap the ends around the waist, so you have two wraps above and two wraps below the midpoint, like this. Have your partner hold the ends.
braided crotchrope techniques
Take the five-foot rope and double it. Pass the loop under the wraps in the long rope, from the bottom to the top, like this.
braided crotchrope Tie pictures
Pull the ends of the short rope through the loop, and pull snug.
braided crotchrope bondage
Let the ends of the short rope hang. Take the ends of the long rope, cross the left end over the right end, and pull them snug.

Take the right end of the short rope and cross it over from right to left.
braided crotchrope
Take the left end of the short rope and cross it over from left to right.
Keep crossing the outside ropes over, alternating left and right sides, until you run out of short rope. Tie the ends of the long rope in a square knot (left over right, right over left), trapping the ends of the short rope in place.

Pull the braided rope through the crotch, making sure it is properly centered.
braided crotchrope
Bring the ends of the rope up under the waist rope in back, and pull until the crotchrope has the desired tension.

Pass the ends of the rope under the vertical part of the crotch rope, from right to left, then through the loop you just formed, from left to right, making a half hitch.

Take the excess ends, and wrap them around the waist until they are short enough to tie together with a square knot. Here is the final result, with the ends tied in front with a square knot.


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